Wankers of the Week: The stupid season begins


Crappy weekend, everyone! And an especially crappy one to Donnie, whose growing legal woes are going to be even more painful to watch than his ass in tennis shorts. Know what isn’t painful, but ought to be? Teh Stoopid. And here’s who was so full of it this week that they ought to be doubled over in agony for the rest of their sorry lives, in no particular order:

1. Steve Fucking Scalise. Never mind that a gay black woman saved his worthless life. No, this guy still endorses the homophobic bigot in the Georgia special election! You know, the one who doesn’t believe in living wages? Suddenly, I’m not sorry he was shot.

2. Kayla Fucking Hart. Bawwww. Special Snowflake doesn’t like having her own bigotry thrown back at her. My heart, it bleedeth…NOT.

3. Steve Fucking Bannon. He called Sean Spicer fat? Uh, Ginblossoms…have you looked in a mirror lately? Because if you did, you’d see a pot that looks remarkably like a kettle!


4. Richard Fucking Gear Fucking Evans. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how nasty he is. And because he’s the son of the guy who rented that terrorist in London the van he rammed into the crowd of Muslims gathered at the Finsbury Park Mosque. He, of all people, should know enough to keep his mouth shut and not make the old man look worse!

5. Jeff Fucking Sessions. Racist attorney general has to hire a lawyer, so he hires a racist that defended a racist “Christian” school that banned interracial dating. Could he possibly be more in character? Oh, only if he donned his hooded sheet and burned a cross on the courthouse lawn.

6. Caitlyn Fucking Jenner. She thinks liberals can’t shoot straight? Big words coming from someone who can’t drive straight.


7. Erick Fucking Erickson. Hey, stoopid…you do realize that while you’re so busy pointing the finger at the left, three more fingers are pointing right back at you…right?

8. Megyn Fucking Kelly. Oh dear. It’s not going at all well for Me-Me-MEgyn, is it? She thought she’d inject a little fake-news right-wing sensationalism (like she did at FUX Snooze) into regular news programming, and it all leapt up and bit her on the ass. Do you suppose she’ll learn from this? Or will she go on being a bullhorn for blowhards?

9. Shlomo Fucking Mlmad. In case any of you were wondering what Israel’s agenda for Palestine is, let him spell it out for you: He’s tired of trying to starve the Palestinians out, and is now trying to POISON them out. And yes, he’s trying to do it by poisoning the wells of the West Bank. I’m sure he’ll even find a scripture that says it’s okay, just as another of his ilk said it was okay for the IDF to rape “enemy” women.


10. Rick Fucking Perry. Riddle me this: How the hell does a minister for energy get off being a climate-change denier? Answer: Donnie Dumbfuck appointed him. How else?

11. Kellyanne Fucking Conway. Go ahead and gloat on the tweeter like your brainless boss, you fucking ghoul. But the midterm elections are now just a little over a year away, and your side is gonna get creamed when anger at Dumb Donnie finally hits critical mass. As it is, you’re passing no actual laws, and Obamacare is still in place. Who should be gloating? Not you, that’s for damn sure. You have nothing to boast about.

12. Kellie Fucking Leitch. Sit down and shut up about the eeeeevil Syrians, woman. Your own party rejected you as a leadership candidate based on that. Can’t you take a hint?


13. Alex Fucking Jones. The Commies are coming! The Commies are coming! Actually, they’re already here. They have been for decades, and they’ve been absolutely no threat. This professional liar, on the other hand, would wreck your sanity if you let him. He’s already trashed his own.

14. Sean Fucking Spicer. And speaking of professional liars, how about him? He claims the major media want to become “snarky YouTube stars”. Is that a hint as to what your next gig will be, Spicey?

15. Rudy Fucking Giuliani. Meanwhile, in the land of washed-up ex-mayors, we have another professional liar. And he’s actively promoting overt racism. Could he possibly embarrass himself any harder?


16. Tom Fucking Cotton. Uh, dude? You might want to vet your future interns better. I guess it’s asking too much to say you too should resign, huh?

