Music for a Sunday: But I won’t be getting up today…

…’cause they’ve taken all the coal from the ground:

Yeah, sorry, coal miners who voted for Donnie. You got the fuckin’ shaft. And there’s not a damn thing he’s gonna do about it, because he already got all he wanted out of you. Just like the Big Steel industries of yore. Better start retraining for sustainable energy careers, because that’s where the future is. Don’t look to him for help with it, though, because the big dumb fuck doesn’t even understand the issue.

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Whom would Jesus riddle with bullets?

Jesus, obviously, would NOT. But a certain Pennsyltucky church with no sense of irony would:

Yes, that’s right. They’re blessing murder weapons now.

A church in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania, is inviting worshipers to bring AR-15-style rifles to be blessed in a ceremony next week. The World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland is located just a short distance from an elementary school.

Church leaders expect over 600 people to attend the blessing next Wednesday morning, in which worshipers have been asked to bring their own AR-15 gun, or, as the church refers to the weapons, the “rod of iron.”


Tim Elder, the Unification Sanctuary’s director of world missions, said Tuesday that the church believes that the gun symbolizes the ‘rod of iron’ that is mentioned in the Bible’s apocalyptic Book of Revelation.

The church website advises parishioners: “If unable to purchase and legally transport such a ‘rod of iron’ because of laws barring the purchase of weapons, or other reasons, couple are invited to purchase a $700 gift card from a gun store, as such evidence of their intent to purchase a ‘rod of iron’ in the future.”

Elder told the Associated Press the weapons will be checked at the door, unloaded and secured with zip ties. However, he stressed that last week’s massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School only strengthened his conviction that the blessing should go ahead.

“Now more than ever, good people need to stand up and claim for themselves the tools that can be used to stop that kind of evil,” he said.

Well, Mr. Elder, it can’t honestly be said that you were at the front of the line when Jesus was handing out the brains now, can it?

Meanwhile, the parents of local schoolkids (the church is near a school) have expressed some concerns which are rather understandable in light of how “the rod of iron” actually works. Here’s what a doctor who treated the victims of the Parkland school shooting found, and why she thinks AR-15s (and other “rods of iron” like them) should be banned:

Routine handgun injuries leave entry and exit wounds and linear tracks through the victim’s body that are roughly the size of the bullet. If the bullet does not directly hit something crucial like the heart or the aorta, and they do not bleed to death before being transported to our care at a trauma center, chances are, we can save the victim. The bullets fired by an AR-15 are different; they travel at higher velocity and are far more lethal. The damage they cause is a function of the energy they impart as they pass through the body. A typical AR-15 bullet leaves the barrel traveling almost three times faster than, and imparting more than three times the energy of, a typical 9mm bullet from a handgun. An AR-15 rifle outfitted with a magazine with 50 rounds allows many more lethal bullets to be delivered quickly without reloading.

I have seen a handful of AR-15 injuries in my career. I saw one from a man shot in the back by a SWAT team years ago. The injury along the path of the bullet from an AR-15 is vastly different from a low-velocity handgun injury. The bullet from an AR-15 passes through the body like a cigarette boat travelling at maximum speed through a tiny canal. The tissue next to the bullet is elastic—moving away from the bullet like waves of water displaced by the boat—and then returns and settles back. This process is called cavitation; it leaves the displaced tissue damaged or killed. The high-velocity bullet causes a swath of tissue damage that extends several inches from its path. It does not have to actually hit an artery to damage it and cause catastrophic bleeding. Exit wounds can be the size of an orange.

With an AR-15, the shooter does not have to be particularly accurate. The victim does not have to be unlucky. If a victim takes a direct hit to the liver from an AR-15, the damage is far graver than that of a simple handgun shot injury. Handgun injuries to the liver are generally survivable unless the bullet hits the main blood supply to the liver. An AR-15 bullet wound to the middle of the liver would cause so much bleeding that the patient would likely never make it to a trauma center to receive our care.

One of my ER colleagues was waiting nervously for his own children outside the school. While the shooting was still in progress, the first responders were gathering up victims whenever they could and carrying them outside the building. Even as a physician trained in trauma situations, though, there was nothing he could do at the scene to help to save the victims who had been shot with an AR-15. Most of them died on the spot, with no fighting chance at life.

If that’s not proof that it’s a murder weapon waiting for a chance to kill someone, I don’t know what is. But then again, since when is the gun cult swayed by logic or rationality, much less the gory medical specifics of how murders happen?

