Quotable: Neil Gaiman on “political correctness”


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Cowardly racist boneheads get beatdown in Sacramento

Snurk. Are these the brave “Sacramento Spartans” that all the racist tweeter-twits have been going on and on and on about? Apparently. According to Antifa International, here’s what REALLY went down:

After loudly declaring a neo-nazi “mega rally” that they claimed would attract 150+ racist scum to the California state capital, the Traditional Workers’ Party and Golden State SkinBoneheads managed to bring out maybe twenty people. Even TWP chairman Matthew Heimbac couldn’t be bothered to show up, possibly because he prefers sucker-punching black women at Trump rallies to not behaving like a total coward.

400+ antifa spent most of the afternoon running the boneheads right the fuck out of town. Unfortunately, six antifa had to receive medical treatment for stab wounds or blunt force trauma after been stabbed by bigots – none of whom were arrested despite attempting to murder people in full view of hundreds of well-armed cops. The po-po were much more concerned with getting the nazis home safe than stopping them from stabbing people. You know what they say: cops & the Klan go hand-in-hand.

The neo-Nazi/Drumpfite twitsy-tweeters are also insisting that the Antifa members were stabbed with their own knives by the oh-so-brave “Spartans” of the white supremacist gang. I find that hard to believe: Six of them, all somehow overpowered by the grossly outnumbered Nazis?

And nowhere on any antifa site that I’ve read so far was there any word of antifa demonstrators with knives, nor do any of the videos I’ve seen show them carrying any. When they attack the fascists, it’s with sticks, stones, and their own sheer numbers and lightning speed. I can only surmise that the Nazis came armed with those knives themselves, anticipating a fight. Because they’re so oppressed as white people, don’tcha know?

I find this all supremely ironic, especially this tweet by their Fearless Leader (who, as noted above, was absent that day):


Such a funny guy, that Matt. Projecting onto BLM what he and his bullyboys are actually up to themselves. You owe me an irony meter, guys, you just wrecked mine.

Well, they got their fight, all right…but if the flag-waving guy above is any indication, they came out looking worse, and not having scored any real victories even in the propaganda department, which I’m sure was the other aim of their pitiful little rally. I don’t see any rush of eager joiners inspired by the “courage” of the “Spartans”, do you?

And the boneheads sure as fuck do not look like the brave “alpha” males they’re posing as. If you have to stab unarmed people you claim are “oppressing” you, Nazi boys, you’re already losers going in. No one is fooled. You’ve just made Antifa look like the real badasses they are. And you’ve proved your own arguments completely bass-ackwards, too. If you have to murder those speaking out against you (which is free speech too, like it or not), you’re the real Nazis. Period.

PS: Antifa is raising funds to cover the medical expenses of the injured protesters. You can donate and follow their live updates here.

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Clip ‘n’ Save: A short history of European Union referenda

Next time someone says Brexit will be binding, it might be a good idea to show them this:


And please, do enjoy all the spluttering that ensues.

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It was 6 years ago today…

…that jackbooted fascism broke loose on the streets of Toronto:

“This ain’t Canada right now” shouldn’t be an excuse. The police are still making excuses for their behavior to this day, and their lies aren’t washing. Hold them accountable, people. This IS still Canada, and has never stopped being. And it’s up to us, not the people in uniform but the ordinary Canadians, to ensure that it stays a free country.

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Music for a Sunday: From Land’s End to John O’Groats…

…from Charles the First to Charles the Second to Charles the Third:

There go I but for the grace of God.

And speaking of snarky British pop songs from 30-odd years ago that have taken on a whole new meaning since the Brexit vote, here’s another:

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Wankers of the Week: Thoughts ‘n’ Prayers


Crappy weekend, everyone! This week, I’m dead tired of all the bullshit going down. I’m in a contemplative frame of mind, and you know what that calls for? That’s right, thoughts ’n’ prayers! So, with no further ado and in no particular order, here’s who I’m thinking of and praying for this week:

1. Erick Fucking Erickson. “Scrub the gay from the Orlando Massacre”? Um, how about NO? And how about we scrub you from the airwaves, the internet, and the consciousness of the world at large instead, since you’re worse than useless anyway?

2. Kevin Fucking Swanson. So, the gays of Orlando “had it coming”? Well, I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming. Hopefully a revocation of whatever licence you’re broadcasting under, for starters. And preferably even more humiliating and career-ending things to come, since people who talk like you tend to be harboring the most perverted secrets of all.

3. Sean Fucking Hannity. Oh, shut UP, Baby Jeebus. Your biggest problem isn’t “radical Islamists”, it’s radical right-wing shitferbrains…like YOU.


