Night-night, White Pride.

Daaang, this is even more satisfying than seeing Dickie Spencer getting his fashy hair knocked sideways:

According to Buzzfeed, this happened in Seattle. The would-be tough guy in the armband was seen repeatedly harassing and bullying black folks on public transit. When he got off, he did it some more…at least, until one of those people decided he didn’t have to take that shit, and cold-cocked him neatly, as seen above, in one quick punch.

And while I’m generally not about punching people with whom one disagrees, this was something rather more than a simple political disagreement. This was something exceptional. Something about a white guy wanting to ethnically cleanse Seattle of non-white people, who he clearly thinks are inferior to whites. And we all know what would happen, and not prettily, if the Nazis actually DID take over. So in this case, a Nazi-punch isn’t just inevitable; it’s mandatory.

This is an act of self-defence on behalf of all victims of racism, not just one guy punching another’s lights out. It’s to put all the fascists on notice that no, they will NOT be allowed to just shoot off their big mouths at random, no matter who’s in the White House. And they won’t be allowed to enact the even uglier aspects of their far-right agenda, either. Should they try it with anyone, there will be someone with a quick, accurate fist and a no-nonsense attitude to put an end to it on the spot.

Sic semper imbecilis, Nazi motherfucker.

PS: Well, well. It looks like the lights-out punch worked and somebody is smartening the hell up:

Seattle police are responding Monday to a viral video of a man wearing a swastika armband getting punched in downtown Seattle.

Police said they they received several reports Sunday of a man wearing a swastika instigating fights at Third Avenue and Pine Street. Police said they were on the scene within five minutes and found the man — with a Nazi flag armband — on the ground.

“He declined to provide info about incident & left after removing his armband,” Seattle police said in a tweet about the incident on Monday.

Looks like White Pride isn’t so proud after all, either.

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Stupid Sex Tricks: Look, Ma, no h…ELP!

This is not a penis enlarger. OR a sex toy.

Not sure what this guy thought he was doing when he decided to put the above 5-pound weight on his penis, but now the whole world knows what he had to do to get it off him:

One man’s workout went bizarrely and alarmingly wrong when he somehow wound up getting his penis caught in a gym weight.

The unnamed man became trapped in the 2.5kg iron plate on Friday morning in the German city of Worms.

With the weight still attached to his manhood, he somehow managed to get himself to a local hospital.

However, it appears the medical center did not have the appropriate tools to assist, and instead turned to a fire department’s grinder and hydraulic cutter to release the patient.

While it’s not clear why the individual attempted the bizarre approach to pumping iron, the Worms Fire Department has revealed that it took heavy power tools and three hours to free the stricken man.

“One person had a very sensitive part of the body trapped in the hole of a 2.6kg-dumbbell disc. With the help of the grinder, a saw and hydraulic emergency [cutter], the dumbbell was removed after three hours” the department said in a statement.

“Please do not imitate such actions,” it added.

Not sure if he was trying to have sex with something he shouldn’t, enlarge his penis or just trying a novel variant on the basic dumbbell squat, but this particular dumbbell has just learned a valuable lesson:

Do NOT try this at home, kiddies. Or anywhere else.

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Music for a Sunday (Night): Takes a little more persistence

…to get up and go the distance:

Hang on! Maybe there’s another way to do this:

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Harvard wusses out

The set-up in this video’s a bit long, but at around the 9-minute mark, Jimmy Dore knocks it the hell out of the park.

And for a quick refresher on who Chelsea Manning is and why she matters, she is the former army intel analyst who downloaded and burned a whole lot of seriously filthy poop onto a Lady Gaga CD in order to get it out to the public via Wikileaks. Poop like this video, which you may recall was also posted here when it first came out:

So just sit back and let that marinate for a bit. Harvard wussed out of having someone speak who literally risked her life for the truth (and nearly lost it twice in prison), but is more than happy to kowtow to the very people who put this same brave soldier behind bars for blowing the whistle on their own and other agencies’ WAR CRIMES.

In other words: Harvard is complicit in war crimes and the conspiracy to conceal war crimes. It’s not just a country club that teaches occasional classes to the children of wealthy alumni anymore. No, Hahvud is (and, I suspect, has long been) an arm of the CIA, indoctrinating the scions of wealth and privilege with propaganda in order to maintain their unearned, ill-gotten power over the masses.

Higher learning, my ass.