17. Pauline Fucking Hanson. Newsflash: Kids with autism often CAN integrate into a classroom full of neurotypicals. And perform just as well, if not better. Segregating them out is practically dooming them to fail, and it’s also dooming the other kids to be fearful, ignorant and segregationist…like YOU.

18. Jeffrey Fucking Dillon. Oh gee, what a shame that you live in progressive ol’ Left Coast California and not one of those states with the mow-‘em-down laws, eh? And what a shame that you tried to pull your little White Privilege Club stunt in San Francisco…a city with a long and loud tradition of leftist protest, and where even the cops have zero patience for far-right shit. But you’re totally not racist, even though you called your mail-order bride a “slant eye import”! Little wonder no white woman would have you, not even a racist one.


19. Sarah Fucking Palin. Oh, how the mighty have fallen…oh, wait. You’re the half-term governor, Quitbull of Alaska.You hang out with pants-shitting, kid-diddling draft dodgers who wet themselves all over again when they see what their rhetoric has begotten. Of course you’d sink to this level. You were never far above it anyhow! (Also, you’re an incredibly shitty writer!)

20. James Fucking Sears. And speaking of incredibly shitty writers: Look, you guys! Dimitri the Hater is getting sued again! And this time, it’s for stochastic terrorism against someone who’s gone toe to toe with him in court before. Here’s a broad hint for all you skeevy racists and other assorted scumbags out there: Do not, EVER, even obliquely, express the wish that someone would kill your enemies. Because it’s still you who will be going to jail for it…or losing a bundle in legal fees trying to stay out of there.

21. Marc Fucking Emery. “If you’ve got a dick, you’re not a woman. Period.”? Well, by that token: If you are a dick, you’re not a man…OR a woman. You’re a wanker. Period.


22. Rick Fucking Wiles. Suddenly, Russia isn’t the Evil Empire anymore. What changed? Well, certainly not the Religious Reich; it’s as incomprehensibly fucked-up and devil-happy as ever. But now it’s taken to burning the flag, probably because there’s been a black man in the White House for the last eight years, and somebody’s got to exorcise the place somehow!

23. Bill Fucking Cosby. Fresh off the hook for drugging and rape, and what is he planning on doing with the rest of his life, such as it is? Why, more speaking at colleges…about what a great aphrodisiac Quaaludes are, no doubt. Isn’t that kind of a violation of their date-rape-prevention measures? Special (dis)credit to ol’ Bill’s publicists, Andrew Fucking Wyatt and Ebonee Fucking Benson, for heaping the insults on top of the injuries!

24. Nikki Fucking Samuel. Oh surprise! Our white-grievance Mom of the Year, who was caught demanding a white doctor for her kid at a walk-in clinic, has a non-white partner…and her son is not so white, either! If it weren’t so commonplace, this kind of hypocrisy would be gob-smacking. The real question is, what makes HER such a special snowflake?


25. Anthony Fucking Furey. No, we do NOT owe Kellie Fucking Leitch an apology. She owes us. And so do you, for writing this drivel in defence of her dog-whistling racism (and pretending you didn’t hear what we all know you damn well DID).

26. Don Fucking Rae. Wow. Racist much? Sexist much? Trans- and homophobe much? Unfunny sense of humor much? And just think, people…this guy is the president of an oil-field drilling company. Let it never be said that the scum doesn’t rise. In the oil patch, it goes straight to the top!

27. Brian Fucking Pallister. A “reconciliation” tour where he doesn’t actually meet with any indigenous people to, you know, RECONCILE? But he always has time for Tory fundraisers. Priorities!


28. Silvio Fucking Berlusconi. What does Da Berluscoglioni like about Donnie Drumpf? What else: His trophy wife. Probably wants to invite her to one of his bunga-bunga parties, too.

29. Brooke Fucking Goldstein. Shorter: “Palestinians don’t exist, and I say we wipe them off the map!” Yeah…she seems nice.

