Music for a Sunday: SCIENCE!

In light of yesterday’s massive marches against Drumpf (and for science), I hereby present:

“Good heavens, Ms. Sakamoto” — no, wait, she’s not there. But Buzz Aldrin is!

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Stupid Sex Tricks: Bummer jeans for the bourgeoisie

Yes, those are jeans that unzip all down the crotch, from front of waist to back. And all down the legs, as well. They’re hideous, they’re hideously overpriced, they go from borderline obscene to actually obscene with just the pull of a zipper…and they’re apparently selling like hotcakes to the rich and clueless. Because there’s literally no bummer too big, or too pricey, for those with more money than brains.

What I want to know is, where can I get a pair of jeans that (a) look like nice, new, unfucked-with jeans, (b) fit me properly, and (c) don’t cost anywhere near $2,000?

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Happy Earth Day to you…

…and a giant FUCK YOU to the White House’s Squatter-in-Chief, who’s now 100 days into his reign of terror, error, and destruction:

Are we feeling “Great Again” yet?

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Wankers of the Week: The Mother of All Bozos


Crappy weekend, everyone! And a very crappy one to Donald Fucking Drumpf, who, against all odds, has just passed the hundred-day mark of his farcical presiduncy. And accomplished literally NOTHING he promised to do, although he certainly did stage one helluva big distraction with his MOAB in Afghanistan. Insane expense just to kill three dozen people? Mother of all Bozos, that’s our Donnie. And here are the rest of this week’s bozos, in no particular order:

1. Nigel Fucking Farage. Yes, HIM again. And this week, it’s his blaming the Borussia bus bombing on the Usual Suspects, i.e. MUSLIMS. When, in fact, it was the guys who should have been the Usual Suspects, i.e. NAZIS. You know, those white guys who think a lot like Nigel Fucking Farage!

2. Geraldo Fucking Rivera. Not content to merely jizz his pants on FUX Snooze over the MOAB-ing of Afghanistan, good ol’ Jerry Rivers decided to compound the wank by lashing out at John Oliver for skewering him. Oh, the sting of a top comedian having to do a battle of wits with an unarmed man!

3. Tiffany Fucking Drumpf. Yes, that’s right, El Donaldo Drumpfo’s lesser-known (and everyone says lesser-loved) daughter made the list this week. How? By praying. And by actually getting an answer from God…although I’m sure it was NOT the kind she had in mind.


4. Nikki Fucking Haley. Very good, Nikki, you noticed that they’re persecuting LGBT people in Chechnya! Now, what are you and your bossman going to do about all the LGBT people being persecuted (by state governors like yourself, among others) in the good ol’ US of Amnesia?

5. Frank Fucking Artiles. Apparently, the n-word (and various other racist and sexist slurs) is A-okay with him, even though he’s neither black nor a woman. Stay KKKlassy, Repugnicans of Miami.

6. Candice Fucking Jackson. Once more, with feeling: “REVERSE RACISM” IS NOT A FUCKING THING. Extra-help sections for minority students do not constitute “anti-white discrimination”, you fucking idiot blob of mayonnaise.


7. Matthew Fucking Heimbach. Whatever happened to Personal Responsibility? Oh, that. It flew out the window when white supremacists discovered they could just say “The devil made me do it” — and by the devil, they mean Donnie Drumpf.

8. Theodore Fucking Beale. And speaking of white supremacists, surprise! They’re not REALLY just trying to live a normal life, unmolested by all those criminal, violent Others. They’re all secretly (or not so secretly) pulling their puds (with tweezers) at the prospect of breaking some Other heads. And while they’re waiting for their chance to do it, they’re churning out prose that’s as turgid as their paunch-hidden micropenes.

9. Eric Fucking Drumpf. Waaaaa, why is everybody so mean to Daddy? Because Daddy is a boor and a bully, sonnyboy. And because he has one helluva spanking coming after 70+ years of being nothing but a spoiled, poopy-bum diaper baby. Now be off before somebody spanks YOU, too.


10. Benjamin Fucking Slade. Ladies! Do you want to marry a British baronet? Well, then, look no further…unless you’re trying to avoid a grotty old sexist poop who’s only looking for a young, impressionable, dirt-dumb breeder. In which case, hold out for a Percy Blakeney, because this old guy’s no prize. Much less a Scarlet Pimpernel.