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Wankers of the Week: There goes Irma, here comes José…


Crappy weekend, everyone! And a very crappy one to everyone in hurricane country, where the water is filthy and the suffering has no end in sight. May you soon get back on your feet again, and may nothing else afflict you, ever. Meanwhile, a pox on all of these wankers, in no particular order:

1. Yair Fucking Netanyahu. First cracker out of the box, and he’s Israeli. And not just ANY Israeli, but the son of Bibi himself. Waxing antisemitic on Facebook. WHILE HIS FAMILY IS UNDER CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION. Triple irony points for THAT, dude!

2. Luke Fucking Howard. Dude, please. She’s seen what she had with you. She didn’t want it. Stop trying to win back someone who didn’t want to be won in the first place. Have some dignity and do your post-relationship grieving in silence and obscurity, like the rest of us.

3. Alveda Fucking King. No, stupid, Donnie did NOT win the “War on Christmas” — BECAUSE THERE NEVER FUCKING WAS ONE, STUPID!


4. Kat Fucking Kerr. “Taking authority over Mother Nature” to stop Hurricane Irma from raining on you? Not with THAT cheesy theatrical prop, you ain’t! (And no, you’re not fooling anyone with your embarrassing backpedal, either!)

5. Elliot Fucking Martinez. Fired for insulting refugees as lousy tippers and cheapskates, and telling them to “go drown”? Golly, who’d of thunk it could have come to this? Tell ya what, kiddo: When YOU have to scavenge for food through floodwaters that reach higher than a rooftop, and risk getting shot for “looting”, let me know how much YOU are willing to tip your server if you’re lucky enough to have enough money to eat out somewhere…anywhere.

6. Kevin Fucking Swanson. If you think the SCOTUS is going to roll back LGBT+ and women’s rights for you, you can fuck right off. And no, dude, your ire doesn’t have the power to kick up a hurricane. So don’t go projecting it on God, dumbass.


7. Matt Fucking Colligan. Whatsamatter, widdle snowflake? Couldn’t take the heat of being outed as a tiki-torch Nazi, so you had to flee to Mexico — which is just about as un-homogeneous a society as you could possibly have racist nightmares about? Diddums!

8. Milo Fucking Yiannopoulos. How funny are you finding Hurricane Irma now that she’s blown your house away, you fucking twatwaffle? Me, I’m finding some humor in this bad situation after all…and by humor, I mean KARMA.

9. Felix Fucking Kjellberg. Oh surprise, Mr. “I’m not a Nazi, really I’m not” really IS a racist. And probably a Nazi, too. Dear YouTube, why are you still putting up with his shit on your platform? (And, dear Twitter, why are you putting up with his racist idiot supporters on yours?)


10. Louise Fucking Linton. Oh surprise! Looks like Muzungu McAngelhair and her newly-wedded husband DID use public money (and aircraft) for their charming eclipse-tourism jaunt, after all! And it looks like Hubby Dear also tried to do the same for their honeymoon. Hashtag THAT, you disingenuous clotheshorse.

11. Rush Fucking Limbaugh. Is that a defensive bleat I hear in the Pigman’s oinkings? Why yes, it is! And a mosquito-like whine about being “witch-hunted”, too. This from the “man” who led the hordes baying for Sandra Fluke’s blood. Remember that? Rusty sure as hell doesn’t.

12. Alex Fucking Jones. Donnie’s being covertly drugged? Nuh-unh, I think he’s coking it up on his own, with no one’s help. And so’s Alex.


13. Ted Fucking Cruz. Who knew he was a porn-hound? Oh, everybody pretty much suspected. But his staff insist he wuz hacked! And the rest of the world is like, “Oh, surrrre. We believe you. (wink)”

14. Daniel Fucking Ehinger. Of course a man would be behind an attempt to get abortion categorized as first-degree murder in California, because of course someone who can’t get pregnant or suffer as a result of being pregnant simply MUST make all the rules as to how pregnant people comport themselves. And of course he also wants to ban effective birth control methods, too, so that unwanted pregnancies are just that much more likely to happen. Danny dear, how about you take it a bit further and tell us to pray for miscarriages being categorized as second-degree murder or manslaughter? Oh. Right. It’s because it would make you look like the utterly heartless, low-logic, sexist asswipe you are, wouldn’t it?

15. Ann Coulter. Why?


That’s why. It’s easy to tweet complete bullshit about Miami when you evacuated to New York well beforehand.