30. Kevin Fucking Johnston. What the fuck was the self-styled “Talkmaster” doing outside a Peel Region school? Calling Muslim schoolkids “rapists”, causing a public nuisance, and getting away with it…oh sorry, “exercizing his right to Freeze Peach”. Sign the petition and share widely, folks.


And finally, to all the fucking paid protesters of the far right who disrupted a free performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. For people who are so hellbent on saving Western Civilization™ from the “barbarians” (note the quotes, there for a reason), you sure are a cultureless bunch of brain-dead baboons. But we see you, and now that we know what you’re about, nobody’s gonna be fooled by your fauxtest. You’re gonna have to find some other way to get our attention (and our mockery, which you richly deserve) from now on.

Good night, and get fucked!

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DC police use sex assault as punishment for peaceful demonstrators

Some interesting points here, worth noting:

Cenk Uygur points out that police have a long history of planting “agitators” (or provocateurs, rather) in peaceful protests to justify arresting everyone who was demonstrating.

Also, the group who were sexually assaulted during a “kettle” (which the Turks point out is a very unwittingly appropriate term for the situation) were all either independent journalists or volunteer civil-rights legal observers. Funny how the cops singled THEM out, of all people, for an impromptu “strip search” involving crotch-grabbing and anus-fingering (which of course turned up nothing but humiliation for the victims of the bogus “search”!)

Not noted, but should have been: Sexual abuse, of persons of any gender, is another long-standing police tactic against peaceful demonstrators and legal and media observers alike, to punish them just for being there (and presumably, to deter them from ever “being there” again). And this in turn has other deleterious effects: deterring people from knowing/demanding their rights, and also keeps the real story of what went down from getting out there. Thus, citizens are forced to swallow the mass-media narrative, which is often highly biased in the authorities’ favor, and also often quite inaccurate to boot.

Long story short: Police-state fascism and rape culture go together like rancid peanut butter and moldy jelly in a shit sandwich. They’re both on the rise in Donnie Drumpf’s US of Amnesia. And anyone who truly cares about freedom of speech and association — not Freeze Peach, not the nonexistent “right” to be a bigot — should be outraged.

And ready to revolt, using any means necessary, at any time.

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Grotesque bullfighting tradition comes to light with matador’s death

Bad enough that a man should die of injuries sustained after being gored by a bull. Worse still, if that man is a bullfighter, is what happens not only to the bull, but the animal’s entire family as well:

A bullfighter, Ivan Fandiño, died on Saturday as the result of a severe goring by a bull in the French town of Aire sur l’Adour. The bull’s right horn entered the torero’s lower back at the level of the kidney, causing irreversible damages to his liver, kidney and lungs.

The bull, “Provechito”, who weighed 520 kilos and bore the number 53, belonged to the bull ranch of Baltasar Ibán. He was born in March of 2013 in Wellington cortijo, in the Escorial region. The animal was sacrificed in the ring. Later a team of mules dragged him to the slaughterhouse, where they cut off the ears, tail and tongue, as well as the bull’s eyes, according to bullfighting ritual.

Provechito’s death also has consequences for his family. According to bullfighting tradition, all of the family line of the animal responsible for the 36-year-old torero’s death must also be sacrificed.

And we ask ourselves: What fault do the mothers of bulls bear for acts inflicted by their sons? “All”, say bullfighting aficionados. The explanation is very simple: When a bull kills a bullfighter, the farmer is obliged to sacrifice the animal’s mother and all descendants, because while the physical characteristics of a bull are inherited from the father, the personality comes directly from the mother.

In other words, Provechito was an enormous bull thanks to his father, but the temper that tragically ended up killing Iván Fandiño was the fault of the mother who bore him.

And with the death of the cow, the line comes to an end.

Translation mine.