11. Mike Fucking Pence. “Hey Kim Jong-un, an aircraft carrier is headed your way to blow you to King Dumb Come!” Good thing Kim didn’t fall for this one, because it was a psych. And a totally moronic one, too. PS: Macho Man act ain’t foolin’ no one. Dude, the whole world knows that you’re into some creepy fundamentalist version of #MasculinitySoFragile. Give it up!

12. Richard Fucking Spencer. Pro tip: If you want to appeal to potential “alt-right” suckers in the Deep South, don’t do it by dissing football…and especially don’t do it by dissing their team. No, not even “only” its black players! Otherwise, you just might get chased off a campus with your tail between your legs again, and that would be even more embarrassing than getting sucker-punched by an anarchist (and having your dumb, fashy haircut messed up in the process, not to mention being caught on camera looking like you’re gonna cry, ha ha).


13. Rick Fucking Perry. Are clean energy sources killing coal and nuclear, asks ex-gubnor Crotch Goodhair? Yes. Yes they are. And it’s a demise that’s long past overdue.

14. Andrew Fucking Anglin. Oh look, an antifascist got punched in Berkeley by a Nazi! Don’t crow, Nazi-nebbish…she was only 5’1” and 95 pounds soaking wet, and yet she still came out looking better for wear than your buddy, #12, did when one of the skinny antifa boys punched HIM. And wow, what big strong bullies you all are, picking on a tiny woman instead of someone your own size…like a fucking MAN. Yeah, I’m sure that’s gonna send all the weak, flimsy feeeemales running to your big, strong bully-arms begging for protection against thugs…except, alas, you guys ARE the thugs, and we’re all learning how to protect ourselves from YOU, so that we never become part of your dumb little teenage breeding stock.

15. Theresa Fucking May. She was never actually elected to be Prime Minister, and now that her beloved, precious Brexit is in trouble, she’s looking to change all that by calling a snap election and presumably consolidate her power. Never mind that the odds are good, given the current British political climate, that it could snap right back to hit her in the face.


16. Neil Fucking Gorsuch. Well, that went well…ramming his confirmation through in record time with the help of the “nuclear option”, I mean. Because it came just in time for Fascism Forever Boy to get pwned on his very first day on the SCOTUS…by a Jewish woman.

17. Doug Fucking Mortimer. Who? Oh, just some widdle menzer, writing at A Voice For (Only Some) Men, all butthurt that 7-Eleven is actively looking for female franchisees to award a franchise to for free, instead of just being an institutionally sexist “meritocracy” because PENIS. So he decided to make poopy all over the internet over the “injustice” of it all. Never mind that the call went out because the chain has a franchisee gender imbalance that it hopes to correct. No, it shouldn’t be corrected, because PENIS, BITCHEZ!

18. Mike Fucking Cernovich. Dude, you’re not being assaulted. You’re bumping into people because you’re too busy taking video selfies to watch where the fuck you’re going. Also, you don’t have “Gorilla Mindset”…you’re just a big fuckin’ wimp on steroids, like all the other fashboys.


19. Kellyanne Fucking Conway. Yeah, keep telling yourself that all the people laughing at you and your “alternative facts” are just “unhappy”, honey. That way, you’ll never have to go to the trouble of actually acquiring some fucking self-awareness!

20. Roger Fucking Stone. Little wonder Drumpf liked (and hired) Tricky Dick and Dubya’s old ratfucker-in-chief. They’re two gassy old fucking peas in a pod when it comes to harassing women and the media. Now, if only Twitter would suspend Drumpf as well!

21. Kendal Fucking Emery. I had literally no idea that Nazi Furries were even a thing, but apparently they are. And now their little shindig has been cancelled. Bow wow wow boo fucking hoo!


22. Sarah Fucking Palin. And speaking of oddly-dressed fascist doggie-doodles, Gubnor Quitbull showed up at the Shite House with Ted Fucking Nugent and Kid Rock (who???) in tow. And wearing what used to be a lovely crocheted pineapple tablecloth, too.

23. Kim Fucking Kardashian. No, you are NOT an avatar of the Virgin Mary. You’re some famous-for-nothing nobody who only got her name out there because of a sex tape. Now take your face off that candle and go back to obscurity whereyou belong.

24. Tomi Fucking Lahren. Well, well. Seems there’s a lot more to the White Grievance Cheerleader other than that she’s secretly pro-choice (which in itself was surprising, seeing how often she slammed “baby-killers” on her show). Turns out she’s a real diva who also likes heated butt-pads…so much so that she demanded that her office staffers warm them up for her.