4. Kenneth Fucking Lewis. He wanted Orlando “leveled” because, in his words, it’s “a melting pot of 3rd world miscreants and ghetto thugs…void of culture”. And that’s not the first time he’s shown his racist ass, either. He’s out now, and good fucking riddance.

5. Scott Fucking Baio. Chachi, Chachi, Chachi. I can’t tell whether you’re washed-up, a has-been, or just a natural-born loser. One thing’s for sure, though: You haven’t aged well. PS: Go ahead and sue me…if you can find me, MORON.

6. Ted Fucking Nugent. “Sexy gals”, you say? Your concert tix are going for a fraction of their original face value. Somehow, I doubt that the crème des femmes is going to be showing up. And if they’re skinny, it’s because of all the meth they do just in order to be able to tolerate your drivel.


7. Jesse Fucking Price. No, God’s wrath isn’t falling on the gays. But the people’s wrath is falling on YOU, and deservedly so…as much for your shitty sign-writing skills as for your rampant homophobia.

8. Donnie Fucking Romero. Uh, you do realize that not all the 50 victims of Orlando were gay men, right? One of them was the mother of a dozen kids, and there with her gay son. Careful with the gloating and the ugly prayers lest Karma rise up to bite you in the ass.

9. Larry Fucking Pratt. No, alcohol doesn’t cause gun massacres. All of them have only one thing in common, and it’s not a bottle of booze.


10. Bill Fucking Donohue. The Catholic Church isn’t a person. It can’t be raped. Children, on the other hand, can…and guess who’s doing it to them more than just about anyone?

11. Lisa Fucking Raitt. Hey millennial kids! Forget about there being a CPP when you get old enough to need it. Lisa wants you to drive cars for a crapitalist “sharing economy” giant until you drop dead in your walkers. How’s that for motivation?

12. Ted Fucking Falk. Not going to Pride? Not a good look. Demanding to be respected for being a fundie jackass way behind the times? That’s a wank!


13. Wayne Fucking LaPierre. Look out, world. The Peter has finally lost what little mind he had left. Now he’s reduced to babbling paranoid nonsense. This is enough to make me wish somebody would actually come for their guns.

14. Tana Fucking Goertz. “Money is not a problem” for Der Drumpf? That’s funny. He’s been reduced to “emergency” fund-raising for a campaign he claimed was “self-funding”. And he won’t release his tax forms, probably because they’ll show that he’s not, in fact, a billionaire or anything close to it. I’d say that money is, indeed, a problem for him. Indeed, the root of all his problems. At this rate, you’ll probably want to go back to shilling for Bedazzlers, they’re worth more than he is. Ha, ha.

15. Sandy Fucking Rios. Meanwhile, this is how we really know Der Drumpf is losing. When his unhinged “Christian” supporters urge killing in the name of Wingnut Jesus — oh sorry, DRUMPF — you just know he’s going down in flames, and taking them all with him.


16. Jon Fucking Ralston. Booted out by PBS for lying like a dirty rug about Bernie Sanders supporters — oh sorry, “Berniebots” — in Vegas? A fine “reporter” YOU turned out to be, Jono. Next time, try verifying your sources’ claims…you know, like a REAL reporter. Don’t make Snopes do your work for you.

17. David Fucking Barton. You think women shouldn’t vote? I think you shouldn’t open your mouth. Ever. Again.

18. Howard Fucking Sparber. The only thing scarier than Florida Man…is Florida Man with a hard-on. Or a hate-on. With Florida Man, it’s always hard to tell the difference.


19. Rick Fucking Tyler. “Make America White Again”? Well, THERE’s a Drumpfite who’s at least honest about his racism. Too bad he’s wrong about his history. America, the continent, was never white, and the United States, the country, was never white, either. There is no “again” about it. These people are talking genocide, and it’s time to shut them all down.

20. Pat Fucking Robertson. Oh Patwa, go home, you’re drunk! (Again!) Because if you really thought God was going to punish women for having abortions, and doctors for doing them, you keep forgetting who’s the biggest abortionist of them all…and, hint-hint, it’s the sky-pixie that brings on all the miscarriages and kills off fertilized eggs before they can even implant!

21. Marco Fucking Rubio. First he wasn’t seeking re-election. Now he IS? Well, in the end, it’s the people who will decide…and if they’re at all smart, they will decide that they are sick of his shit. Including all the flippy-floppy.


22. Steve Fucking King. Oh, you’re a conservative, are you? You like to keep what you have, do you? You like rampant gun violence? You like racism? Oh wait…you say you don’t like racism, because racism, according to your brand new conservative definition, is “trying to identify people by categories”? Well, duh, people are often identified by categories anyoldhow, and “liberal activism” has piss-all to do with that. It’s as old as the hills, as is stupidity. And excluding people by categories falls squarely under conservative stupidity, too. And that’s the only thing you’re truly conserving when you try to keep Harriet Tubman’s face off the twenty-dollar bill.