How’s that for machista sexism? Blame the mother for what goes wrong with the son, even if they’re cattle. No doubt the same basic premise holds true for people, too, under machista tradition. Women are held to be worth less than men. Where else would the Spanish language get such idioms as “la puta que te parió” (“the whore who bore you”)? The corrida is already openly hostile to women in the bullring…

Problem is, it’s not even bad science that leads to such conclusions. It’s not science at all. It’s that eternal, infernal bugbear of all reason, namely “tradition”. Tradition holds such and such, therefore it must be true.

Even if it is all, quite literally, bullshit.

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Previously unseen interview with Che Guevara comes to light

This is indeed a rare treat: Not only hearing Che in his own words, but speaking excellent French as well. A summary of the contents of this short interview, courtesy Aporrea:

Cuban television aired a previously unseen interview with the legendary Argentine-Cuban revolutionary, Ernesto “Che” Guevara, recorded on April 11, 1964 by Jean Demur, a journalist for Swiss Radio and Television (RTS).

The interview, which has not been broadcast until now, came to light on the 89th anniversary of the Latin-American leader’s birth, on June 14.

In the 9-minute interview, recorded in French in the Hotel Intercontinental in Geneva, Guevara speaks of Cuban relations with the United States, of Latin America, of the Soviet Union, and of diplomacy, as well as the internal economic situation of the land, among other things.

Asked by the journalist as to whether anything had changed in the US’s attitude toward Cuba, Che Guevara said: “In every case, we don’t set our position [by] watching and listening to what the US is doing. We make our [own] international policy.”

Regarding the economic blockade imposed by the US upon Cuba, the commander underscored that “it is really an absolute failure”, because his country, although with difficulty, succeeded in ridding itself of dependency on Washington and has begun to increase its own production due to the embargo, for example, in the mechanical sector.

Of the economic situation in his country, the revolutionary ideologue admitted that “one can never be satisfied”, and that Cuba aspires “to much more”. However, he added that “every day, one can see concretely what we are doing”, which, he said, “is encouraging for the people.”

Translation mine.

Given that Donnie Drumpf has just pissed on the considerable progress his predecessor, Barack Obama, made in US-Cuba relations, what Che says — just five years after winning the Cuban Revolutionary War! — about the anticipated failure of the blockade is indeed prescient. The blockade has not starved Cuba out; Cuba still survives and remains independent…and defiantly socialist. The next US president will have to rebuild relations all over again, or run aground (as all previous ones dating back to Eisenhower) have done on its own ignorant blockade.

Cuba, meanwhile, has adapted, and with or without a Castro at the helm, Cuba is not going anywhere, and neither is Cuban socialism. Everything Cuba has, it has fought for and won the hard way. It hasn’t been easy (and the Special Period is proof of that), but Cuba’s self-sufficiency is proven, and its advances in science, medicine, and even organic farming have given the world to understand that socialism is not a failed ideology, but a working one. And one that is capable of remarkable achievements, including a “green revolution” AND a vaccine against lung cancer.

The world has much to learn from Cuba’s working socialism, and many countries are benefiting from it, whether or not the gringos next door are paying attention. The smart ones already are. Unfortunately, the epitome of Gringolandian Hardcore Stupid is currently squatting in the White House. But since Cuba is used to biding its time and continuing its toil, I have no doubt that they will last this idiot out as well.

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Far-right Spanish politicians held private “bacchanals” with businessman

It’s been a while since I translated anything out of Spain, but this horrific report has caught my eye. And the picture it paints of the Partido Popular — the “Popular Party” directly descended from fascist Generalissimo Franco himself — is as sordid and ugly as you can imagine:

The former president of the Popular Party of Palma de Mallorca, José María Rodríguez, and regional deputy Álvaro Gijón, have attended drug and sex parties at an estate owned by businessman Bartolomé Cursach or in brothels on the [Balearic] islands.

Judge Manuel Penalva has revealed the secret, and the shit has begun to float. Every Monday they would organize poker parties on Cursach’s estate, Puntiró, and when the games were over, “there were authentic bacchanals.”

