FUX Snooze fraudster complains about “servants” demanding better wages

Donnie wants to make tip-stealing by employers legal, and this is who FUX Snooze digs up to defend his shitty policies? Listen to him. And to what the Turks dug up about his past as a “hard-working” credit card fraudster. Working people are being punished in Donnie’s “great again” US of Amnesia, while schmucks like this are being lionized on Donnie’s unofficial state crapaganda channel.

And he even whines about his “uneducated” customers, who are understandably upset that his cheap ass is passing the costs down to them, instead of taking a lower profit, like a decent owner would learn how to do. He’s a fine one to talk about lack of education; he can’t even talk grammatically. What do you bet that his steakhouses don’t pass a health inspection, either? (Mar-a-Lago certainly doesn’t. And yet somehow Donnie manages to find idiots willing to pay $100,000 and more to eat caviar served with plastic spoons. Maybe “Jack” there has a point about uneducated customers!)

Meanwhile, to cure that amnesia, we have a blast from the past up here in Ontario:

When the provincial government introduced hourly minimum-wage legislation in 1963, opponents of the move predicted doomsday scenarios. Diners going under. Staffing reductions. Costs passed on to consumers. Implementation of minimum tabs. And, worst of all, the demise of the 10-cent cup of coffee, a staple since the Second World War. “After all,” Dalton Waller, president of the Canadian Restaurant Association, observed in an interview with the Toronto Daily Star, “this is an industry that takes in many unskilled people, folks who don’t speak the Queen’s English or any English.” Waller also warned: “You start paying it to the fellow who does menial tasks and pretty soon everyone above him feels they ought to get more too.”

The previous year, the Star had investigated low wages in Ontario restaurants. Workers were generally paid between 55 and 73 cents an hour, but the newspaper reported that “a majority of restaurant owners say their employees aren’t even worth that.” The most exploited were male immigrants — the Star highlighted the example of one Hungarian cook in Toronto who earned $35 for a 91-hour week.

Organized labour, the media, and the opposition at Queen’s Park called on the Conservative government to implement an hourly minimum wage. While female workers (apart from domestics and farm labourers) had had a set weekly minimum since the early 1920s, males negotiated rates with employers via the Industrial Standards Act. Benefits such as paid vacations, 48-hour work weeks, and a framework for pay equity were added over time, but in the early 1960s, Ontario was one of only three provinces to lack a minimum wage for men.

Proponents of a minimum wage suggested a $1.25 hourly rate, which was based on what was being implemented across the United States. That rate was higher than those in other provinces, which in 1962 ranged from 50 cents in Newfoundland to 75 cents in British Columbia. The Canadian Labour Congress pointed to an American Senate committee’s view on the effects of failing to protect low-wage earners: “The burden falls on the community and its relief rolls, and the community also bears the incalculable cost of the waste of human resources, loss of human dignity and the intolerable social and economic evils that prey upon the underpaid worker, his family, his children and upon his neighbourhood.”

Imagine that! Once upon a time, the United States was leading the way in paying minimum wages, and Ontario workers, activists, and even the Conservative (!) provincial government of the way sat up and took notice! And even more important, they realized that underpaid workers were costing the government in terms of “relief rolls” — or what we would now call WELFARE. In other words, the government of the day was telling owners to pay up fair and square, because if they didn’t, it was going to come out of their taxes. Higher taxes or higher wages, fellas…pick one! (And read the rest of the article too, it’s a doozer.)

Of course, up here, we’re also seeing backlash to the raising of the minimum wage. And the fact that consumers (who are also employees, often paid minimum wage or little more themselves) are waking up to the power of taking their hard-earned dollars elsewhere.

Maybe “Uncle Jack” will sit up and take note himself when he suddenly finds himself with not only a shortage of good help — oh sorry, “SERVANTS” — but also a sudden lack “uneducated” customers who turn out to be too smart to eat at his steakhouse.

PS: Oh gawd, it gets worse. According to Sam Seder and friends, this bozo is going to come out with a blog that’s a “no-holds-barred” take on the restaurant industry?

