Wankers of the Week: The Donald Drumpf Gong Show


Crappy weekend, everyone! Well, how about THAT shitshow. No, really. Norwalk virus even broke out at the RNC convention in Cleveland, right on the eve of Der Drumpf’s official coronation as Repugnican candidate for the presiduncy. The symptoms are vomiting and diarrhea. Couldn’t be more appropriate, could it? And here’s who was vomitous and shitty this week, in no particular order:

1. Hollis Fucking Alexander. You’re a judge, not a minister. You’re not supposed to inject God into a CIVIL wedding ceremony, jackass. And if you want to do that…go be a preacher and leave the administration of justice to someone who’s actually QUALIFIED to occupy the bench.

2. Michael Fucking Flynn. Never mind that the Ayatollah Khomeini has been dead for nearly 20 years now. He’s still supposed to denounce the Nice attack from the grave, even though it wasn’t even a jihadist but a garden-variety domestic abuser gone bonkers. And just think, people, this is a former US general talking. One can only imagine why he was retired in the first place. But one doesn’t have to think terribly long and hard to see why Der Drumpf tapped him, eh?

3. Theresa Fucking May. She’s not elected, she has no popular mandate, and yet somehow she’s prime minister of Britain. And worse: Look what she’s done just one day in. She closed the office for climate change! This, you must agree, makes her an even bigger pigfucker than the one she just replaced. Or, to put it another way: Wrexit…now with even MORE wreckage!

4. Sonia Fucking Kruger. Why?


That’s why. And ‘nuff said.

5. Joseph Fucking Pryor. Yeah, surprise, dude: Actions have consequences! And in your case, the consequence is that your “patriotic” ass is now shut out of the US Marines for assaulting a black woman at a Drumpf rally. Don’t you feel stupid now? You should, because you ARE!

6. Andrea Fucking Williams. Oh sure, she looks very sweet and nice in her frilly pink tops, but don’t be fooled. Under that pink puffery is someone who’d gladly slap a pink triangle on everyone who’s not cis, het, and a complete fucking asshole about it. Out of what? Christian Concern, of course! Because all that hatred and exclusion is somehow more platable when it’s dressed up as caring and Concern!

7. Joseph Fucking Epstein. Dude, if you’re so worried about being forever remembered as a raving homophobe, there is one very simple thing you can do to prevent that: STOP FUCKING BEING ONE.


8. Donald Fucking Drumpf, Jr. Yeah, that’s right, there’s a Junior. And he’s just as assy as his old man, too. And just as full of idle threats.

9. Joshua Fucking Feuerstein. Holy effin’ crap, what is up with this gun-toting wild-eyed sorry excuse for a preacher? Pretty sure Jesus would not approve of that, much less his RACIST death threats. Pretty sure, in fact, that Jesus would take a cat-o’-nine-tails to his ass, like he did with the moneychangers in the Temple.

10. Steve Fucking King. Your “western civilization” is a myth, buckaroo. And your racism is based on bullshit, too. Take a hard seat. Oh hell, take TWO!


11. David Fucking Clarke. Black Lives Matter is a “hateful ideology”? Mike Brown was “a co-conspirator in his own demise”?? And this from a BLACK MAN??? Just you wait till you’re out of uniform, chief…then we’ll see how much those white people you’re sucking up to still care about you. Remember that to them, you’re just another useful idiot.

12. Alex Fucking Jones. Conspiracy wacko gets trolled by a comedian. The punchlines just write themselves! PS: Aaaand SCENE. Yup, that cerebral hemorrhage…any day now.

13. Melania Fucking Drumpf. And speaking of punchlines that just write themselves, how funny is it that she got caught plagiarizing a black first lady on behalf of her husband’s own arch-racist bid for the White House? I can hardly wait to hear how her salivating brownshirt admirers spin this. Probably as more evidence that she’s “bringing class back” to that hopelessly tarnished plantation house, or something. PS: Ha, ha. PPS: And RickRolled! Ha, ha, ha.