At the parties, they would ply girls with cocaine. The girls “were very well paid”, but “they had to submit to beatings, drug overdoses, and violent sexual practices” in which “sex toys” were used, or they were tied up and made to have sex with several men at a time.

A witness stated that she knows from her comrades that Rodríguez “would spend entire afternoons” in a brothel in Palma, where he would consume “expensive bottles [of liquor]” and “constantly went around picking girls to have sex with”, with whom “he surrounded himself”.

The girls refused to have sex with him because he had “some strange and dangerous tastes”, for which reason Rodríguez “ordered girls to be brought in off the street, and also boys”, so he could watch them having sex with each other or with the girls. The witness added that “Gijón also went to that place”, although “in a more sporadic manner” than Rodríguez.

She also testified that “on numerous occasions”, she saw Rodríguez coming out of the place “in a lamentable state” and “totally gone on cocaine and alcohol”, while Gijón went “in an official car” as well, in a “deplorable” state.

The witness also affirmed before the judge that Gijón and Rodríguez didn’t pay the girls, but “the house paid them”. Also, the place did not sell cocaine, but the two politicians “called nobody knows whom and they brought it to the place”, and when they were tired, “they called the chauffeur and left.”

A witness stated that at another party, organized in Mega, Gijón ordered her to go “look for more cocaine” when they ran out of what they had, and that the person who paid her 500 euros for the drug was Gijón’s current defence attorney in the case, José Ramón Orta, who at the time was working in the security sector.

The woman stated that at one of these parties, at which Rodríguez was present, a friend of hers ended up with a broken arm, and was taken by the madam of the house to Son Dureta hospital “bleeding from her mouth and vagina”. She described her friend as a “mulatto girl, Brazilian and very beautiful.”

The witness visited her friend in Son Dureta and later, this same girl “disappeared off the map” when, according to the witness statement, Cursach “gave her a lot of money to go back to Brazil.”

Translation mine.

I’m really not a bit surprised that a bunch of old fascists and their big-business cronies also turned out to be old puteros (whoremongers), or that they vacuum up the Colombian marching powder and overpriced booze like there’s no tomorrow. After all, this is the same bunch that, back during the horrific days of the Spanish Civil War, would squirrel away the bodies of their Republican and leftist opponents — the true democrats who were rightfully elected by the Spanish people — in unmarked mass graves that are still being located and exhumed right now. Hundreds of thousands of them. There is literally nothing ugly that they would not do…and sadistically get off on it.

More to come on this and related topics. Stay tuned.

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Music for a Sunday: You’ll say it’s just a passing phase…

My faith in human nature’s getting pretty thin:

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Wankers of the Week: The Great Witch Hunt of ’17


Crappy weekend, everyone! And a very crappy one to Crooked Donnie, who’s looking more hunted by the minute. And he is, but not for witchcraft. No, it’s obstruction of justice they’re on him for, and that’s probably what will do his presiduncy in, when it finally comes down to it. And here’s who else is on my keeker this week, in no particular order:

1. Michael Fucking Williams. How stupid are Georgia state senators of the Repug persuasion? Stupid enough to think that white-supremacist anti-government “militia” goons are “patriots”. Um, dude? They’re against you, too. You’re the fucking GOVERNMENT!

2. Marilyn Fucking Gladu. I don’t know how to smoke pot with a toaster oven, but I bet she does. And I bet her oven’s gas-powered, too!

3. Andrew Fucking Snelling. Good feckin’ lard. Where did this guy get his geology doctorate, a diploma mill? No, wait, lemme guess…Liberty “University”, right?


4. Tommy Fucking Robinson. Riddle me this: How can you hold a “march against hate”…and end up doing all kinds of hateful shit yourself? Oh yeah, I forgot…it’s the EDL. Shit’s not supposed to be morally consistent. The only “hate” they can see is what they project on others.

5. Ivanka Fucking Drumpf. Awww, da widdle pwincess haz a sad. Sorry, honey, I’m all out of crocodile tears after seeing how vicious your entire fucking clan is. Especially that greedheaded prep school boy you married.