16. Robert Fucking Ritchie. Remind me again why this person is even being allowed to run? Because I’m pretty sure he deserves to be disqualified on any number of grounds…not least of which is he’s a petty, vindictive, trashy, homophobic, RACIST piece of shit.

17. Scott Fucking Pruitt. And just when WOULD be a good time to talk about climate change? After our planet and everything on it has burned to a crisp? Thought so.

18. Tomi Fucking Lahren. Bawwww, snowflake. Triggered into yet another incoherent rant by the mere mention of climate change, were you? Well, don’t worry. When our planet boils to death in its own juices, so too will you. And no amount of FUX-bux can save you. Bwahahahaha.


19. Taylor Fucking Ragg. Oh look, a schoolyard bully is trying to make his never-great country “great again” by bullying a fellow student. Maybe a little deep doo-doo is in order for Donnie’s little ass-barnacle, eh?

20. Jennifer Fucking Bush. No, dear, of COURSE you’re not racist. You just seem to have an awful lot of trouble distinguishing between a Sikh and a Muslim. Has nothing to do with either of them being a brown guy in a turban at all!

21. Richard Fucking Geisenheyner. And again with the “I’m not racist, even when I’m exhibiting all the signs” shit. In this case, the sign was an actual sign offering slaves for sale, as though the Confederate loserwank flag wasn’t sign enough all on its own!


22. Lisa Fucking Kauffman. How the hell does someone working in an addiction-recovery centre for teens manage to mistake a 13-year-old for someone five years older? Oh, simple: Just hire a defence attorney who slurs juvenile rape victims as “temptresses”, that’s how!

23. Martin Fucking Shkreli. Finally, FINALLY, PharmaBro has gone to jail. But, alas, NOT for ripping off deathly ill people. Nope…for threatening to harm the hairs of Hillary Clinton’s head. I have run out of irony meters yet again, folks.

24. Pat Fucking Garofalo. Advocating prison rape is slimy enough on its own, but to do it when the prisoners are anti-fascists? Yeah, dude, that puts you in the Mussolini league.


25. Jim Fucking Bakker. Yup, he’s still peddling those buckets of inedible slop. And he’s using Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to drum up business, too. But don’t you worry, Jimmeh…we’re STILL laughing at you. Because that shit’s still not fit to eat, even if you’re fucking desperate enough to scavenge from a flooded store! (And bull-fucking SHIT you just came from the flood zone, too…I’m betting you never left your air-conditioned doghouse!)

26. Sonny Fucking Hernandez. Meanwhile, the USAF is also under the spell of the Jesus-pushers. And that spells bad news for freedom of religion. Especially if you’ve got drug-lords like this one, who claims that the place is “under Satan” if it’s not under the likes of him.

27. Michael Fucking Gordon Fucking Hamill. Why the double Fucking?


That’s why. He’s a cop, AND an unrepentant antisemite. And no, he’s NOT fucking hot.

28. Conrad Fucking Black. What? He’s a racist hack and a writer of drivel, as well as a chronic, pathological fraud? Golly, who’d of thunk…

29. Steve Fucking Bannon. And speaking of racist hacks and writers of drivel, as well as chronic, pathological frauds — yeah, HIM. Claiming to have gone to an “integrated” school when it was all white. But what do we expect of someone who “adapted” both Coriolanus and Titus Andronicus as absolute fucking DRECK?

30. Lynn Fucking Beyak. Yeah. HER again. And this time, she might actually get kicked out of the upper chamber for her flagrant racist idiocy.


And finally, to Donnie Fucking Drumpf and his good buddy, Rick Fucking Scott. The latter for failing to respond to calls for help from seniors who died when their nursing home lost power (and air conditioning); the former, for even suggesting that this incompetent asshat run for the senate. And also for minimizing the deaths of those same helpless seniors. Impeachment can’t come soon enough for either of them.

Good night, and get fucked!

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Kitties survive Hurricane Irma

Caroline from Kitten School (and the 12 felines who share her home — eight her own, plus four foster kitties) are safe and sound, but the house is definitely worse for wear. Caroline cares for feral and homeless kittens, socializing and training them so they can be adopted shortly. Irma’s a definite setback, but it looks like the kitties are thriving, thanks to their human foster-mom’s diligent care.

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How sexism works against abuse victims

A little something from the other side of the pond caught my eye this morning. And promptly made me see red. See if you can guess what it is before I tell you…

The child sex victim of an Asian grooming gang was told by a government body she was not entitled to compensation because she had “consented” to her abuse.

Sammy Woodhouse, who was just 14 when she was first groomed, has disclosed how the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) initially refused to make a payment to her.