25. Ann Fucking Coulter. Meanwhile, speaking of blond divas who are also white-grievance cheerleaders, how about her? She’s so rabid about her Freeze Peach that she’s coming to freeze peaches at Berkeley…even though they’ve vocally said no, no, FUCKING HELL NO to the Coultergeist. Guess some speech is just more “free” than others, eh?

26. Owen Fucking Labrie. Guess who just got denied a new trial in the hopes of clearing his not-so-good name? Yup…THIS GUY. You know, Little Mr. Senior Salute? The guy who thought date rape was just a lovely little private-school tradition?

27. Jeff Fucking Sessions. Actually, Jeffy-poo, Hawaii isn’t just “an island in the Pacific”; it’s a whole chain of them. And it’s also the 50th US state. It’s kind of appalling that a so-called attorney general doesn’t know that — but then again, this one got picked for his racism, not his brains, so how COULD we have expected him to? PS: And he doubles down on the dumbth. Stay KKKlassy, Jeffy!


28. Alex Fucking Jones. I’m sorry, but hearing the master of irresponsibility and disrespect chiding the media to be “respectful and responsible” in reporting that he strips to his undies in family counselling and rants about the “male virility” snake-oil he peddles on his stank-ass show just imploded my irony meter. I need to get my hands on a new one, and for that, I may have to get my hands on some of that snake-oil moolah that he rants about while stripping to his underoos in family counselling sessions. Did I mention that he strips to his underoos while ranting about his virility gunk in family counselling sessions?

29. Michael Fucking Reagan. Sue a woman just because you got a little horny? Dude, PLEASE. You don’t need a lawyer, you need five minutes in the bathroom with a bottle of Jergens to remedy that, and then you’ll forget all about her. And if you’re going to go babbling bullshit about low-cut tops, you should realize that the women on FUX Snooze were all ORDERED to wear those. And skirts that show a lot of leg. There were literally no pants in their wardrobes, you fucking idiot.

30. Paul Fucking Golding. Hey, stupid — MUSLIMS DON’T CELEBRATE TERRORISM. They celebrate, oddly enough, the same things you celebrate, like their cricket teams winning. Which was, incidentally, the real source of those celebrating Muslims you smeared. I guess an apology is out of the question, though, huh?


And finally, to the fucking fuckheads at FUX Snooze. I’d ask why it took them so goddamn long to fire Bill O’Fucking Reilly, but I have a fair idea as to why. And the reason is that sexual harassment and abuse were just built right into the corporate culture, from Roger Fucking “Jabba the Hutt” Ailes on down. I doubt anything’s going to be much improved by the advent of Tucker Fucking Carlson in Billo’s seat, though; he’s just more of the same old same old, only he’s a bit younger. Ah well. Enjoy your early retirement, Billo. You won’t be missed here.

Good night, and get fucked!

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Adidas stumbles at the Boston Marathon

Want to know how NOT to pay your respects to the victims of terrorism? It’s simple: CASH IN ON THEIR SUFFERING WITH ADS.

Unfortunately, Adidas didn’t get that memo:


There are so many better things they could have done. Like paying tribute to Kathrine Switzer on the 50th anniversary of her breaking the marathon’s gender barrier, for example. But they didn’t. Flippant tweets that could easily be taken the wrong way are just cheaper and easier, I guess.

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The bullshit hypocrisy of Luis Almagro

Oh joy, oh bliss, oh yay. Once more, a brave lone voice of democracy has spoken out against a country creeping ever so slowly yet steadily toward dictatorship. No, he’s not talking about the recent power-grab of Sultan Erdogan in Turkey (although he probably should). Nor is he talking about the blatant corruption, nepotism, and general mockery of democratic institutions in the US of Amnesia (although he most definitely should, as it’s in the purview of his organization). No, the secretary-general of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, has decided to take yet another swipe at a country that’s in nowhere near as dire shape, democratically speaking, as Turkey or the US. A country that is a permanent Usual Suspect. Yes, folks, he’s babbling again about Venezuela:

On Wednesday, the secretary-general of the OAS, Luis Almagro, lamented during a forum in Miami that a failed democracy has brought Venezuela to a complete dictatorship, and warned that it is a harbinger of inequality in the region.

