Yon-Yon gets detained!

Diosdado Cabello, lighting it up at a PSUV rally in Barinas with a truth-bomb.

Well, well. What have we here? Oh, nothing…just another “peaceful” Venezuelan oppo, doing what peaceful protesters do:

The vice-president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, informed that in the early morning hours, opposition director Yon Goicoechea was detained, and was found in possession of fuses for explosives.

Cabello stated that the explosive elements the opposition director had were to be used in the right-wing opposition march, slated for Thursday, September 1.

Translation mine.

So there you go. Sweet, innocent little Yon-Yon, whom the Washington imperialists pegged for their Great White Hope (well, as white as it gets in mostly-brown Venezuela!), turns out to be a money-grubbing terrorist after all. Just like all the other pitiyankis…

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Music for a Sunday: Here, have my freakin’ earworm.

Ahem. Sorry for that, but the only way I can get an earworm out of my head is to get it into somebody else’s. And that somebody, today…is YOU. Ha, ha.

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Wankers of the Week: Burkinis and burks and barf, oh my!


Crappy weekend, everyone! Well, how about that burkini ban. It got a hard beatdown in the French courts today — a moment of sanity, albeit an increasingly rare and tenuous one, given the tone of the times. France is under siege from fascists masquerading as secularists, hélas. And the xenophobia is as visible as heatwaves off the streets. And so is the wankery…which is partout, mes ami(e)s. And this week it’s coming from the following, in no particular order:

1. Thomas Fucking Estes. Hooray! Another rapist gets away with it, thanks to rape culture…and this judge, who thinks it would have spoiled his “college experience” to convict and sentence him as the sex offender he is. And what about the college experience of the rapist’s two victims? Well, that’s different, see, because women and girls are just sluts! And therefore, their college experiences are disposable.

2. Thomas Fucking Rooke. Same shit, ‘nother rape-culture-perpetuating asshole. This one, of course, is the offender’s slimy defence attorney. And no, raping an incapacitated girl is never just “a mistake”. The rapist waited, on purpose, until they passed out before he jumped on them. That tells me that he knew exactly what he was doing, and frankly, SHOULD be deprived of his “college experience”, i.e. his free pass to go right out and do it all over again.

3. Eric Fucking Drumpf. Wow, isn’t it amazing what Syrian refugees can do? They can even travel back four decades in time and cause wages to stagnate! And of course, crapitalism — the real culprit — somehow vanishes whenever one of them is in the building! I tell ya, Syrians are magic, y’all.


4. Angela Fucking Kaaihue. There’s a word for people like her in Hawaiian, and it’s pupule.

5. Dan Fucking Bongino. Meanwhile, in Florida, the WangState Whackjobbery is still going strong…so strong, in fact, that a whackjob from well out of state wants to run for congresscritter there. And when called on it, he really hits the fan.

6. Ben Fucking Kautz. And north of the 49th Parallel, we also have our share of racist wankers, unfortunately. And they’re trying to blame it on the fact that they’re farmers, and farmers get robbed out west. Oddly enough, though, they never seem to blame white people for it, even though they’re probably well over-represented among actual property thieves. Instead, they’re all too happy to make excuses for a racist murderer who shot an indigenous guy for daring to come to his door to phone for help when his car tire went flat.


7. John Fucking Fisher, Jr. Ever wonder what it takes to be a politically-incorrect, plain-talkin’ teabagger for Jeebus in Alabama? Well, if this guy’s any indication, it sure helps to run your own meth lab.

8. J. Michael Fucking Pearson. And if you ever wondered why I despise Big Pharma and believe that corporate capitalism should be taken out of the drug-manufacturing game, look no further than this guy, who seems to be trying to out-compete PharmaBro Martin Fucking Shkreli for the title of Most Despised Drug Manufacturing CEO.

9. Kathleen Fucking Wynne. Sadly, privatizing Hydro is still a bad idea for Ontario…and offering First Nations a pittance of its profits is doubly insulting. Not to mention that it smacks of vote buying, which is illegal.


10. Tarek Fucking Fatah. Never start a beef with a rapper, ol’ son. Oh wait…too late, you already did, and came out looking worse for it. Ha, ha.

11. Ryan Fucking Lochte. How’s it feel to be kicked out of the pool boys’ club? Or to lose all those endorsements? Or to be — horrors!SONGIFIED? Gee, wouldn’t it have been easier just to not drink so damn much, or at least to ‘fess up in time? PS: Oh ye Gods, this man is soooooo duuuuuuumb. “Be a man in the morning”? What the fuck does that even MEAN?

12. Donald Fucking Drumpf. Funny how “self-funding” has turned into self-serving and self-dealing. It’s almost like that was the plan all along, eh? Oh, and guess what: Drumpf Tower was built by undocumented aliens! And yes, he picked them out himself…and then stiffed them! Some “Art of the Deal”, eh?