In a letter turning down her request for compensation, the CICA official told Ms Woodhouse: “I am not satisfied that your consent was falsely given as a result of being groomed by the offender.

“The evidence does not indicate that you were manipulated or progressively lured into a false relationship.”

If you know anything about this story, you probably know already what’s wrong with this quote. Sammy Woodhouse was, in fact, manipulated and lured into a false relationship. She was, by definition, groomed into sexual slavery as a child. The story has been a scandal in Britain for years, and this refusal of compensation just underscores further how scandalous it is.

But if you think THAT’s bad, wait a bit. While Sammy Woodhouse, who clearly was a victim of grooming by a gang of sexual abusers and pimps, couldn’t get compensation…guess who could?

The CICA, which is a taxpayer-funded scheme, is under mounting criticism. The Telegraph has disclosed how it had made huge compensation payments of up to £50,000 to a fantasist called Nick, who had falsely claimed he had been the victim of a paedophile gang that included a former prime minister, a home secretary, a general and spy chiefs.

Nick is now under investigation for fraud although the CICA has no simple mechanism for reclaiming the money paid out.

So yeah, that happened. A “fantasist” who concocted a wild tale got 50,000 pounds sterling even with no charges ever being laid or made to stick in court, but an actual rape victim has yet to see a single farthing.

Couldn’t be because the “fantasist” was male, eh? Gee, if only Sammy had been Samuel, a boy instead of a girl. Then nobody would have questioned her right to a payout that would perhaps cover the cost of meds and counselling for her trauma.

But, alas, Sammy was a girl at the time of the grooming and abuse. So she won’t see a cent. Because, as everybody knows, a woman is always to blame for everything that happens to her ever, while males of all ages are just the innocent victims…even when they’re not.

And even an under-age girl isn’t off the hook. She’s to blame, too. Who cares if she was 14 when the bogus “relationship” began, and just 15 when she got pregnant from it? Apparently the physical signs of sexual maturity are all the “consent” the rapists needed. Her lack of information and the resultant inability to consent are not even worth taking into account. She has a teenage girl’s body, one that menstruates and can get pregnant? She’s fair game. A greedy guy makes up a vast and high-powered pedophile ring out of whole cloth? He’s innocent. Boys will be boys!

The problem with all this sexism under law (and compensation) is that it has very real repercussions. It can even be the literal death of a victim:

Ms Woodhouse said the letter had made her feel suicidal. “It’s disgusting,” she told The Telegraph, “I could have killed myself when I read that. They were saying it was my fault that I was a victim of rape and abuse from the age of 14.”

But then again, I’m sure that if she HAD killed herself, people would just have written Sammy Woodhouse off as yet another crazy bitch who just got a bunch of innocent guys into trouble for her own gain. Because that’s the way this shit works. That’s the way it has ALWAYS worked.

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Always ask before grabbing a pussy.

Hey, Donnie! Your Uncle Vicente from Mexico has a message for you:

Now, personally, I didn’t like this dude much when he was president of Mexico. Too right-wing. Too dumb. Too much the Mexican equivalent of Dubya Bush (and mang, is it AMAZING how much Donnie has managed to make Dubya look smart and likeable, too!) But I have to say this: Since he took up TV comedy, Vicente Fox Quesada has definitely come into his own.

Maybe Donnie should take notes.

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Music for a Sunday: And the honeymoon bride began to cry…

The only song that seemed appropriate right now, with three of them raging in various parts of the North Atlantic and the Caribbean.

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Wankers of the Week: Here comes Irma!


Crappy weekend, everyone! And an especially crappy one, no doubt, for everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma. May you all find safe shelter quickly, and may you lose nothing of value…unless you are a grifter-turned-presidunce or a right-wing politician or pundit specializing in climate-change denial. In which case, you totally fucking deserve the shitstorm that’s coming your way, particularly the ridicule. And here’s who else is getting what’s coming to them this week, in no particular order:

1. Jeff Fucking Payne. Not content to overstep the limitations of his police badge by arresting a nurse who only did her job by the book, he decided to overstep the limitations of his paramedic badge, too. And made the mistake of announcing just how mean, vindictive and stupid he is on his own bodycam. At this rate, he’ll be lucky to get hired as a dogcatcher.

2. Danielle Fucking Bregoli. For the love of all that’s holy, I’m begging you…don’t call her “ratchet”. A ratchet is a rather useful device. This little shit isn’t good for a goddamn thing, and her 15 minutes are just about expired, thank Goddess. Back to school you go, girl.