14. Paul Fucking Manafort. He blames Hillary Clinton for Melania’s plagiarized speech? Uh, shouldn’t he be blaming Michelle Obama? I mean, that IS who she cribbed it from… PS: Ha, ha! PPS: Ah, sexism. Always a good look, at least for Repugs and their trophy wives. The rest of the world? Not so much.

15. Scott Fucking Baio. Does your non-lesbian shitass wife approve your ugly tweets, Chachi? No? Then how about your pastor? Kiss your mother with that mouth? Gawd. PS: And thanks a pantload for killing Garry Marshall, too.

16. Milo Fucking Yiannopoulous. Finally, FINALLY, Yeah-Nope got a permanent suspension from the tweeter. Why? Well, to quote his own words: “If at first you don’t succeed (because your work is terrible), play the victim.” And lord knows he did that a lot when they took away his widdle blue checkmark. And now that he has one platform less on which to play the Nazi, I’m expecting a whole storm of salty, “alt-right” man-tears. PS: Remember this? Milo doesn’t. Savor the irony, folks, he hath well and truly become what he once railed against.


17. Larry Fucking Miller. “Colorful”? Well, that’s one way of describing him. Personally, though, I prefer BAT GUANO.

18. Recep Fucking Tayyip Fucking Erdogan. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how outragous it is that he just moved into a palace four times the size of Versailles. This at a time when the average Turk is scrounging, and the Syrian refugees just keep coming. One would ask with what he financed that pile of rubble, but it’s probably better to just wait for the next round of Panama Papers-type leaks to roll around. All will be revealed…

19. Owen Fucking Shroyer. Dude, when you don’t know what the fuck you’re on about, the proper thing to do is STOP BABBLING, ALREADY. But what am I saying? You’re a conservative. You couldn’t stop babbling inanities if your life depended on it, could you?


20. Laura Fucking Ingraham. Sieg Heil! Always so nice to see yet another fascist finally coming out of the closet, emboldened by the literal shitshow that is Donald Fucking Drumpf.

21. Matthew Fucking Heimbach. Sieg Heil! Always so nice to see yet another fascist finally getting criminally charged for harassing non-white people. If only he were also in deep shit for the neo-Nazi rally in Sacramento, where as many as nine anti-fascists were stabbed by the coward’s crew. He himself was, of course, MIA…the better for plausible deniability, no doubt.

22. Roger Fucking Ailes. So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodnight! Too bad you’re such a sexist heap of shite!


23. Phil Fucking Robertson. If Der Drumpf loses, he’ll go into hiding? Promises, promises. But on the off chance that he intends to make good, I suggest the caves of Tora Bora. With his regressive religiosity, his big ol’ beard, and his turban-like bandana, he’ll fit right in!

24. Daryush Fucking Valizadeh. For showing up at #16’s shitty pity-party, natch. And for not yet having twigged to the fact that both he and Milo represent a lot of what mainstream WASP Repugs hate (non-white non-Christians and Teh Ghey, respectively), and for thinking they really run the show. Ha, ha! (I nearly wrote “Cucking”, sorry. Force of habit. He and his idiot cronies use that silly word a lot, and it makes them sound like chickens.)

25. Duane Fucking Flowers. Trust me, I have no love for Hillary Clinton since the Honduras coup went down and she was found cackling gleefully behind it (and the assassination of Berta Cáceres, ditto). But even I would not call for her to hang. Much less to defile a tree with it. This asshole, on the other hand…


26. David Fucking Duke. Of course he loved Der Drumpf’s screech, because OF COURSE. And Drumpfy still hasn’t disavowed this flaming fascist sack of doggie doughnuts, either! And worst of all: He’s now running for US senator. You can’t make this shit up…

27. Ivanka Fucking Drumpf. No, dear, your dad will NOT promote equal pay. He won’t promote pay, period. He’s the one who keeps stiffing his contractors for doing their job, remember? PS: And how talented you are, too. At STEALING.