6. Mike Fucking Pence. And speaking of vicious: Dude, dafuq are you expecting? You really want Democrats to trash all the work they’ve done trying to make healthcare more affordable? Oh yeah, I forgot: You’re Dear Leader’s dumb henchman, so of course you do! PS: Ha, ha.


7. Megyn Fucking Kelly. Congrats, girl, you just found out what “no platform” means. A pity you couldn’t learn it BEFORE booking one of the biggest tinfoil-hatted hatemongers in the country!

8. Louie Fucking Gohmert. If justice is your idea of a “conspiracy”, you just might be a criminal. You might also be incredibly fucking stupid. In short, you might just be Gomer.

9. Dana Fucking Rohrabacher. If a terrorist attack in Tehran is your idea of a “good thing”, you just might be a criminal. You might also be a moral monster. In short, you might just be Taliban Dan, the mujahideen’s man in Washington.


10. Jeff Fucking Sessions. Amazing how he can suddenly forget everything, including his own name, right on cue. What do you suppose he’s hiding?

11. Newt Fucking Gingrich. Amazing how he’ll do just about anything to jockey for a job/try to stay relevant. Newty, you’ve been irrelevant for nearly 20 years now. Siddown and shuddup.

12. Matt Fucking Forney. Amazing how there is literally no depth to which he cannot shamelessly sink. And this week, it was slamming the victims of the Pulse massacre of one year ago…allegedly, for doing the very things that Matty, in his pickup artist days, would actually peddle as advice — shamelessly cribbing from other (unsuccessful) pickup artists to make money for himself. Of course, it’s different when snowflakey straight guys who hate women do it!


13. Marc Fucking Kasowitz. If I were you, bub, I wouldn’t go around bragging about getting Preet Bharara fired. He’s ten times the lawyer that you are, and he could sue your ass right out from under you, even if he’s not currently in a position to prosecute it out from under you.

14. Donald Fucking Drumpf, Jr. Yes, that’s right. Diaper Don made the cut again this week…by wanking over a massacre that wasn’t. And politicizing it when he swore he’d stay out of politics. And railing against the New York elites, conveniently forgetting his own home address and socioeconomic status. Dude, you owe me a new irony meter.

15. Chris Fucking Collins. Aaand look who joined Diaper Don’s widdle circle jerk. “Tone down the rhetoric”, he says? Start with your own side, dude, that’s where the “alt”-right came from! In fact, start with your boss…he’s the one who told his supporters to beat up protesters.


16. Rand Fucking Paul. Oopsie! Is someone haunted by the shit he said? Buckle up, buttercup, you said a lot of dumb things…and all of them are gonna come back to bite you!

17. Rick Fucking Brattin. Sorry, dude, but gay people ARE human. What you said about them, however, is quite another story.

18. Dave Fucking Daubenmire. Lynching threats get an “amen” from this radio huckster? How about a sudden, precipitous loss of sponsors…can I get an amen to that?


19. Steve Fucking Scalise. Riddle me this: How does a Repug who professes to abhor white supremacism…find himself speaking at a white-supremacist event hosted by, of all people, David Fucking Duke? I don’t know how to square that circle, but I do know one thing: I’m not sorry he was shot anymore. PS: RESIGN. Or at least thank the queer black woman who saved your sorry, racist, homophobic ass.

20. Steve Fucking King. He’s been so busy blaming Obama for everything from hangnails to constipation for the last eight years. Hey, why stop now? Why not blame him for he had absolutely nothing to do with, simply because he’s black, and as we all know, black people are always to blame for everything?

21. Gene Fucking Simmons. He wants to trademark WHAT? Dude, every Italian in the world is casting a finger-hex on you as we speak. And BTW, I’m trademarking the middle-finger salute so you can’t have it!


22. Michael Fucking Weiner. Irrelevant angry codger says WHAT? Dude, be careful what you wish for. Breitbart is already as good as moved into the White House, and FUX Snooze, like you, has been in the pocket of Repug politicians for as long as they’ve been on air.