In that case, he might want to take some advice from this crazy Canuck right here, whose family has been running hotels and restaurants for over 50 years: Cut back on what you pay yourself, and cut back on the alcohols you serve, because that shit guzzles money like mad. Unless, of course, you LIKE hemorrhaging employees (and customers, too). In which case, keep going on FUX Snooze in your goombah suit and play the big-shot victim. I’m sure that won’t come back to bite your ass at ALL!

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Quotable: Lenin on “freedom” of the press

Note the quotes, there for a reason:

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Music for a Sunday: Come in, come out of the rain

Since it’s kind of a damp, foggy, calm-before-the-ice-storm moment, ‘scuse me while I kick the sky:

Step on up.

And CRANK it.

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Wankers of the Week: Shithole Countries


Crappy weekend, everyone! And an especially crappy one to all the folks from what Donnie has characterized, in his quaint and charming, oh-so-refined colloquial way, as “shithole countries”. Coming from someone who heads up a country most famous, recently, for the number of its people heading to the emergency room after ingesting detergent on a dare, that’s downright rich, eh? And here’s who else is frothing at the mouth (no Tide Pods necessary) this week, in no particular order:

1. Trey Fucking Gowdy. Hey, remember him? The Dollar Store Draco Malfoy? Well, he finally quit yelling “Benghazi!” this week. Wonder what he’ll do for an encore…said no one ever.

2. Rachel Fucking Campos-Duffy. “Who among us hasn’t said an un-PC thing”, she asks? Well, given that it’s FUX Snooze, I’m guessing that if you limit it strictly to that channel and its imbecilic audience, the answer is NOBODY. But out here in the real world, you’d be surprised how…wait for it…OUTNUMBERED you racist fucking idiots actually are. And if you’re worried about someone making your country look bad, how about starting with yourselves and your presidunce, and stopping with the partisan finger-pointing?

3. Tom Fucking Cotton. He was there. He heard what Donnie said. But, like a good head-up-ass Repug, he denies it. Dude, that’s Donnie’s job. PS: So, writing and calling your office to get answers is now “harassment”? Oh, dude. You are so fucked!


4. Don Fucking Shooter. Nice fucking nopology you got there, dude. Oh wait, you think you did nothing wrong? Well, there’s a shocker. It’s like what other people do or don’t want doesn’t matter to you because they’re not the ones that really count, eh?

5. Timothy Fucking Brennan. Damn straight, those dickpix you snapchatted to a 14-year-old could ruin your marriage and your job. Have you ever thought of what they (and you) are doing to her life, you fucking pervert?

6. Joe Fucking Arpaio. Hawaii had a missile threat? SQUIRREL! And in this case, the squirrel was Barack Obama’s long-form birth certificate…which was released years ago, and which conclusively showed that he was born not in Kenya, but in Hawaii.


7. Peter Fucking Bone. He used to say that same-sex marriage would destroy the sanctity of marriage. But even though he left his wife for a much younger woman two years ago, he’s still referring to “Mrs. Bone” in his parliamentary speechifications. Next up: The Internet destroys the sanctity of marriage.

8. James Fucking Sears. Yes, Dimitri the Hater is at it again. And it seems he never learns. Even though nobody wants to read his shitty Nazi rag, he still insists on wasting time and money producing and distributing it…and even more on defending himself against the inevitable libel lawsuits it generates. I hope you go bankrupt, Dim.

9. Jo Fucking Marney. Hey racist, you forgot a word on your bio. And that word is SHITBAG. Honestly, the satire just writes itself with you people, doesn’t it?


10. David Fucking Perdue. He denied that Donnie said what he said, even though he was there to hear him say it…and Donnie later bragged about it to all his cronies. I guess he also denies having prayed for Barack Obama’s death, even though we all heard him say that?

11. Kevin Fucking McCarthy. Everybody sing! Who sucks up to Donnie/Nose all brown with poo/Butters up the POTUS with a Starburst fruity chew?/The Candy Man!/The Candy Man can!/The Candy Man can, because he hasn’t any shame, and makes the US look bad!

12. John Fucking Kelly. Bipartisanship? Who needs it? Not this guy, and apparently, not Donnie either, because both of them share a common agenda: Wrecking anything that might be even the least little bit constructive for anyone.