28. Bruce Fucking Rauner. Teachers, “virtually illiterate”? Quit projecting, Brucey.

29 and 30. These two fucking no-‘tinos right here:


If they’re Latin, I’m the Queen of Sheba. Also, it’s not para, it’s por. Learn some Spanish, Whitey! Then you’ll know what REAL Latin@s are saying when they say “¡No voté por El Drumpf, voté por el Bernito, carajoooooo!”

And finally, to Donald Fucking Drumpf himself. Good Gawd, where even to start with him? From his grating speech (which I didn’t bother to watch, but heard all about through friends), to the unauthorized use of George Harrison’s music, to this weird touchy-touchy thing he did with his own daughter, ON STAGE, to this gross bit of Drumpf swag — if this is the next POTUS, I’m going to brace for an onslaught of sickened gringos invading my country. No, we won’t build a wall…but we won’t be polite to him until he’s out of the fucking picture for good.

Good night, and get fucked!

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Jon Stewart, where ya been?

Ah…balm for everyone’s frayed nerves from last night, eh? Watch Jon as he takes on Drumpf, the Baby Jesus (whom he calls “Lumpy”) and the hypocrisy of right-wing media.

Oh, and Stephen Colbert is in there too, cleaning out an airhorn. Tooooooooot!

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CNN Latino journos called to testify in Bolivian defamation case


CNN Latino reporter Fernando del Rincón, one of two journalists from the network who are being required to testify in a case that has proved more embarrassing to the Chicken Noodle Network than to the president they were striving to paint as a womanizing deadbeat dad at a very sensitive juncture in his career. Story via Aporrea:

The Bolivian attorney-general’s office called upon CNN journalists Fernando del Rincón and Alex Ardines to testify today, in the case of the attempt to pass a minor off as the son of president Evo Morales.

According to attorney-general Ramiro Guerrero, Del Rincón would testify on Thursday and Ardines tomorrow, as witnesses.


On May 5, CNN interviewed a minor in a La Paz hotel room, who was presented as the son of president Evo Morales, by the former CAMC functionary, Gabriela Zapata.

The boy came to the interview wearing a mask and accompanied by his real father and, although CNN knew he was not Morales’s son, they did not denounce the fact.

“If it had been a responsible journalist, they would have had to denounce, but as it was just another press outlet dedicated to political conspiring, they didn’t. That is complicity in a crime,” president Morales recently said.

According to the president, the international media chain violated articles 131, 132, 171, and 23 of the Penal Code, which refer to public apology for a criminal offence, criminal association, covering up, and complicity.

Investigations conducted by the Public Ministry revealed that the real parents of the minor used for this confabulation against the president were paid $5,000.

Marianela Paco, the minister of Communications, said that this lie was aimed at damaging the image of the president on the occasion of a referendum to modify the constitution to permit Morales to run for another term in office.

Translation mine.

Here’s an English version of CNN’s bogus story of an out-of-wedlock child. Apparently the irresponsible journalist in question was one Carlos Valverde, who “exposed” Evo on a radio show. Valverde is also the one who claimed to have dug up the bogus “son” in question. The tone of CNN’s piece leads me to conclude that they believed Valverde, since they called his story merely an “alleged lie”, claiming that the aunt of the woman at the heart of the “scandal” also asserted that there is a child, and that the son in question is alive.

Most significant of all, though, is Evo’s response, which was buried at the bottom of the CNN piece:

Morales has since said he is hurt by Zapata’s alleged lie that his son had died and has appealed to the family to let him see and meet his son.

“I want to ask family, the alleged aunt, that they show him to me, they bring him to me, I want to see him. If your family allows me, I want to recognize the baby, well the child. In reality, I cannot understand. I can’t believe they falsely told me the baby had died. I have no problem and if the family permits, I’ll recognize the child, it is a joy”

If they’re looking to pin a cover-up on Evo himself, they failed royally. Along with all the accusations of “influence peddling”, which the timeline of events (and non-events) has made a hash of.

So far, no genuine claimant in the alleged paternity case seems to have come forward.