“Venezuela is a democracy that has deteriorated into a complete dictatorship. There are no rules, there is no control of power,” Almagro stated while inaugurating the World Strategic Forum, which will bring together representatives of the public and private sectors of all countries of the world for two days.

Almagro, who was not referring to the marches that took place on April 19 in the capital of Venezuela, of oppositionists and government supporters alike, claimed that Venezuelan citizens are unprotected.

“There is total impunity which threatens the survival of the citizens,” he said.

Almagro said that the OAS is advancing in the application of its Democratic Charter to Venezuela to restore democracy and pull it out of crisis.

“Citizens lack their basic rights, the economy is in freefall, there is no food, no access to medicines or medical attention,t he most basic elements of security have been lost,” Almagro lamented.

Almagro also said that democracy is a process, not an end, and that it must not be eroded as has occurred in Venezuela.

“Venezuela, which should be one of the most prosperous countries of the region, shows us the cost of a failed democracy, the price of exclusion, polarization, of a failed government.”

Translation mine.

Well. Let’s give Señor Almagro credit for getting a couple of basic no-brainers right. Namely: No shit that democracy is a process, not an end in itself. And no shit that it shouldn’t be eroded!

But that’s where his factuality ends. The rest of it is all lies.

Venezuelan democracy isn’t eroded. And the Bolivarian government of Nicolás Maduro, despite four years under siege from domestic and foreign collusion against it, has NOT failed. The people voted for Madurito, and their trust in him hasn’t waned. In fact, support for the PSUV and other Chavista parties is growing. All the democratic institutions of Venezuela are still in place and still functioning, despite opposition attempts to shut them down (through firebombing, among other illicit measures). And when an authority steps out of line, as was the case with two police officers who killed an opposition demonstrator recently, know what happens? They get indicted, just as they should in a properly functioning democracy!

Meanwhile, if anyone in Venezuela is not playing by the rules, it’s the opposition. They’re even tweeting out farcical, anti-democratic hashtags like #ElectionsNoLibertyYes. (Remind you of anyone? Such as, say, a certain orange dictator in Washington, who tweets #MAGA petulantly from his gold-plated bathroom throne in lieu of, you know, ACTUALLY GOVERNING?)

The reason they don’t give a shit for elections — a democratic mainstay — is because they don’t WANT democracy, they just want power. Even though they already had it for 40 years, and fucked it up at every turn while the US turned a blind eye. And if they can’t get it back legitimately, they’ll stop at nothing to get it illegitimately…even murder. And again, the US will turn a blind eye to all that, and instead point out how impoverished Venezuela has become…crossing fingers behind its back that YOU, dear reader, will not realize that the poverty is due to hoarding, robbery, and an unofficial economic blockade that’s Made in USA.

But the majority of Venezuelans didn’t vote for the eternally fascist, eternally putschist opposition, just as a majority of US-Americans didn’t vote for that jumped-up fascist putschist Drumpf. That’s worth taking into consideration, even though Señor Almagro glossed over all that. (And I’m pretty sure a majority of Turks aren’t enamored of Drumpf’s buddy, Sultan Erdogan, and his latest power grab, either.)

But never mind all that! Venezuela must be “democratized”, and we all know what that means. Another war for oil, natch! And it will be led by the United States of Amnesia…the most hypocritical fake democracy in the world. And Luis Almagro will probably be jizzing his overpriced pants at the democracy of it all.

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Shingles vaccine: More harm than help?

Now, I’m no antivaxxer as a general rule. In fact, I’m very PRO-vaccine. And as I’m coming up on 50, and have had chickenpox as a kid (at age 11), I’ve been thinking about getting an anti-shingles vaccine at my next doctor’s appointment (the vaccine is intended for adults over 50; here in Ontario, you can get it for free if you’re 65-70 years old). But now I’m thinking twice about getting it at all, because this news is worrisome:

Zostavax is a live-virus vaccine, and therein lies the danger associated with it. Killed-virus vaccines are generally safer; they teach the immune system to recognize a disease-causing virus by its outer coating, so that the body clears it up before it ever has a chance to take root and cause illness. Killed-virus vaccines use only dead viruses, so there is virtually no risk of illness from getting one (unless the virus is improperly killed, as in the Cutter incident during the early days of production of the Salk polio vaccine, which resulted in an outbreak of the disease the vaccine was designed to combat). However, because the virus cannot replicate, and the immune system may lose the ability to recognize them over time, killed-virus vaccines require boosters to keep the patient immnunized.