23. Ken Fucking Ham. At this rate, his Ark-park will probably never open. And that’s a very good thing. Because it sounds like he’s an absolute shit to work for.

24. Davis Fucking Aurini. Still babbling. Still knows nothing. Still making no sense. Still an asshole. And that’s why he’s still not getting any girls.


25. Bill Fucking Keebler. No, he’s not a cookie-baking elf. He’s yet another Bundyite toy-army whackjob, and now he’s in jail for trying to blow up a government building. Oh yeah, and although the major media aren’t calling him that, he’s also a would-be terrorist and recruiter of terrorists. Who, thankfully, got arrested before he could carry his terror plans out.

26. Zack Fucking Thomas. The only thing dumber than a ranting racist Drumpfite is a crybaby racist Drumpfite. And this guy has gone from dumb to dumber in the space of a day. So dumb, in fact, that he forgets that we’ve all seen his neo-Nazi tattoo (it covers his entire back), and no one believes his “I’m not racist” bawling for an instant.

27. Scott Fucking Adams. Dude. We get it. You don’t like V-neck sweaters. So don’t wear them, then. And STFU about it!


28. Tony Fucking Robbins. Well, how about that. The Big Kahuna of motivational speakers…is not a real kahuna. At ALL. And 30 poor fools spent a fortune to get their feet burned on one of his “power-unleashing” fake firewalks, by real hot coals. Here’s your motivational thought for the day, folks: If a real Hawaiian Kahuna isn’t conducting the ceremony, save your money…and your soles, too!

29. Steven Fucking Anderson. Awwwww. Duzzums haz a mad ‘cause yer money train got derailed? Diddums! Ha, ha.

30. Donald Fucking Drumpf. Why?


That’s why. And on a related note, ¡VIVA ESCOCIA, CARAJOOOOO! Ja, ja, ja.

And finally, to Ernest Fucking Bothi, and all the right-wing oilpatch assholes who thought it would be cute to have a picture of Rachel Notley — the popular NDP premier of Alberta — as a target on their mini-golf course. Because batting balls at a woman’s face is such a civilized alternative to target-shooting with AR-15 not-deer rifles, isn’t it? Oh, and nice nopology too. And nice reference to communism! What decade are you living in, asshole? “I’m sorry IF” is not an apology, and the NDP are a long way from communism. Which, by now, is looking downright good, because what you sexist murder-mongering crapitalists have on offer isn’t worth wiping my ass on anymore. ANY of it.

And if you don’t like MY free speech, here’s all I have to say to you:

Good night, and get fucked!

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OAS chief meddling in Venezuela…AGAIN.


“I’m Not Almagro”, reads the paper-bag mask. Is anyone buying it? If so, I have a lovely bridge in Brooklyn that I’m looking to unload…

Well might a certain OAS chief be wanting to bag his face. Because what happened recently is nothing short of a whole basket of eggs, liberally applied not only to his own face, but those of all the member states who sat in on THIS latest fiasco:

On Thursday, the Organization of American States (OAS) ended its session of debate over whether or not to apply the Democratic Charter to Venezuela without taking any decision on the matter, which may in practice be termed an “archived event”.

The meeting took place amid harsh accusations on the part of the representatives of Venezuela, under the auspices of foreign minister Delcy Rodríguez, as well as Bolivia and Nicaragua, against the secretary-general, Luis Almagro, who at times provoked general sarcasm with his intemperate laughs, and was out when the representatives of progressive governments of the region gave their speeches, such as during the embarrassing case denounced by Ecuador in mid-session.

The 34 member states heard Almagro’s questionable 125-page report on the political and social crises in Venezuela, and received serious observations regarding the non-inclusion of official figures from organisms such as CEPAL, as well as the redaction of the same.

When the speeches were over, there was no call for voting to decide if the process of applying the Charter would proceed.

It’s up in the air as to whether this debate will resume, and when it might occur, because the session brought no announcement concerning it. That is, it was a session over nothing, whatever the intentions of Almagro who, one might add, impeded with this meeting that the OAS were present in Cuba for the signing of the bilateral ceasefire between the FARC and the government of Colombia.

Translation mine.

So, there you go. The OAS seems to be going out of its way to smear Venezuela, as well as its progressive allies in Latin America and the Caribbean. Why else spend all this time wrangling over nothing, and in so doing, fail to attend the historic peace treaty between the Colombian government and the FARC, who have been locked in a bitter civil war for more than five decades? While the news is full of bogus and smelly items about how Venezuelans are starving (read: being starved out with putschist intent by their own fascist oligarchs, not Chavismo), the making of some serious history in Colombia is being swept under the rug, along with Venezuela’s own key role in it (remember, Chavecito was one of the peace-brokers, back when he was still well enough to participate!)