Oh, and apropos “cult”: Yes, this church IS a cult. The word “Unification” in there should be a dead giveaway. Yup, it’s the far-right, loony-toony Moonies again! When a church infamous for its cultic recruiting tactics gets behind a murder weapon, that should tell you what kind of “religion” would “bless” a “rod of iron”.

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Well, that was quick.

It’s only a few days old in terms of official use, but the Venezuelan digital currency, the Petro, is already a billionaire:

Unlike Bitcoin (which many call Shitcoin, for good reasons), the Petro and the Petro-Oro are backed by Venezuela’s considerable oil and gold supplies, respectively. Meaning, it’s backed by something concrete and actually valuable, as Bitcoin is not.

As for how well the new currency will fight corruption, bank fraud, economic blockades, and other fascist opposition schemes, that remains to be seen. But it seems to be off to a roaring start.

Buena suerte, Venezuela.

PS: Here’s Sam Seder, talking with Bitcoin expert David Golumbia, and demonstrating tacitly how Bitcoin differs from the Petro/Petro-Oro model:

Golumbia makes the important points that Bitcoin behaves like a stock, not a real currency (hence its ridiculous volatility), and also alludes to its far-right, “anarcho-capitalist” roots. Bitcoin, in short, IS shitcoin. Its fascist and criminal associations are undeniable. Given that the Petro’s purpose is to undermine such motives, the two could not be more different.

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Just another white man, getting away with murder…

Nothing to see here…

Supporters of murder victim Tina Fontaine and her family gathered outside a Winnipeg courthouse to address the media after Raymond Cormier was found not guilty of the teenage girl’s murder. It’s the second time this month that a white man got off scot-free for the killing of a young indigenous person, and this outrage runs deep. For while Tina was troubled, drug-addicted, and homeless at the time of her death, she was far from forgotten and unloved, as speaker after speaker here makes clear. She was valued and loved, and scores of people worked hard trying to get her out of that impossible life and into a livable one, right up to the day she disappeared. To see their struggle be laid waste like this is hard to bear, even for a complete outsider like myself.

People think that drug-addicted, sexually abused and exploited kids are throwaways in this society, and never more so than when they’re non-white. Indigenous kids are the most abused and exploited of all in this land; the system has made it so that it’s hard for them not to be. Let’s keep in mind that residential schools did not shut down that long ago; the last of them closed only two decades ago. But the abuses committed there have been going on for at least a hundred and fifty years. That’s a lot of institutional abuse, torture, mistreatment and cultural disenfranchisement. Add to that the ongoing fallout from the “Sixties Scoop”, the age of child abductions and forced adoptions, and an ugly picture emerges; a picture that’s far from finished. It’s a black eye on a country that celebrated its sesquicentennial just last year. But that’s where we are, so let’s own up to it. We, as a country, have failed Tina Fontaine. And Colten Boushie. And countless, unnamed others just like them.

Meanwhile, in the interests of fairness (snort, yeah, I love that word too, and never more than in a context as unfair as this), here’s the acquitted, in his own words:

It wouldn’t be the first time that his words have tripped him up, as many honestly believed they would be the conviction of him. The man has some nerve, and it’s the kind of confidence and boldness only a racist in a racist system could have. He’s been convicted of many things, but murder won’t be one of them, and that’s because our so-called justice system was written by white men, FOR white men — and because it has already deemed young Aboriginals like Tina Fontaine and Colten Boushie to be disposable.

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Russiagate: Just 90 trolls with a shaky grasp of English, shitposting

Jimmy Dore nails it to the wall, again…and yup, he’s got receipts, as usual:

And he got them from an impeccable source, too. The New Yorker‘s Adrian Chen, who actually investigates internet trolls for a living (remember how he broke the story of Violentacrez, the most infamous troll on Reddit?) has done his homework on this womp-womp. Suffice it to say that this is NOT Pearl Harbor, or 9-11, or anything even remotely close.

In fact, it doesn’t even come up to the sniffy “standards” set by Lord Ha-Ha or Tokyo Rose. When a tweet about Hillary Clinton’s sex life only gets nine likes and three retweets, that’s a pretty dismal showing. Most likely, the troll farm in this instance was not about “swaying the election” at all, so much as it was simply about fishing for eyeballs and then feeding them good ol’ commercial spam once they were hooked.

And it didn’t even do THAT well, either.