Whenever possible, live-virus vaccines are used, because their effects last longer, meaning fewer or no boosters are required. Such is the case with vaccines against the Varicella-Zoster virus, which causes both chickenpox and shingles. The virus has to be weakened (attenuated), rather than killed, for the vaccine to be able to work. When done properly, this might result in a very mild illness following injection, or none at all (usually, none). Some patients with compromised immune systems are unable to receive such vaccines at all, so herd immunity is important in order to protect them. (Get your shots, healthy people — and keep your boosters up to date, too!)

The danger with using attenuated virus vaccines is that the virus used can revert to virulence unexpectedly after generations of relative weakness in human hosts. When that happens, you get full-blown cases of the very illness the vaccine was meant to prevent. That appears to have happened with Zostavax. In one recent case, the vaccine caused death, and that was enough for Australian health authorities to put out a warning on it. Meanwhile, in Pennsylvania, a court case was tossed out on statute-of-limitations grounds.

So what does this mean for regular folks? Well, for those who’ve had the vaccine and suffered no harm, no need to do anything; you’re in the clear. Those who haven’t had it yet? Wait and see, and before you decide to get one, talk with your doctor. Maybe a safer version will come out; maybe the batch that caused the trouble will be recalled and disposed of in the meantime, and future batches will be safe.

I know one thing that won’t be on my to-do list for my next medical visit, though.

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Alex Jones is fake news, says his lawyer

Oh, oh. Looks like the world’s messiest conspiracy weirdo is also embroiled in the messiest-ever child-custody battle with his former wife. And in the midst of it all, some surprising things came out, at least from the mouth of his lawyer:

Just look at all those “excuse me”s and the ragey shit that immediately precedes them, and then think, folks: HE TALKS LIKE THIS IN FRONT OF HIS OWN KIDS. “Performance art” or no, that’s some creepy shit right there. Either way, I don’t think he should have custody of the kids. If that’s real, he’s deranged; if that’s fake, he’s a liar. Either way, those kids are gonna get severely messed up with prolonged exposure to his crap.

And I don’t wish that upon ANYBODY.

PS: Looks like Stephen Colbert got hold of an even MORE demented clip of Alex in action. And I’d say his assessment of what it all means is…dead on:

(You may want to skip to a bit past the one-minute mark.)

UPDATE: Alex has responded, and I think it’s safe to say he won’t be seeing his kids anytime soon. Especially since there’s also videotape of him stripping drunkenly during a family-counselling session!

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Who bombed the Borussia bus?

So far, no perpetrators have been arrested in connection to the April 12 bombing of the bus belonging to a big-league German soccer team, Borussia Dortmund. It’s clearly a terrorist incident. But one “usual suspect” terror group could be ruled out because of the pattern it doesn’t fit, say German experts:

The early suspicions of investigators seem to be confirmed in that three identical messages, which were found at the scene of the crime after the bomb attacks on the team bus of Borussia Dortmund, could not be clearly identified with a single extremist tendency. An expert in Islamic studies came to the conclusion that there are “considerable doubts that the letters were written by radical Islamists”. The author(s) of the identically-worded messages apparently only wanted to give the impression that the act came from an islamistic background. They may have claimed to be acting in the name of Allah, but much of the text was allegedly atypical of the so-called Islamic State (IS) terror militia.

This assessment is based on the written characteristics of the letters as well as the demands therein. The authors had threatened, among other things, that athletes would “immediately” go onto a death list, if for example the Rammstein Air Base were not closed down. “IS doesn’t bargain,” said a federal security agent from Düsseldorf with regard to this point. Also, no letters claiming responsibility have been found, to date, at the scenes of any Islamist attacks. The letters found in Dortmund altogether lacked the symbols of IS.

Nordrhein-Westfalian security experts, independent of this expertise, drew an early conclusion that someone whose first language was German had written the letters. The unknown person had, however, built in some errors in order to make it look as though a foreigner had written them. Why? There are still several inconsistencies.

Investigators from the federal prosecutor’s office are checking the incident in all directions and don’t want to narrow down the leads through any early conclusions. Right- and left-leaning extremists, as well as Islamists and common criminals, are all being investigated. Also not ruled out: that the criminals are violent soccer fans, said NRW interior minister Ralf Jäger on Thursday during a session of the Düsseldorf regional parliament.