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Another paramilitary band busted in Venezuela


Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo, 25, and Joshua Anthony Holt, 24, alias “El Gringo”, apparently on their wedding day. Looks like their honeymoon is gonna be short and nasty now, because these two were swept up as part of an anti-paramilitary operation in Venezuela:

The Venezuelan government, by way of Operation Liberation of the People, dismantled a paramilitary band that hid assault weapons and explosives in the urban complex of Ciudad Caribia, located along the Caracas-La Guaira highway, according to the Popular Power minister for Interior Relations Justice and Peace, Gustavo González López.

The minister announced that during the operation, Joshua Anthony Holt, alias “El Gringo”, of US nationality, was captured. Holt had concealed high-calibre weapons, explosives, and strategic maps of Caracas in a high-rise building in Ciudad Caribia. González López revealed that the arrestee had revealed evidence of his adoration of weapons on social media, “proper to the culture imposed upon a large number of US citizens”.

González López announced that an Ecuadorian-Venezuelan, Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo, had also been apprehended. Along with Joshua Anthony Holt, she operated in a paramilitary band called “Los Sindicalistas”, which was broken up on June 30 in Ciudad Caribia, where six of its members were killed. They were identified as Argenis López Quijada, Rodolfo José Manrique, Joél Pérez, Jordan Pérez Castillo, Ricardo Fabian Cruz, and Johan Pérez, the last one recognized as the leader of the criminal gang.

“The foreign couple were living in this city, in a building which, according to social intelligence information, was the niche of the paramilitary crime gang. It was used as a storage centre for assault weapons and explosives. By coincidence, it’s the same strategy used by subjects of other nationalities who infiltrated the buildings of the Gran Misión Vivienda Venezuela, where they planned and executed attacks against the lives of revolutionary leaders,” said González López.

The minister stated that members of this paramilitary gang were responsible for the assassination of the PSUV militant Omar Molina Marín. According to intelligence sources cited by the minister, the building was impenetrable to the authorities.

The minister declared that Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo and Joshua Anthony Holt, alias “El Gringo”, were married in the parish of Leoncio Martínez, in the Sucre municipality of the state of Miranda. This area is under the jurisdiction of the far-right mayor Carlos Oscaríz, of the Primero Justicia party, who constantly travels out of country. González López underscored that from August 2015 to May 2016, Thamara Belén Caleño Candelo traveled to Ecuador, Colombia and the Dominican Republic on numerous occasions.

“At this last destination, she met Holt, who financed her travels, and who also travelled constantly as a missionary to various destinations in Latin America,” said González López. Five days after the last trip, to the Dominican Republic, and after “a strange Internet relationship”, the two criminals were married.

Translation mine.

Some “missionary” this Holt guy turns out to be. According to Notisur24.com, he and his spouse were found in possession of “an AK-47, an M4 type facsimile, cash (bolivars and dollars), photographic cameras, portable computers, and airline tickets”. Photos of the weapons and other items can be seen here. Pretty sure a real, innocent missionary would have no use for assault weapons, eh? Much less equipment used in espionage and paramilitary assassinations. And I seriously doubt an innocent missionary would be hanging out with the same band that killed Omar Molina.

Funny, too, how “missionaries” of this sort keep cropping up in Venezuela: Foreign, paid in US dollars (and lots of them), and with a penchant for killing prominent, popular PSUV members like Omar Molina…and Robert Serra, who was murdered by a band of thugs led by a bastard known to his colleagues as “El Colombia”.

And funniest of all, how little of this news makes it up this far north. Because guess who it makes look terrible? Oh, only the same country that keeps finding new and innovative ways to finance these oh-so-peaceful and democratic anti-Chavistas.

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Music for a Sunday: The only song for times like these

And if you think it can’t snow in July in the Northern Hemisphere, just ask Idaho. They had a blizzard this past week.

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Venezuelan economic minister: Kimberly-Clark lied!

Venezuelan Kimberly-Clark workers denounce the corporation for abruptly pulling out, leaving them without work.