In the end, the only thing that got accomplished at this latest OAS session is yet another sorry demonstration of why the OAS needs to die, and something more honest and progressive needs to replace it, pronto.

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It was 50 years ago today…


…that Fabricio Ojeda, journalist and revolutionary, died under hinky, stinky circumstances in military custody:

The news upset the land: Fabricio Ojeda, political leader, opposition deputy, and president of the Patriotic Junta which brought down the dictatorship of Marcos Pérez Jiménez, captured five days before by the Armed Forces Intelligence Service (SIFA), was found dead in his cell under strange circumstances.

The event occurred 50 years ago today: On June 21, 1966, in the midst of the 4th Republic period.

Raúl Leoni, social democrat of the Acción Democrática party, was president of Venezuela, in a coalition with two other parties of the era, COPEI (social Christian) and the Democratic Republican Union (URD), heirs of Venezuelan “yellow liberalism”, from the 19th century, constituted the régime of the “broad base”.

The official word was that Fabricio, 38 years old, had hung himself in his cell.

The then minister of defence, General Ramón Florencio Gómez, gave out a statement in which he said: “We were the first to lament the occurrence.”

However, his co-religionists and all the people knew that Fabricio Ojeda “was persecuted, imprisoned, tortured and murdered by the Punto Fijo democracy”, as Luis Berrizbeitia says in the the prologue of the book, The Death of Fabricio Ojeda, by José Antonio Solórzano León.

As a reporter for the daily newspaper, El Nacional, for which he covered the government, Fabricio Ojeda was the anonymous and clandestine president of the Patriotic Junta, which brought down the government on January 23, 1958.

Upon the installation of the “democratic régime” of the pact of Punto Fijo, signed in New York by directors Rómulo Betancourt (AD), Rafael Caldera (COPEI), and Jóvito Villalba (URD), Fabricio Ojeda was elected deputy for the URD, but on June 30, 1962, disgusted by the betrayal of those parties of the ideas of freedom and justice which headed the fight against the dictatorship, he resigned from the Chamber of Deputies with an emotional speech and went into the mountains, where the guerrillas of the Armed Forces of National Liberation (FALN) were already operating.

In contact with guerrilla chiefs Douglas Bravo and Argimiro Gabaldón, Ojeda was named commander of the recently created José Antonio Páez Front. Late in 1962, he was captured and sentenced to 18 years in prison, but he managed to escape the Trujillo jail where they had confined him.

Four years later, on June 17, 1966, Fabricio Ojeda once more fell into the hands of the government of Raúl Leoni.

On one occasion, Fabricio Ojeda said: “If I die it doesn’t matter, others will come later who will pick up our rifles and our flag to continue with dignity what is ideal, and will know of our people.”

In one of the speeches of our eternal Comandante, Hugo Chávez, recalling the emancipatory deeds of Fabricio Ojeda, said: “They killed Fabricio Ojeda, murdered him vilely…We pay tribute to that great revolutionary, martyr of our people…Great thinker who traded his seat in parliament for the mountains.”

After Ojeda’s murder, Venezuelan revolutionaries established June 21 as the Day of the Martyrs.

Translation mine.

Fabricio Ojeda’s words proved prophetic. Chavecito did, indeed, take up the banner and the arms that the Venezuelan hill-guerrillas dropped when the forces of so-called democracy destroyed their camps. He did so almost 100% literally; as a young officer of the Venezuelan army, sent to fight guerrillas near the Colombian border, Hugo Chávez found to his dismay and consternation that there were no guerrillas left for him and his troops to fight. Only humble peasants, literally dirt-poor. The ostensibly democratic army was beating and murdering the poorest of the Venezuelan people for no reason. Chávez put a stop to that, and developed a healthy relationship between the army and the local campesinos, one that became the foundation for his later phenomenal rapport with poor Venezuelans in general. He also found an abandoned car, riddled with bullet holes, that had belonged to the guerrillas. In the trunk was a treasure trove of Marxist literature. He rescued the books, cleaned and repaired them…and read them. And that was how he came to know the thoughts of Fabricio Ojeda, and gained the respect of other former guerrillas, including Douglas Bravo, who still lives to this day.

As do Fabricio and Chavecito…in the people’s hearts.

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The Harper legacy of C-51: Gone, but not forgotten…



Yes, that’s right. We’re still living under this. Gotta keep holding the government’s feet to the fire…

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Music for a Sunday: One for all the badly-raised kids…

…because not all dads are good dads, even on this day. (Jeebus, just look at Brock Fucking Turner. Enabler much, dad?)

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