So far, there has been no spectacular arrest in the Dortmund case. This even though a 26-year-old Iraqi refugee, who had been living in Wuppertal since 2016, was taken into custody one day after the April 12 attack. But the investigations had “until now produced no evidence for” him being involved in the attack, said the state attorney’s office. The man has long been suspected of cultivating contact with IS members. To that end, the investigators released a telephone call that had been intercepted a few days before the crime. In it, an unknown person had told the 26-year-old that the explosive charge was ready.

What the unknown person meant by that is unclear. Presumably it has nothing to do with the attack in Dortmund. However, the investigative judge took out an arrest warrant against the Iraqi on suspicion of membership in a foreign terroristic group. He allegedly joined IS in Iraq in 2014 at the latest, and directed a terror cell. Reports from foreign secret agencies, statements from his former wife, as well as an administrative report from the BND, place heavy suspicion on the man.

There are many diverse directions [to follow in] the Dortmund attack. Whether there is a promising lead among them or not remains unclear. The explosive charges, in any case, were professionally constructed. They had a blast radius of more than a hundred metres, and were filled with shrapnel. One of the many pieces of shrapnel buried itself in the headrest of one of the bus seats. Criminal investigations into the explosive material were still incomplete on Friday.

In contrast with early findings in this investigation, there is an older case, which took place 32 years ago in Dortmund. A bomb went off in a local department store in March of 1985, severely injuring eight people. Politicians and tabloid media immediately blamed the crime on the [most feared] terror gang of the time, the Red Army Faction (RAF). Dissenting opinions, such as that of Hamburg security chief Christian Lochte, suggesting it could have also been neo-Nazis or apolitical teenage hooligans, were at first dismissed.

Then it came out that a 20-year-old apprentice of a right-wing background had built the pipe bomb himself and hidden it in the department store. He wanted to “experience panic” and see “how people react when it really goes off”. He was sentenced to five years in a young-offender facility. The police came onto his trail through the testimony of a friend of his.

Translation mine.

So, not Daesh, because as experts affirm, “they don’t bargain”. Who then?

Well, as the closing paragraphs hint, it could be a common hooligan, or a band of them. And neo-Nazis — an ever-underestimated, yet highly prevalent scourge in Germany — shouldn’t be ruled out, either. Even though the fashion in media seems to be to blame foreigners and the left. You’d think that after over 32 years, they’d have learned their lesson there, no?

Well, NO. But that’s okay, because a right-wing entity has come forward to claim responsibility anyway, after a couple of predictable, transparent head-fakes designed to stir up public opinion against…well, the usual suspects:

The federal criminal agency (BKA) has received an e-mail admitting guilt in the attack on the Borussia team bus in Dortmund for the supposed act of a far-right copycatter. A “personal identification of the originator of the text” of the letter taking responsibility found at the scene could be “ruled out”, according to a BKA analysis of the e-mail, which arrived on Thursday night at the Tagesspiegel office.

The e-mail’s author refers to Adolf Hitler, rails against “Multi Kulti”, and threatens a further attack for April 22 in Köln. The “text originator” suggests “a connection, be it only of ideological nature, to the ‘National Socialist Underground’ (NSU),” writes the BKA.

In the e-mail, it reads “The Underground is back.” However, the BKA considers the danger of an attack in Köln upon demonstrators against the [far-right] AFD party convention to be minimal. The e-mail will still be considered as part of an “assessment of danger”, says the BKA statement.

Translation, again, mine.

No word on the name(s) of the sender(s) of this message. But if nothing else, it points up the stupidity of jumping to any too-easy conclusions about terrorism in Germany…and who’s really perpetrating the bulk of it. The NSU, for instance, has flown under the radar for years, even as terror attacks against Muslim immigrants and refugees have increased (and far outstripped any crimes committed by said immigrants and refugees). It should be blindingly obvious that even now, nearly a hundred years after the original Nazi gangsters terrorized the land, the far-right continues to be Germany’s biggest source of terrorism. The initial urge to blame either Islamists, leftists, or both, however, plays right into those same old hands.

As usual, “Cui bono” is the question to ask. And it is the question the media keep failing to ask, even if the investigators do ask it.

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Music for a Sunday: And we’re all too scared to stop…

Sometimes I think they’re madder than hell just having tea…

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