So, what have we here? Oh, nothing…just a whole lot of full containers of raw materials, and a bunch of lying buffoons who fucked off out of Venezuela, leaving their workers in the lurch. And you wonder why the government and the fired workers took the plant over? Wonder no more:

Warehouses full of raw materials were found at the Kimberly-Clark factory in Venezuela, which the government is administering as of Monday, with the support of its former workers. The merchandise in question will be distributed for sale via the Local Committees for Supply and Production (CLAP), and private establishments, said Miguel Pérez Abad, the vice-president for the Economic Area, on Friday.

For the remaining six months of the year, the minister confirmed that the former US-based business will be able to count on supplies under its new management, and will not stop producing personal hygiene products, unlike what the former owners did who closed the factory last Saturday, alleging they didn’t have materials.

“The government did not expropriate the company installations, they occupied it because its proprietors violated the laws of the land when they decided to paralyze operations and mass-fire the workers,” said Pérez Abad.

Translation mine.

So, there you have it: Kimberly-Clark lied when they said they had no materials. They had a factory full of them. What was the real reason? Well, according to Telesur, this might be a clue:

Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said on Monday that Citibank NA C.UL, planned to shut his government’s foreign currency accounts within a month, denouncing the move by one of its main foreign financial intermediaries as part of a “blockade.”

“With no warning, Citibank says that in 30 days it will close the Central Bank and the Bank of Venezuela’s accounts,” Maduro said in a speech, adding that the government used the U.S. bank for transactions in the United States and globally.

“Do you think they’re going to stop us with a financial blockade? No, gentlemen. No one stops Venezuela.”

Yeah, the Venezuelan government might want to find a new bank to do its forex business with. One that doesn’t screw over its customers, as Citibank has done repeatedly over the years. Yeah, that’s a lot of links. And yet, it’s just a tiny snippet of what I found when I went looking for evidence. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that Citibank has such a well-known track record for sucking its customers dry that I’m surprised that Venezuela still had anything to do with them at all. They should have cut Citi off while Chavecito was still in office. Why they didn’t is a mystery to me. I can’t wait to see who they’ll tap to be the gainer to Citi’s self-imposed loss.

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Wankers of the Week: All Lives Chatter


Crappy weekend, everyone! Well, this week, we finally, definitively found out that All Lives Matter, and that some matter more than others. Still. So, what’s new? Not much. Wankers are still wanking, same as ever. And this week, it was:

1. Glenn Fucking Beck. Oh look, everyone, Biff has ugly little chin-whiskers now! And his opinions are still shitty, too! And no, Biff, God isn’t sending anything, nor does She have any intention of rescuing you from the consequences. That “chaos” you see is Karma at work, giving you back — yes, you personally, since you personally contributed — the shit you put out, muliplied a thousandfold. You don’t want any more shit? Then stop spewing it. Problem solved!

2. Buck Fucking Sexton. Who? Oh, just some white pissant that Van Jones squelched on TV the other night for trying to blame Black Lives Matter for a murder spree none of them committed. Nobody, in other words!

3. Harry Fucking Houck. Police racism doesn’t matter? Tell that to the families of all the black victims of police brutality. Or, in other words: Tell them that their loved ones don’t matter.


4. Paula Fucking White. How predictably ironic is it that Der Drumpf’s presumptive “spritual advisor” turns out to be a money-grubbing charlatan? And that she stole her “resurrection seed” idea from a series of books which most right-wing Christofascists abhor? Very? That’s what I thought, too.

5. Alex Fucking Jones. Of COURSE he has an opinion on who really fired those cop-killing shots in Dallas. It was George Soros! And lizard people! And oogitaboogitaboogita! Yup, that final brain hemorrhage is getting closer all the time, folks!

6. Jim Fucking Minardi. Aw, how patriotic and heroic of him to defend an openly treasonous coward who threatened the POTUS on the tweeter. Hope you enjoy your little visit from the Secret Service, Jimmy!


7. Dan Fucking Patrick. When a respected local broadcaster calls you out for being an idiot — you a IDIOT, son. And that goes double if a local top cop also does it.

8. Sarah Fucking Palin. Oh look, she’s drunk again. And projecting again. And babbling word soup again. Go home, Quitbull, and STAY THERE.

9. Andrea Fucking Leadsom. She’s not a feminist because that word “abuses men”? Well, then. Good thing she’s also not the British PM, eh?