13. Stephen Fucking Moore. What black people has this clown talked to, ever? Other than to maybe yell a racial slur on the street at them, or slip them some cash for dope? Bull-fucking-SHIT they’re praising Donnie. Unless they’re being paid to, ain’t none of them got a good word to say about him. And rightly so.

14. Milo Fucking Yiannopoulos. I’m not a bit surprised to hear that he fell for a fake news story from a satire site and did an entire YouTube rant on it (here, if he hasn’t removed it yet — and yes, he looks and sounds as inebriated as you imagine he would). What does surprise me is that he’s not dead of alcohol poisoning yet. PS to YouTube: Why are you still allowing this prat to upload, anyway? Shouldn’t you be taking some cues from the tweeter, and cracking down on Nazis instead?

15. Casey Fucking Fisher. Ohhhh, so it was “a bad idea” to give women the right to vote, eh? Well, doggie. Guess who’s going to be losing his next election, on the backs of a lot of pissed-off women voters? Yeah…THIS guy. Special dishonorable mention to Teena Fucking Horlacher: Why are you still working for him? He just basically told you you don’t even deserve to vote because you’re female! And you’re all up in arms because he’s being “harassed”? He should be thankful nobody’s bludgeoned him with a rolling pin!


16. Carl Fucking Higbie. Imagine that! Saying a whole slew of bigoted, judgmental shit has actual, real-world repercussions! White supremacists, take note…the clock is now ticking on you.

17. Eric Fucking Drumpf. Daesh is a thing of the past? I’m sure that’s news to Iraq and Syria! And if indeed it’s true, rest assured that your pudgy old man had NOTHING to do with it. PS: And bull-fucking-SHIT that green, as in money, is the only color he sees, either.

18. Matt Fucking Gaetz. And here’s another Haiti-hatey kind of guy. Sucks to be you, Matty…and if I were you, I’d keep a close eye on my fingernail clippings and hair trimmings, if you know what I mean.


19. Sebastian Fucking Gorka. Not content to insult our prime minister over a matter that concerns him not in the least, Wile E. Pickle, Suuuuuper-Genius, doubled down on the dumbth this week by picking on Alyssa Milano…and scoring a whopping own goal. PS: Aaaand now we know why Gormless Gorka hasn’t gone back to Hungary yet. He’s wanted there on gun charges! Figures. He doesn’t look like he could punch his way out of a wet paper bag.

20. Harley Fucking Barber. Well, here’s a switch: A racist sorority sister in Alabama is getting kicked out…all the way back to Noo Joizey! Ha, ha.

21. Jeff Fucking Sessions. Illiterate immigrants are unfortunate souls indeed, but you know what’s truly tragic? A semiliterate, totally racist US attorney general opening his Kluker piehole to opine on the subject, and get Canada totally wrong in the process!


22. Kirstjen Fucking Nielsen. And speaking of semiliterates in public office who really should think twice before opening their mouths even once, how about HER? Yes, she’s so poorly informed that she doesn’t even know what color the vast majority of Norwegian citizens are! Somebody please send her some recent Norwegian census data, wouldja? Meanwhile, Norway’s offer of asylum to persons from a REAL shithole country still stands.

23. Bob Fucking Massi. Hey! Did you know that there’s a racism against ORANGE people? This dude claims that everyone opposing Donnie Drumpf has it. Orange Lives Matter!

24. Larry Fucking Nassar. Can’t handle four days of victim-impact statements? Gee, what a shocker. I’d have thought a gymnastics team doctor who sexually molested his under-age patients for years would be less of a fragile snowflake than THAT!


25. Scott Fucking Perry. Who’s got a cockamamie terrorist conspiracy theory? THIS guy. Because clearly, the idea that a home-grown, right-wing, white male mass shooter could actually exist is just too damn hard to believe. No, better just make up some shit about Daesh coming in through Mexico!

26. Matthew Fucking Heimbach. And speaking of home-grown, right-wing, white male terrorists…how about him? He and his “Traditionalist Workers Party” (a bullshit name if ever there was one) are planning to protest against the women’s march, and in favor of anti-choicers. Because nothing’s going to attract women to your nasty Nazi cause like just straight out saying that all you ever want them to be is your household slaves and your baby factories.

27. Jack Fucking Robison. What kind of judge makes a snap decision based on “God told me to”? A judge who shouldn’t be on the bench anymore listening to human trafficking stories and exonerating the traffickers. That’s who.