3. John Fucking McNesby. So, Black Lives Matter bad, Nazi cops good? Yeah, that about sums HIM up. So much for the City of Brotherly Love…


4. Joel Fucking Osteen. Telling people who’ve lost everything not to have a “victim mentality”? Gee, that sounds just like something a professional scamster posing as a “prosperity gospel” preacher would do! Can you NOT?

5. Jeff Fucking Sessions. Who the fucking fuckity fuck gets giddy at the prospect of deporting people who’ve done nothing to deserve it? THIS GUY. Who deserves the infamous “imprecatory prayer” to be said for him, right along with his equally racist boss and veep.

6. Jake Fucking Shaw. No, shooting a photojournalist is not “just doing my job”, officer. Remember who else made that excuse in vain?


7. Gareth Fucking Roberts. Well, well. Look who used to write for Doctor Who…and who just burned his last bridge to ever doing so again. Gonna go out on a limb here and say that he probably won’t have an awful lot of LGBT fans from now on, either.

8. Louise Fucking Richardson. If it’s not your job as vice-chancellor at Oxford to stop homophobia from poisoning the learning environment for students — then WHOSE IS IT??? And seriously — since when is it a student’s job to reform a fucked-up prof? Since NEVER. You have the power to fire the toxic ones, and you won’t. That’s fucking irresponsible. And the excuse that students shouldn’t be “sheltered” from bigotry is wearing awfully thin in a world where the bigots are the REAL sheltered ones…and they’re running out of cover, as they damn well should. So…why are you shielding them with institutional protection, again?

9. Paul Fucking Ryan. He was against the repeal of DACA before he was for it. If you ever wondered whether there are any consistent beliefs or principles in the far Repugnican right, you now have your answer, and it is a resounding NOOOOOOOO!


10. Rush Fucking Limbaugh. Climate change, just a ginned-up media “panic” to sell shit? Tell that to all the people who are being ordered to pay rent on properties where they can’t live, Rusty. That is, if you can still talk when they pull their fists out of what’s left of your teeth. And if I had my druthers, you’d be arrested for spreading disinformation that’s getting people killed. As well as for selling completely unnecessary shit. PS: And look who’s biting his tongue now that the “hoax” is proving all too real. And local. Ha, ha!

11. Ronald Fucking Coyne. He burned money in front of a homeless man…and he’ll be allowed back to Cambridge this fall. Not only did he abuse his privileges, he hasn’t the fuckingest clue just how many damn privileges he’s had that he can get away with abusing, endlessly, until the day they nail his coffin shut. Now THAT’s privilege!

12. Morris Fucking White. Pepper-spraying a trans person? Why no, that won’t get you arrested at ALL, snowflake! Aaaaand there go your rights, just like that. Good job!


13. Louise Fucking Linton. Because nothing says “I’m sorry” like your publicist…or those ravishing ballgowns you posed in for your latest shoot. Which, I assume, is what you were angling for when you put all those designer hashtags on your last Instagram. Pity that all the designer raiment in the world won’t cover the hot, flyblown mess that is your soul.

14. Jim Fucking Bakker. Hurricane Irma is coming — quick, everyone, look busy! And whatever you do, don’t buy his buckets-o-crap!

15. Theresa Fucking May. Pack your bags and be quick about it. Don’t make the nice nurses do it for you!


16. Hillary Fucking Clinton. Blaming Bernie Sanders for her loss? What chutzpah, considering that she cheated HIM out of a primary AND a presidency. And it’s thanks to her that we have Donnie Fucking Drumpf. Even though Bernie, despite being cheated, helped her campaign. Yeah, I’m listing her for that, and I’m NOT with her. DEAL WITH IT.

17. Larry Fucking Bucshon. No, dude, you know what’s a disgusting attempt to devalue human life? You, as a doctor, trying to keep people from getting healthcare..and to forbid women from getting needed medical procedures just because they happen to terminate a pregnancy. Sending you Sour Patch Kids candy as a protest, though? That’s brilliant. And apropos. And SWEET.

18. Eleftherios Fucking Tatsis. Demanding that gay people and people voting in favor of same-sex marriage be shot? What the hell kind of Christianity is THAT? Oh, I see…YOU get to be “only human”, but LGBT+ people don’t. Very convenient!