10. Tim Fucking Hudak. Why?


That’s why. White conservatives putting words into black demonstrators’ mouths AND stating blatant untruths about racist cops? Timmeh, you’re not part of the solution. You are the problem. STOP IT.

11. Laura Fucking Herrick. Shorter: Don’t want to get raped, girls? Don’t drink so much. Then no one will mistake you for that woozy slut who always gets passed around from fratboy to fratboy at keggers! Gee. I wonder why this little thinkpiece of hers got pulled so fast. Could it be…SEXISM?

12. Jimmy Fucking Morris. Those “idiots” you were planning to run over are PEOPLE, dumbass. People whose lives matter. And if you have a problem with that, YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. Because, as a (ahem: FORMER) fire chief, it’s your job to save lives, not end them.


13. Phil Fucking Robertson. Pedophile who married a child says WHAT? Gay people are responsible for 160,000 murders, thanks to same-sex marriage? Nuh-unh, fuckass. Gun nuts like YOU, who can’t stop shooting people — THAT’s who’s responsible.

14. Avigdor Fucking Lieberman. Guess who appointed that god-awful rabbi who said it was okay for the IDF to rape non-Jewish women? Yup. THIS guy. This schmuck. This fucking putz.

15. George W. Fucking Bush. Dubya’s been tucked away from sight for a long time, and it’s not hard to see why. He’s gone from a dry drunk to a full-on damp one. When he was briefly wheeled out of retirement for an interfaith memorial service for the five cops shot in Dallas, what did he do? Bopped around like he was at a rock concert. One half expected to see him flick his Bic, and it was only Michelle Obama, bless her, bravely holding him back. That look of sheer embarrassment on her face just said it all, didn’t it?


16. Tomi Fucking Lahren. If the US is indeed “more divided than ever before”, it’s not because of Barack Obama and his black attorneys-general, much less “demons”. It’s because of racist white wankers like Y-O-U, you fucking idiot. YOU are the fucking demon.

17. Sean Fucking Hannity. And speaking of racist demons, how about this one? Yup, the Baby Jesus is illiterate, because he can’t seem to understand that “Black Lives Matter” does not have the word “Only” in there, ANYWHERE. Anybody want to teach this racist moron to read?

18. Donald Fucking Drumpf. No, stupid, the Bernie Bros and Bernie-dettes won’t be voting for you. They want the smart one, remember? PS: D’awww. Did the Notorious RBG scare you? Diddums!


19. Remigio Fucking Pereira. No, you douche-faced walking embarrassment, you do NOT get to hijack our national anthem with your own (crappy!) lyrics. Much less to dismiss a legitimate anti-racist movement — which, FYI, happens to include people of all colors, not just blacks! And who the hell told you you were “the great”, anyhow? Whoever it was, they’re idiots. And so are YOU.

20. Mike Fucking Huckabee. Never mind black lives, says Hucky Fudd — what about teh menz? Well, no one can ever accuse him of being abreast of the times, can they? Much less can anyone accuse him of knowing how to parse a set of statistics. Hucky, stop trying to be relevant and just go the fuck away.

21. Rick Fucking Wiles. Pokémon, tool of Satan? Gee, where have I heard that before? Oh yeah…back in the days when it was Dungeons & Dragons. Which is still being played today, but have you ever noticed that the Religious Reich has NOTHING to say about it anymore? Everytime there’s a popular new toy, game or book, they just have to jack off all over it, because it’s proof that they and their odious religion do not and never will have a monopoly on young people’s minds.


22. Pat Fucking McCrory. If you thought his anti-LGBT laws were bad, wait’ll you get a load of his plan to protect the police from the public…and public scrutiny. Never mind that photography and filming aren’t crimes. Ol’ Pattyboy is determined to make them that. Because, as everyone knows, the police are never aggressors, so there’s never any reason to monitor them stringently…

23. Chris Fucking Christie. Pro tip: If you’re serious about being POTUS one day, try not to do what you accuse your rivals of doing. And also, try not to do it worse and more than they do! (Hear that, Dubya?)