28. Michael Fucking Douglas. Am I a bit surprised that a man who was pretty much typecast as an arrogant, unlikable jerk all through the ‘80s and ‘90s turns out to be a wanker, quite literally, in real life? Why no, I’m not! I’m only surprised that this didn’t come out sooner, frankly.

29. Robert Fucking Litzinger. If anyone wonders what I have against purity culture and the “Christian premarital counseling” that goes with it, you can stop wondering any more. THIS GUY. This pervert and others like him are what I have against purity culture.

30. Mark Fucking Steyn. So, white supremacists are okay because they’re “American citizens”, but the people they persecute are “illegal”, so that makes all the cross-burnings and terrorist murders okay, does it, Shit-Steyn? Special dishonorable mention to Tucker Fucking Carlson, who also finally showed HIS true colors. Next time I see both of you together, I hope you two chickenshit racists just wear your hooded sheets and swastika armbands on the air, and let fly with the n-words like I know you’re both dying to do.


And finally, to Donnie Fucking Drumpf again. Everytime I think he can’t possibly outdo himself for shittiness, he does it. Unprotected sex with women not his wife (new baby in the house and all!), idiotic expectations of his wife post-pregnancy (!), even more idiotic pronouncements on pregnancy and abortion (at least that’s what it appears they are)…yeesh. He’s disintegrating before our very eyes. Would somebody, for the love of all that’s holy, PLEASE impeach the motherfucker and institutionalize him already? He’s clearly not fit to be in any office, including the ones at Drumpf Tower. And I’m seriously afraid for the safety of the entire world, what with his finger on the nuclear button and all.

Good night, and (please don’t let our whole entire planet) get fucked!

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Headline Howler: The truth inadvertently slips out

Finally, some honest reporting of what’s wrong with Donnie!

I’m sure you couldn’t think of a better Freudian slip if you tried, eh?

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FUX Snooze can’t report on Donnie’s “affair” with Stormy Daniels? WHY?

Gee, imagine that…FUX Snooze killing a grotty story about a political candidate paying hush money to cover up his affair with a woman whose JOB was humping with random yutzes for the benefit of the wankers of the world and their crapitalist overlords. You’d think such a story would be right up their alley, and you’d be right…IF it were someone with a D after their name. Or if it were an actual, bona-fide LEFTIST. Remember that woman, Ms. Lewinsky? They were all over that like the fly maggots on shit…which, to be frank, they are. And if this were any politician with a D after his name, they’d be dwelling in salacious detail on every bump and grind, and probably put screenshots of the porn actress’s fake O-face behind the breathless, fake-shocked anchors, too. They might even snicker at the “textbook generic” bit, and slyly insinuate that Democrats and/or socialists don’t know how to do the Deed, because FREEDUMB. Or some such.

But since it was Donnie, they hushed it all up. That’s hinky as hell, especially considering how they have all the time in the world for criticizing OUR pro-choice prime minister, even though he’s none of their damn business and ditto our total absence of anti-abortion laws.

Of course, it’s no secret that they’d be bending waaaayyyyy over backwards to protect Donnie and his nonexistent good name while slamming Justin Trudeau, who is by all accounts very happily married. They are shameless, hypocritical sleazeballs who slyly cater to the worst in men while expecting totally unreasonable standards of women. They’re constantly making noises about how “immoral” everybody else is while running a veritable rape room at the office. Just like Donnie.

So of course they’d suddenly get all puritanically silent about this pudgy, thrice-unsuccessfully-married old man, who’s infamous for grabbing random female crotches whether those crotches’ owners are interested in him doing so or not (and they’re mostly NOT). They’d be silent as the grave about him chasing a not-exactly-enthused Stormy Daniels around the room in his tighty-whities. And they’d gloss right over the icky incestuous Ivanka angle, too. Because they’re the US’s moral authority channel, don’tcha know? And because he’s just such a model of a modern moral monster.

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert wasn’t so shy…

…but then again, he’s a funnyman who isn’t being paid to kiss anyone’s ass (much less slip it the tongue or spank it with a copy of Forbes), so why would he NOT report on this?

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Gavin McInnes is obsessed with Michael Wolff’s sexual orientation, but why?