19. Chris Fucking Sevier. Waaa, waaaa, nobody wants to recognize your “marriage” to your computer? Well, that’s because your computer is not another person. And since you only did it to underscore what you think is wrong with same-sex marriage, well…I guess what you’re saying is that gay people aren’t people? In which case…what is there to prevent me saying that your “marriage” is invalid because it’s between two non-people, too? I mean, you’re not acting exactly HUMAN, are you?

20. Grady Fucking Judd. Oh sure, sheriff, you’re only doing your job. And your job, it seems, is making sure that non-white people in trouble with the law go to jail…or die in a hurricane, is that it? And then whining that your words have been “misconstrued”? Diddums.

21. Jeff Fucking Sessions. Still trying to jail a CodePink woman just for laughing at your inane KKKeebler Elf bullshit? Somebody sure has a thin skin.


22. Owen Fucking Shroyer. That bright little girl whose smart mama taught her how to cuss? She’s right. You ARE a fucking idiot. You can’t even get her gender right! PS: Ha, ha. Surrrrre, Owen, we believe you! PPS: And a double ha-ha to yer dumbass boss, too.

23. Peggy Fucking Noonan. You want people to leave standing a bunch of janky participation trophies, erected by racists giving the stink-finger to human rights, in honor of other racist, slave-owning losers who fucking seceded over the right to own slaves, and who are too dead to appreciate them anyway? You, madam, are a fucking idiotess.

24. Tomi Fucking Lahren. Ooooooo! Guess whose great-great-grandpa was an illegal immigrant? Yup. HERS. And now, she’s a hypocrite. Ha, ha!


25. Nigel Fucking Farage. Guess who’s about to speechify to a bunch of neo-Nazis in Germany? Yup. THIS guy. And he’ll be doing it at Spandau, no less.

26. Dinesh D’Fucking Souza. His latest libelous tome might as well be titled “Blame George Soros: The Book”. Because basically, that’s what it is. (Well, all right, maybe that’s not ALL it is. It should also be subtitled “The New and Unimproved Protocols of the Elders of Zion”.)

27. Doug Fucking Schweitzer. A $15 minimum wage means “employers won’t hire”? Bull-fucking-SHIT. If they can’t afford workers, they can’t be in business; it’s as simple as that. They CAN afford them, however, and the only thing that will suffer as a result of fairer pay is their profit margin. Which was more than healthy before. (Remember, profit is nothing but unpaid wages, not given to those to whom they are owing.) And if you don’t believe me, just take a trip to Seattle sometime and see how they, with both a $15 minimum wage (in US dollars!) AND a socialist city council member, are making out. (Spoiler: They’re doing great.)


28. Aung San Fucking Suu Kyi. It pains me to list her, but list her I must. The Rohingya Muslims of Burma deserve better from her, whom they used to support when she was the persecuted one. And really, when even Desmond Tutu is calling you out, you HAVE to know just how badly you’ve fucked up. PS: If you haven’t already…sign, sign, SIGN. Don’t turn a blind eye to it like she did.

29. Ann Fucking Coulter. Last week’s wank is this week’s own-goal. Ha, ha!

30. Kirk Fucking Cameron. Hurricane Irma is just God flexing his muscles and being a fuckheaded egotistical brat trying to show us who’s boss? Sounds to me like somebody’s projecting his own cockamamie ideas onto nature, AGAIN.


And finally, to all the fucking evangelical preachers who think God “sends” hurricanes to punish gay people. Never mind that most of the people in the paths of hurricanes are NOT gay (something like 90% of them, in fact). Never mind, indeed, that a lot of them are just as devoutly and fundamentalistically Christian as yourselves (after all, we ARE talking about the US south here, and also all the fundies in the various Caribbean islands, with the notable exception of Cuba, where such bullshit doesn’t fly, thanks to excellent public education and that terrible, TERRIBLE Marxist Castro-communism we keep hearing so much about). Never mind that the supposedly too gay-friendly Houston is also the home of Joel Fucking Osteen and countless other homophobic preachers just like you. Never mind, indeed, that the places in the world where same-sex marriage is legal already tend to be well out of hurricane country and God isn’t punishing THEM. No, you all keep believing that bullshit you preach. Your audience is diminishing, as is your political influence, and I’m sure hurricanes will play their own part in the diminution of it. After all, you’re too superstitious to recognize that science has a better explanation for why ‘canes hit there, and why they’re getting worse. You quite deserve to lose all your tithe-paying believers. It’s just a pity you’re not losing them fast enough.

Good night, and get fucked!

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