24. Richard Fucking Land. If you ever wondered why I think the US should start forcing churches to pay taxes, just get a load of how they’re meddling in politics. This guy should be the first to start paying. (And Ted Fucking Cruz should be disbarred, not installed on the SCOTUS.)


25. Monika Fucking Schaefer. Not knowing something is happening does NOT mean it didn’t happen. You can’t see the air. Does it not exist? Then what are you breathing? Same goes for Holocaust denial. Just because it didn’t happen right under your nose, doesn’t mean it never happened. Idiot.

26. Amer Fucking Saka. Of all the people who ought to know better, a Chaldean priest shouldn’t be stealing money intended to help bring refugees to safety. Not only is it uncharitable, it also goes against the vow of poverty!

27. Dani Fucking Mathers. So. How does the 2015 Plaything of the Year follow up on her silicone success? By body-shaming a woman who obviously hasn’t had nearly as much plastic surgery while she’s changing in the locker room at the gym. Yeah, you really seem very secure in your own looks, sweetie. And your lame excuses are washing like a machine load of raw sewage. I don’t believe for an instant that “this” is not who you are…because what you do when you think you won’t get caught is EXACTLY who you are! PS: Privacy violation is a crime. Sign, sign, SIGN.


28. Theodore Fucking Shoebat. How much longer do you suppose it will be before his profile appears on a gay dating app, or he’s caught with a rentboy? Place your bets, ladies ’n’ gents.

29. Jeanine Fucking Pirro. No, stupid, racism in the US wasn’t “primarily fixed” when Barack Obama was elected (and re-elected). It hasn’t been “fixed” in the slightest. If anything, it’s gotten worse since then. Three guesses as to why…and no, stupid, it’s not because of anything HE did.

30. Josh Fucking Duggar. When you’re saved by your full quiver, you can get away with anything…including rape. Isn’t that right, Cow Boy?


And finally, to the fucking FBI. Yes, that’s right, the gang that can’t shoot straight. And this week, someone there (who? I dunno, the source is unnamed) claimed that the Pulse nightclub wasn’t targeted because it was a gay club. Even though the shooter was a regular there, and mad at gay Latinos for “using him for sex”, somehow the fact that it’s a specifically gay-slanted nightspot isn’t a factor in the massacre? My mind, it boggleth, yea verily.

Good night, and get fucked!

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Venezuelan government cracks down on corrupt bakeries and distributors


“No bread until further notice.”

A sign out of Les Misérables? Not quite. This was in Caracas, Venezuela…where a government minister and his hard-working team of inspectors are now cracking down on bakeries displaying similar signs while hoarding and hiding precious materials from the public, and artificially holding down the supply of basic staples like bread. Story, via Aporrea:

William Contreras, National Superintendent for the Defence of Socio-Economic Rights (SUNDDE), announced last Friday that during the previous 48 hours, 171 bakeries throughout Venezuela had been sanctioned for boycotting, hoarding, unsanitary conditions, restriction of wares, and conditionality of sale.

He made the announcement from the “Gran Majestic II” bakery, located in the La Campiña sector of Caracas, which was one of 848 locations inspected by SUNDDE’s legal authorities throughout the land. “Fines totalling 15.6 million bolivars were applied.”

Contreras emphasized that the objective of the operation is to guarantee the Venezuelan people opportune access and fair pricing, by way of inspection, auditing, and attention to the distribution of wheat flour, baking, and sales of bread.

“There are no reasons for the owners of bakeries to apply these mechanisms of restriction of offerings when the Venezuelan state, via the popular ministry for food, has guaranteed basic raw materials such as wheat flour. In addition, we have sat down with them to converse and attend to their problems.”

During the inspection of the Gran Majestic II bakery, inspectors observed that the bakery restricted the availability of bread, via electronic cards handed out to sell the product, without providing a sufficient quantity of the same for the demand of the clients, who stood in long lines, showing an understandable collective resentment.