Correct me if I’m wrong here, folks, but doesn’t this bearded aging hipster dude sound like somebody with…you know, a wide stance?

Holy crap, Gavin…obsess much?

And funny how it’s always these arch-macho (supposedly) super-straight guys. Alex Fucking Jones is like this too. In fact, the entire far right spends more time obsessing over gay sex than any gay guy I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen plenty.

Y’know, now that I think about it, there’s something wrong with Gavin McInnes’s face, too. Namely, the mouth is moving and noises are coming out, and they have zero bearing on reality, but they all sound remarkably like a closet door creeeeeeaking, and at least a hundred skeletons in pink tutus dancing the Watusi in cha-cha heels right behind it.

Anyone THAT obsessed with proving how totally-not-gay he is would have to be what one of my fabulous friends calls an Unhappy Cocksucker. He’s seen his share of them. They’re all charter members of the Cult of Ultra-Masculinity. They haunt the gay bars like hungry ghosts. And they deny it even when you show them photographic proof. Remember George Rekers?

And yes, there IS something wrong with that. Especially if you’re propping that closet door shut with a wife and kids, as Gavvy-poo is doing. It’s not Teh Ghey…it’s the HYPOCRISY, stupid.

(And oh yeah, it’s the cowardly, cucky “we are not Alt-Right” fascism, too.)

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US far right tries to insert itself in Canadian politics, fails

Image courtesy North99.

If you thought that the whole “America First” attitude of Donnie & Co. would spell the end of US imperialism and interference in other countries’ affairs, you are sadly mistaken. Get a load of the effrontery of Wile E. Pickle and FUX Snooze as they stray faaaaar out of their lane. First a bit of backgrounder:

A former Trump White House adviser, several news organizations and the president’s favourite Fox News morning show have all dumped on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s explanation for why pro-life groups should be excluded from $220 million in federal jobs grants.

The prime minister’s suggestion that pro-life groups were out of line with Canadian society triggered criticism in the country next door — where abortion remains a subject of mainstream political debate and is a central issue in the struggle for control of the U.S. Supreme Court.

Okay, so far, no controversy there. I may not agree with the Trudizzle on everything, but he’s right about this. Since 1988, Canada has had no laws restricting abortion, and over three-quarters of Canadians are in agreement with that. A vocal minority, however, held sway in Ottawa during Stephen Fucking Harper’s reign of terror, and he was more than happy to throw taxpayer dollars at them by way of summer jobs spreading anti-choice crapaganda, which is often based on blatant, misogynous lies. A majority of Canadians were and still are NOT okay with this. And that’s why no federal job-grant money should be thrown at them. Withdrawing taxpayer dollars from them and allocating that cash where it will actually do some good would be wise.

But guess who’s just not into this much wisdom? Yup, none other than Wile E. Pickle, Suuuuuper Genius:

“This man is reprehensible,” tweeted former White House staffer Sebastian Gorka.

Oh, shut the fuck up and go back to Hungary, you impotent gherkin. And take your Nazi medal and your diploma-mill doctorate with you.

FUX Snooze, of course, also can’t handle the common sense worth a damn:

The latest controversy involves a new Canadian policy — when applying for federal grants for student jobs, organizations are now required to sign a form attesting that neither their core mission, nor the job being funded, opposes human rights, including reproductive rights.

Pro-life activists are suing the federal government over it.

The abortion controversy produced a segment Monday on the morning show Fox and Friends.

Host Brian Kilmeade said: “What message is he trying to send to us, maybe?” Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy added: “What happens in Canada often comes down to us. This is an effort to silence pro-lifers. … This is a sign of intolerance. If you have a pro-life view you’re not welcome to share it or else you’re kicked out of this program.”

Memo to FUX and Fiends: You’re allowed to hold whatever opinions on abortion you like here in Canada. Even the most Nazified white supremacist of a so-called “pro-lifer” is tolerated here, alas. You are not, however, entitled to a dime of taxpayer money to promote misogyny, lies, and antiscientific nonsense. See the difference?

