Quotable: Robert Ingersoll on religion

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Venezuela prepares to exit the OAS

Put the kettle on, honey, because you’re going to be needing hot tea when you hear this:

Yes, that’s right: Venezuela is planning to leave the Organization of American States! Aporrea has the story:

Venezuelan minister of exterior relations Delcy Rodríguez stated on Tuesday that she had received instructions from president Nicolás Maduro to start the process of removing Venezuela from the Organization of American States, upon hearing of a meeting set for this Wednesday which violates the institution’s norms.

“If there is any meeting of the foreign ministers of the OAS that does not have the support and consent of the government of Venezuela, I have received instructions from the chief of state, President Nicolás Maduro, to begin the proceedings of removing Venezuela from this organization,” said the foreign minister in a phone call with VTV.

The meeting in question brings together various countries of the bloc to once more violate the norms of the organization itself in directing acts of interference against Venezuela.

Translation mine.

So, that’s why Venezuela wants out.

And if you think that’s a drastic measure, may I remind you that the secretary-general of the OAS, Luis Almagro himself, has met with three putschist deserters from the Venezuelan armed forces? And that he is also meddling in Venezuela’s democratic process from his own bully pulpit?

The more I learn of the OAS’s crimes against a member state, the less I can blame Venezuela for wanting out.

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Stephen Colbert gets man-cubed

Thank the Gods that we have Stephen Colbert to follow the weird ins and outs of Alex Jones’s legal fights, so we don’t have to. And this time ’round, things get really messy, because a leading yogurt company has sued the right-wing tinfoil ranter for defamation:

We also learn that teenage Alex, if his boasts are anything to be believed (???), got into brawls with “full-grown men” and was already fucking “college girls”. The question is, what full-grown man would fight this snot-nosed punk? And what grown-ass woman would climb into bed with him?

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Cops Behaving Badly: An unholy alliance in Flint, Michigan

This is fucked up on so many levels:

They were arresting town-hall attendees in Flint. Not for rioting or anything close to it, but for cussing during a moment of emotional agitation, and for wearing hats in a church (but only if you were male; women were allowed to keep theirs on, which is kind of funny, because they weren’t arresting any bareheaded women, as church doctrine would actually require them to do if they were really so religious about it all).

Yes, that’s what it takes to be arrested in Flint: Wearing a hat in church, while male.

I don’t hear any men’s rightzers screaming about THIS, though. They’re right-wing as fuck, and of course they don’t give a shit about anything that happens to black folks in Michigan, or the poor or the disabled, as long as they get whatever the hell THEY want. Only progressives would care, because this isn’t actually about masculinity or the right to wear a hat in church (or the obligation to veil oneself, if female) — it’s about the right to clean, safe drinking water, which the good folks of Flint don’t have.

And it’s also about the right to speak freely in a democracy, which the good folks of Flint also apparently don’t have. Because if they did, their voices would be heard, regardless of whether or not they cussed while upset, or wore a hat in a church. The church and the state have conspired against the people.

And in a country that prides itself on freedom of speech, the right to peaceably assemble, and democracy, that’s ironic and terrifying as fuck.

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Bill O’Reilly, the opera?

Yes. Really. Really, really, really, really…

really spectacular boobs!

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The unbelievable megalomania of Donald J. Drumpf

A killer 3-minute rant by Farron Cousins underscores what we either already know or have long suspected about the Big Orange Asshole: That he’s not only unfit to run a pop stand, he’s also so far up his own anus that his eyeballs are looking out of his mouth. Problem is, they can’t see shit. They can’t see that his actual popularity rating is in the toilet, and the only creatures who care are the flies.

Flies may thrive on shit, but they’re insects. The humans, on the other hand, are holding their noses and fleeing in all directions. They’re probably scouting around for old Civil Defense bunkers from the Cold War surplus store. And who can blame them? I mean, just think: This guy has the nuclear football!