The Public Ministry was asked to detain citizen Antonio Maizo de Sousa for the illegal activities observed in the establishment, such as unsanitary conditions (in violation of Article 48 of the Organic Law of Fair Pricing), speculation (Article 49), boycotting (Article 53), conditionality of sale (Article 56), and restriction of offerings (Article 7, Paragraph 3).

Recently, 27,000 tons of wheat flour from Canada arrived in Venezuela, aimed at bread production. For this reason, Contreras explained, inspections of bakeries and distribution outlets would continue.

“We are also auditing those business which distribute this item to bakeries, as we have received denunciations of conditional sales and restriction of sales.”

Contreras exhorted the Venezuelan public to exercise their rights and denounce any irregularities at 0-800-LO-JUSTO (0800-565-8786), and the Twitter account @Sundde_ve.

Translation mine.

Here’s a video in which we can see that the bakery mentioned above is very much an offender:

They were hiding and hoarding at least 100 sacks of wheat flour, along with an undisclosed amount of sugar and butter, while claiming there was “no bread until further notice”. Stinks of bachaqueo, no?

What do you bet that the owner of the business has ties to the opposition? This kind of tactic has their pugmarks all over it. And it’s just one of the many ways they’re trying to foment unrest and dissatisfaction with the Maduro administration throughout the land. But, as we can see, the government is fighting back, and exposing a lot of scurrying cockroaches in the process.

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Venezuelan workers to Kimberly-Clark bullies: Screw you, we’re producing!

Video of the Venezuelan government approving the request of Kimberly-Clark workers to occupy the factory and resume production, using materials provided by the government. Story via Aporrea:

On Monday, the Venezuelan government ordered the occupation of the US company, Kimberly-Clark, following its announcement of the stoppage of production of personal hygiene items.

“We will proceed to sign the request the workers made of us, in which we plan the immediate occupation of the Kimberly-Clark of Venezuela facility on the part of the workers”, stated the minister of labor, Oswaldo Vera, at the company plant in Maracay, in the state of Aragua.

Vera warned other companies that they could do the same, asserting that “a company which is closed, is a company which will be occupied by its workers. We invite the workers to accompany us in activating the machinery.”

The US-based multinational announced the indefinite suspension of its operations in Venezuela on Saturday, alleging a “persistent deterioration in economic conditions”, inability to buy source materials, high inflation, and difficulties accessing foreign currency in the land.

The paralyzation of production by the company will affect the Venezuelan market, which is already suffering an acute shortage of personal hygiene products.

Translation mine.

So, it looks like the bullies of US industry won’t be shutting Venezuela down, as has clearly been their objective since the current round of economic warfare began. For all their moaning about the economic situation in Venezuela, it’s companies like these that are actually causing all the trouble. It’s not the Maduro government, and it’s not the workers. It’s the foreign corporations and their local lackeys in business and parliament who are the problem, and the common people of Venezuela, with their demands to occupy the factories (which the Maduro government approved, oh what tyrants!) who are fighting back.

Fun fact: This occupation follows an example that’s been prevalent in Argentina since the early 2000s. Only there, the government wasn’t helping the workers, since it was in the pockets of the international capital markets. It was up to the workers to collectivize and take up production themselves. And they did, as this little Canadian documentary makes clear:

And back then, Argentina didn’t yet have Venezuela there to bail it out and get it out of its creditors’ predatory clutches. Now Argentina is back in that hole, and no Chavecito to help…and Venezuela is teetering on the brink of the same. But one thing IS different in Venezuela: The government (NOT the National Assembly, which is dominated by right-wing assholes) is on the side of the workers, and approves of their plans to collectively take over the factories that foreign corporations seem determined to abandon. And it supports their initiative to do without those bosses, and get the country on its feet again. It’s even working hard to secure supplies so that those workers aren’t beholden to corporate foot-draggers.

Imagine that: a government that supports the grassroots, as well as vice versa! A government that approves workers’ initiatives, rather than stifling them on behalf of foreign capital and foreign corporate owners! Careful, media crapmeisters, don’t report that…because this is one good example that could seriously catch on.

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Quotable: Chris Hani on socialism


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