But hey! If you fell for “Veterans US” on any social media platform, and spread their shit around, congrats. You’re a dumbass. Maybe not, as Jerry Nadler would have it, a traitor to the land you claim to be all about, but definitely a dumbass. You stand for nothing, but fall for everything, including some barely-literate-in-English spam from overseas. You are a stupid person, and you should feel stupid.

And if this kerfuffle has not made you resolve to be more media-literate and skeptical in the future, you may as well admit that you’ve wasted your new year. Because someone’s counting on you being the dimmest bulb in the string, and it’s not the Russkies…it’s the home-grown con-men who are all too happy to take money and other help from any mafioso or clown who’s willing to give it to them.

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Far-right bigot stabs refugees in Germany; German media silent

St. Kilian’s Church in Heilbronn, Germany. The scene of a racist crime that dares not speak its name…at least, not if you’re talking to the major media, the police, or the state prosecutor’s office:

Let’s imagine that a refugee stabs several passersby without warning and injures one of them badly. The word “Terror” would probably be prominent in the news the next day. Now let’s imagine that the victims are refugees, and the culprit a Russian-German. How would the reactions fall? On Saturday, that very thing happened. The scandal stayed within bounds. For many newspapers, the attack was only worth a passing mention. The culprit was supposedly under the influence of alcohol, they said, almost apologetically. That the motive could have been racism was only mentioned after two days.

What happened? On Saturday night, a 70-year-old man stabbed three young refugees without provocation as they stood in front of St. Kilian’s Church in central Heilbronn. A 17-year-old Afghan was badly injured in the attack. His two friends, from Iraq and Syria, sustained minor injuries. The state prosecutor’s office called it grievous bodily harm, but not attempted murder. The culprit was let go. He was supposedly not a flight risk nor likely to reoffend.

Stefan Reiner, of the Left Party and the Anti-Rightist Network of Heilbronn, on the other hand, characterized the attack as “an incomparable crime”. The 26-year-old sharply criticized the police: After the attack, they changed vital information about the victims and the assailant. They stated that the 70-year-old man was a “Russian”, even though he is a German national as well. The Heilbronn police were even criticized by the police union for this.

And the motive? The racist background to the attack was at first completely concealed. Only on Monday did the state prosecutor and the police explain that the assailant “wanted to send a message against the current refugee policy”. A “message against the current refugee policy”? For Reiner, the activist, this choice of words is a “cheapening and relativizing of the crime”.

In Heilbronn, the city and the police have been trying for years to play the right-wing problem down. Several times, they claimed that there was no organized right-wing scene in the city, just a few isolated right-populists. Welcome to the city where the [neo-Nazi] NSU, in 2007, murdered policewoman Michèle Kiesewetter. According to Reiner, the officials are closing their eyes “in order not to throw a bad light on the city”. Even the NSU investigation report said that the police had done “a catastrophic job” in the fight against the right.

Racist voices have a long tradition in Heilbronn. In the 1990s, an active far-right scene established itself there. For the German Nationalist Party (NPD) and its youth wing, the city was a vital source of support for a long time. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) reached its electoral high-water mark for Baden-Württemberg in the federal elections of 2017 in Heilbronn, with 18 percent of the vote. “In the city, there’s a fertile racist soil for the AfD to tap into.” In the surrounding areas, as well, there’s a well-organized rightist scene.

For Reiner, Saturday’s incident is just the tip of the iceberg. In recent weeks there has been regular outcry against refugee youths, who, like Saturday’s victims, met in front of St. Kilian’s. “And it shows. Someone let their deeds follow the words.” On Friday, leftist and civil-society organizations, as well as refugees, will hold a vigil. For Reiner, it’s clear: “We can’t just go back to business as usual.”

Translation mine.

What? Germany, and more specifically the city of Heilbronn, has a Nazi problem? When did THAT happen?

Well, if you really want to go to the root of the problem, you’d have to turn back the pages of your history book about a hundred years or so, to when a crappy little Austrian PFC named Adolf Hitler (né Schicklgruber), disillusioned by the Triple Alliance’s defeat in the Great War, decided to blame the matter, not on imperialism or colonialism or racism or any of the other responsible internal isms, but on an outside source that had nothing to do with it all — namely, Jews. They run the banks, he claimed, erroneously. They run the media, too! They run everything, and they have run Germany into the dust! Out of the loins of the old Roman Catholic Christ-killer fabrication and a certain Czarist forgery from Russia, the bastard back-stab myth was born, and with it, an unholy brew of bullyboy politics that spread and metastasized like a cancer from the fusty old beer-basements of Bayern all the way up to the North Sea.