No, really. The nuclear football is in these fat, shrimp-fingered, orange hands:

If you could fish anything of sense out of that word soup, you’re a brighter person than I am. All I heard was a pathetic old man, possibly illiterate, probably demented, and indubitably fucking stupid, struggling to be heard above the roar of his own ego.

Or the clang of doom, which at this point could very well be the same thing.

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Venezuela seeks extradition of three fugitive soldiers from Colombia

Three Venezuelan soldiers, now wanted for desertion and attempting to overthrow the government, appear in a video in which they state their intentions. Story via Aporrea:

The government of Venezuela has called upon the government of Colombia to hand over three military members who deserted the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) and fled to Colombia in late March.

Venezuelan exterior relations minister Delcy Rodríguez announced on Saturday that on March 31 of this year, she made the formal request of her Colombian counterpart, María Ángela Holguín, as well as Colombian defence minister Luis Carlos Villegas.

Rodríguez announced that on Monday, April 10, the three militaries asked the Colombian government for political asylum, which does not apply for military members. Rodríguez added that such protection does not apply, either, for deserting soldiers who call openly for a coup d’état, as occurred in this case, when the soldiers called in a video for the toppling of constitutional president Nicolás Maduro.

“We demand that the Colombian authorities hand over these Venezuelan military deserters, and that they not give refuge or cover to military functionaries who are implicated in the coup d’état that they tried to launch against President Nicolás Maduro. In the name of better co-operation between our two countries, we demand that the military deserters be returned in the most expeditious manner,” Rodríguez said.

On April 19, the newspaper Últimas Noticias reported that the First Military Tribunal of Caracas had put out an order for the arrest of four uniformed members of the army, on suspicion of being involved “with conspiratory motives and the planning of terrorist actions”.

The paper also reported that there are three more army lieutenants, as yet uncaptured, who travelled to Colombia in late March to meet with Luis Almagro, secretary-general of the OAS. They were identified as José Alejandro Méndez, Ángel Mogollón, and Alfredo Rodríguez Contreras. These three appeared in a video on social networks, in which they said they did not recognize Nicolás Maduro as their president.

Translation mine.

You may recall a blog entry I wrote last week, in which I called out the hypocrisies of Luis Almagro as secretary-general of the Organization of American States. Now I’m going to add to it that he is not only a hypocrite and a bullshitter, but a putschist as well. He has actively met with and given support to these terrorists in their attempt at treason. Venezuela is currently still under siege by violent opposition “protesters” who are protesting nothing…except the fact that their country is still a progressive democracy. And Almagro, in favoring these putschists, is showing that he cares nothing for democracy at all, but on the contrary, has no problem whatsoever with military coups. Or with military members calling for coups…and then fucking off out of the country when it becomes apparent that their little putsch is going futsch, as have so many others in Venezuela since the first big one in 2002.

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What is going on in Flint, Michigan?

The Young Turks are on it, and none of the major media are anywhere in sight:

Did you know that there’s now a water protector camp in Flint, protesting the profiteers who are trying to frack the fuck out of Flint? Well, now you do. And now you know that fracking, not just the polluted Flint River, is the issue here. And that fracking is not a euphemism, but an obscenity. And the degree of corporate obscenity in the poisoning of the people of Flint is fucking MASSIVE.

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Music for a Sunday: SCIENCE!

In light of yesterday’s massive marches against Drumpf (and for science), I hereby present:

“Good heavens, Ms. Sakamoto” — no, wait, she’s not there. But Buzz Aldrin is!

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Stupid Sex Tricks: Bummer jeans for the bourgeoisie

Yes, those are jeans that unzip all down the crotch, from front of waist to back. And all down the legs, as well. They’re hideous, they’re hideously overpriced, they go from borderline obscene to actually obscene with just the pull of a zipper…and they’re apparently selling like hotcakes to the rich and clueless. Because there’s literally no bummer too big, or too pricey, for those with more money than brains.

What I want to know is, where can I get a pair of jeans that (a) look like nice, new, unfucked-with jeans, (b) fit me properly, and (c) don’t cost anywhere near $2,000?

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