23. Patrick Fucking Neville. Profiteering off a mass shooting? That is oh, SO very Repugnican. PS: I hope you fucking LOSE, you bastard.

24. Mike Fucking Moon. Beheading a chicken on Facebook is “pro-life”? Oh yeah. What else can we expect from a gross fucking idiot who thinks abortion is somehow equivalent to slavery?


25. Kellyanne Fucking Conway. Oh my, aren’t WE important all of a sudden? Don’t worry, dear, most of the Internet barely knows who you are. And fewer would care than you think.

26. Rex Fucking Tillerson. Uh oh, SOMEBODY doesn’t remember what happened the last time the US attempted régime change in Iran. Or the blowback that has been blowing back ever the fuck since.

27. Richard Fucking Spencer. When even the official religion of white supremacy finally, belatedly decides to come to Jesus, Dickie of course tries to point to a doctrine that didn’t come from Jesus, but from the most misguided apostle after Judas Iscariot. Perhaps more punches are in order until he, too, sees the light?


28. Michael Fucking Cohen. How crooked is Donnie Drumpf? So crooked that his own lawyer…had to hire a lawyer. You can’t make this shit up, folks.

29. Nick Fucking Hurd. And speaking of crooked, get a load what’s going on across the pond. The same Tory government that voted against fire code regulations to make cheap housing fit for human habitation…is full of slumlords. And one of them is this asshole, who is actually the minister responsible for fire safety. Off with his fucking head!

30. Theresa Fucking May. True, the British PM is a HUGE wanker at the best of times, and probably even in her sleep. But this week, she really outdid herself…by not doing something that any decent head of government SHOULD do. Namely, visiting with the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. No doubt because they’d have blasted her with all sorts of questions she didn’t want to answer, and all sorts of demands that she definitely doesn’t want to take responsibility for…especially not since hers is a government of cheap, nasty slumlords, as noted above.


And finally, to Ezra Fucking Levant. He and his “Rebel Media” are throwing a little shindig tomorrow night, and it promises to be a real shitshow. And I think he knows it, too, because he didn’t want to let any actual, honest media in to cover all the flying antisemitism, racism, sexism and general xenophobic hatemongering. Well, the joke’s on him, because the same campaign that’s fighting Breitbart so successfully south of the border…is coming north of the border, and it’s only a matter of time before neither of these hate-sites can find any more advertisers willing to be seen there. Ha, ha!

Good night, and get fucked!

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Appy polly loggies, once more.

Blogging will be fairly light this week, due to me getting my butt kicked by the weeds in the garden. Rest assured that the weekly wankapedia is still on schedule, though!

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Your Monday smile: Watch a right-wing troll get thoroughly pwned

Oy, the “alt”-right are a sad, SAD bunch. It takes this pitiful caller (who of course would pick the name of an action hero as his pseudonym) over 6 minutes to get to his cherished (and discredited) tome of academic racism, over 10 minutes to get to “you’re a cuck” (which is their generic insult to any white man they don’t like, presumably for insufficient demonstration of macho whiteness), 13 minutes to declare himself an “alpha male”. But then for the rest of the time he dithers about his sexual experiences and gets weirdly defensive when challenged on it (which is hilarious for a troll who obsesses about other men’s sex lives), and finally, seeing how hard he’s being laughed at, tries desperately to change the subject (which is a sure sign of Epic Troll Fail).

What kills me at the 17-minute mark is how the troll projects by asking him why he has “such a sexual fetish for black men”. Given that these trolls are the ones with the “black man cuckolds white guy” porn fetish (yes, it’s documented), that’s just a scream.

Anyway, if you’ve got 20 minutes to kill, give it a watch and enjoy. I’m off to try to figure out where this “crypto-Jew” insult came from, and why this fool tried to apply it to someone who hasn’t even tried to hide how Jewish he is.

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Music for a Sunday: One time too many…

…too far to go:

No tricks. Let’s go!

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