As for what message this is sending, it’s simple: Canada is NOT a theocracy. Human rights come first here. Women’s rights are human rights. The right to abortion is every woman’s right, and no one else has the right to impede it in any way. That was decided by our Supreme Court in 1988, and that decision is settled. And your free speech stops where a woman’s right to control what goes on in her own body begins. Keep your rosaries off our ovaries. Capisce?

In other words: No one is being “silenced” here. Anti-choicers are simply being denied federal funding to make a cottage industry of their bullshit. If they want money so they can lie to us, they can damn well go raise their own. Leave our taxes alone.

And if you’re a US right winger, we’ll thank you kindly to fuck off, stay in your lane and out of our land, and keep your pious hypocritical fingers out of our politics AND our pussies.

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Fire and Fury: The unsexy but still shocking revelations

Host Gregory Wilpert and guest Doug Henwood discuss some of the more surprising (though less headline-making) aspects of Michael Wolff’s book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House. The big take-away here? The sheer extent to which Ol’ Donnie’s mindset is mired in the 1950s, which, like everything else Wolff reveals, isn’t so much hot news as a nauseating confirmation of what everyone suspected. But he really does think that doing away with every piece of regulation and legislation governing business since the 1950s — the alleged mid-century Golden Age — is going to “Make America Great Again”.

But as anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of economy and ecology knows, that’s bullshit. Big Coal is dead, Big Oil is dying, Big Steel is moribund too. The places that are hurting for jobs since those industries collapsed aren’t going to see them coming back, for the simple reason that once those resources are exhausted, there’s nothing to replace them. And the measures being taken to prolong the agony of those industries’ dying, such as fracking, are economically as well as ecologically disastrous. The cost, in all senses, is too high; just ask anyone who can no longer drink the groundwater because it’s poisoned with fracking chemicals. Or anyone trying to make a living farming on contaminated, frack-quake-ridden ground. The same places could have been converted into green-technology hotspots, but the foot-dragging of legislators, hobbled by industry lobbyists, has prevented that. What little help has come in, has not kept pace with the crumbling of the industrial base…or the infrastructure. People are leaving those once-prosperous industrial belts in droves, just as the Okies and Arkies did with their untenable farmlands during the Dust Bowl era of the 1930s. What’s left of those once-thriving towns is too small and poor to sustain itself.

So, no greatness is forthcoming in any sense of the world. What’s happening now is designed simply to line the pockets of the fattest old-industry cats with as much dinero as possible before it all goes to hell in a handbasket…and it will. In fact, Donnie seems determined to do away with not just Obama’s “Green New Deal”, but the actual FDR-era New Deal as well. To say his mind is mired in the 1950s may be understating it by a full century. In terms of what he’s trying to do for the barons of industry (whom he desperately wants to join but apparently can’t), he’s firmly mired in the 1850s. Yes, the slave era. Given the fact that he’s not at all averse to importing (temporary, always temporary) workers for Mar-a-Lago and his flailing wineries from what he himself calls “shithole countries”, it’s hard to imagine him wanting anything less than outright slavery. So he’s all for eroding the laws saying you can’t hold slaves, to the point where they become essentially meaningless. No enforcement, no oversight…in effect, no laws.

It’s no coincidence, either, that he’s busy slagging certain countries as “shitholes”; they are the banana republics of the 20th century, and the slave exporters of the slave era. The very places, in other words, that capitalism got its imperialist start at sucking wealth out of. With the exception of Haiti, which is still being punished and bad-mouthed, two hundred years after the fact, for daring to liberate itself in a gigantic slave revolt. Today’s Haitians are still being enslaved, but this time just for paltry wages, where previously it was for nothing at all. Patwa was lying when he said Haitians were being punished by God for a “pact with the devil”; they are, rather, being punished by US-based capitalism, which is no god but a devil unto itself.

The US would be well advised, however, to follow Haiti’s lead, and kill all of its own corporate-capitalist slavers now. Otherwise, the next two-hundred-year punishment will fall squarely on the people’s heads. Because capitalism, when taken to its logical extreme, doesn’t liberate anyone worth a tinker’s damn. It invariably ends in slavery, fascism, and death camps.

Ask Europe how that worked out for them if you don’t believe me.

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Music for a Sunday: And this song will fade out…

Time for some psychic New Year’s predictions! Take it away, Messrs. Mael:

Joke’s on you, folks, it hasn’t faded yet.

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