THAT’s when Nazism became Germany’s problem, and it has been a bugaboo there ever since.

And while the concentration camps were the high-water mark of the shit-hurricane, there has never been any shortage of outsider-blaming in a land where scapegoating has been a national sport and pastime for as long as there have been fine, upstanding locals who can’t bear to do even a tiny bit of introspection when things go badly for them. Sure, it’s no longer kosher to point fingers at the Jews, but that doesn’t mean other non-Christian people on German soil are not fair game. These days, it’s refugees. Specifically, Muslim refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and anyplace else such people have had to flee war, political instability, and the grinding poverty that makes life there impossible.

That such people are victims of violence, not perpetrators, should be obvious to everyone. And to everyone with eyes that can see past the ends of their noses, yes, it is. But let it never be said that the blue, blue eyes of Nazis are pure and unclouded! Just as they can’t look within for answers to their own problems, so they can’t see the problems that drove refugees to Germany from without. They are blind with hate, and they keep bumping into things with knives drawn. That’s what makes them so goddamn dangerous.

And in Heilbronn, they most certainly are: They don’t just stab refugees there, they also shoot police officers. Michele Kiesewetter was murdered, and her colleague barely left alive, while investigating a series of neo-Nazi murders, specifically those of local Turks. The same Nazi gang are also suspected in the disappearance and murder of a little girl, whom they may have pimped out to pedophiles, and/or made pornographic videos of, in order to raise money for the NSU terror campaign. (These ties are in dispute, thanks to contaminated evidence handled by an inept lab worker. Yes, it’s a hot mess in every way.)

Meanwhile, not a thing has been said about the 70-year-old who stabbed the three young refugees, other than that he is a “Russian”, and that he was bombed out of his skull on alcohol on the night in question. Well, it’s not as if Russian-German citizens can’t be racist, or that alcohol consumption somehow negates his responsibility OR his bigotry; at most, it only emboldened a bigot to act on impulses that he already had. Lots of Nazis are drunks; so fucking what? Lots of drunks are also Nazis. And in the German right-wing scene, particularly in the AfD hotbed of Heilbronn, such impulses are part of the landscape…and have been for a very long time.

At least the last hundred years, in fact.

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Did “Russiagate” really accomplish anything?

Is it really on a par with 9-11?

Max Blumenthal doesn’t think so. And he lays out all the stats, too…

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Florida school shooter got his terror training from the NRA?

Sure looks that way…

And yeah. If this were a Muslim group, wouldn’t the ‘wingers be screaming for their collective testicles on a silver platter?

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Dems blame Bernie for WHAT, now???

I knew something stupid was afoot last night when a Facebook friend had an “I hate Bernie because REASONS” meme in her feed. And lo and behold, there it is. First they blame Bernie — who could have WON them an election, had they had the sense to run him instead of Honduras Coup Hillary — for “costing” them an election. Now it’s this. And of course, it’s all bullshit. Have they no shame? Next up: Jill Stein is a secret Russkie! Oh wait, they’ve already shot that wad, haven’t they?

Meanwhile, here’s where Bernie REALLY stands on gun control. As you can see, he differs from them on some points, but he’s not exactly an NRA puppet. But even in the primaries, the corporate Dems were trying hard to discredit him on this issue. And failing.

There really are no words for how loathsome and venal these people are. Party unity? Only behind the “right” guys…and Bernie, with his socialistic tendencies, is clearly not in with the machine.

And then they wonder why they get nothing done on this issue, no matter how much they talk about it.

Yeah, I wonder too.

PS: Oh, looky here. I found where all the hate for Bernie is coming from. He decided to finally hold the party accountable for its own faults, and they can’t stand it! And of course, rather than taking a lesson from it and improving their own policies, they chose to attack him instead. The good ol’ circular firing squad has started up again, in other words.

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The truth about the two Koreas

Abby Martin sits down with Korea expert and historian Tim Shorrock to find out how Korea became two countries, and what’s really going on in the North — which he has visited and knows about as well as any westerner ever could. Even as the US of Amnesia ramps up the war rhetoric and Donnie keeps harping on his big red button, the two Koreas have turned their backs, and are now engaging in bilateral peace talks — no Washington interference allowed. This is unheard of…unless you know a bit about Korean history. And realize just how many horrible fascist dictatorships in the South have been propped up by Washington…in the name of “democracy”, of course.

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