13. Mike Fucking Cernovich. Oh noes, Hillary Clinton wore a wool coat on a cool day down East! And long pants! This must mean she’s hiding something! Or maybe it’s because it was kind of chilly out, and she likes to dress warmly instead of catching pneumonia in the damp cool of the Atlantic shores. And maybe it’s because Juicebro’s brain is liquefied and he’s trying hard to spin it like she’s the sick one.

14. Rush Fucking Limbaugh. And speaking of sick: What is up with the Pigman lately? His obsession with imaginary lesbian farmers is quite unhealthy, don’t you think? Oh, I see…must be because his radio shitshow is continuing to tank! More OxyContin, stat!

15. Heather Fucking Bresch. And sicker yet: The CEO of the company that manufactures the EpiPen has hiked the product’s price by 500% (and put allergy sufferers that much more at risk of death), only to give herself an $18 million raise. Why is this shit not illegal? If anyone dies as a result of this greedhead’s avarice, she should be charged with murder. PS: Oh yeah, and one more thing: The EpiPen was developed with taxpayer money. Isn’t that grounds for government expropriation of the factory, then? If not, it should be! PPS: And BOOM. Ha, ha. And a ha, ha, ha.


16. Tony Fucking Perkins. God flooded your house, Tony…is there something in your closet that we should know about? And no, God’s “love” has nothing to do with it!

17. Nigel Fucking Farage. Back to Britain with you this instant, you fucking numpty-dumpty. And don’t come out of your hole again, EVER.

18. Stevie Fucking Bunn. Oh, Florida Man. It just wouldn’t be a wankapedia without you and your silly shenanigans, would it? No, it would not. Please carry on…although the only thing you’re likely to be tossing in jail is your cookies.


19. Simon Fucking Pelsmakher. In a hot hurry to defend Israel (and the odious Sue-Ann Fucking Levy) against all questioning voices? Don’t trip over your own big feet there, fella. Or stick them in your mouth, as it were. Otherwise, you might have to walk back, and it’s awfully hard to do that with your toes in your gob.

20. Christian Fucking Estrosi. “Just doing their jobs”? Where have I heard that before? Oh yeah…and it didn’t wash in Nürnberg, either. The city of Nice…isn’t nice if you’re a Muslima. And threatening to sue people for exposing police fascism is not exactly a stellar example of liberté, égalité, OR fraternité.

21. Patsy Fucking Capshaw Fucking Skipper. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how bug-eyed racist she is over a black candidate who beat her fair and square.


22. Ann Fucking Coulter. Because it’s been a while since I last mentioned the ever-more-irrelevant Coultergeist. And because she’s reaching for relevancy by getting ever more offensive, in this case toward disabled people. Fuck you, Ann.

23. Katrina Fucking Pierson. So let’s see if I got this twisty thing straight: Der Drumpf has changed his song on immigration…but not his dance? Is that how this saying-one-thing-but-meaning-something-else thing works?

24. Nicolas Fucking Sarkozy. Why?


That’s why. Controlling ‘winger men are liable to find ANYTHING provocative…even modest swimsuits! And, in case you forgot, this one married a supermodel, so he likes ‘em hot and nekkid, and he’s willing to back any law that forces women to be just that.

25. Julia Fucking Stakhiva. Oh, I’m sorry — WHO? No, seriously — WHO??? She is neither rich nor beautiful. She’s a bore and a con, a flimsy Instagram poser who somehow got her worthless butt on a worthless TV show. And now, you know who.

26 and 27. ACM Fucking Neto and Alice Fucking Portugal. No, you’re not brown, neither of you. You are white, white, whitey-white WHITE. Affirmative action doesn’t apply to you. Ruling-class colorism and cynicism, however, are another story.


28. Aryn Fucking Coyle. No, your darling daughter will NOT flunk out just because a trans girl who isn’t even in her class might get treated with a little equality. So stop using her to push discrimination. That’s as dumb and specious a Religious Reich argument as the idea that marriage will die just because gay people finally get to marry someone of the same sex and be treated with equality before law.

29. Andrea Fucking Hardie. Good lord, where to start with this fucking idiotess? Well, at least she dropped the braids, that’s a good start. But unfortunately, she’s still as much an asshole as ever, no matter her hairdo. And she can’t tell gay from straight, either. Wouldn’t it be a pip if her husband divorced her on the grounds that she’s a national embarrassment?

30. Ken Fucking Adkins. Well, well. What have we here? Another anti-gay pastor, outed as a child molester? Golly, who knew?


And finally, to Stephen Fucking Harper. Yes, he finally stepped down and retired today. I’d be happier, honestly, if he hadn’t done it after the danger of being called to testify in the Puffy Duffy trial had passed first. In fact, given his god-awful control-freakish (dare I say fascist? Yes, I do) tendencies, I’d have been happier if he’d done it ten years ago, minimum. But since he and Puffy got off scot-free, and Harpo is still drawing his “gold-plated” parliamentary pension (the same he criticized when he was just some lowly assclown in a Con-affiliated stink tank) as he sets up a “consulting” business (for whom, I wonder?), well…let’s just say he’s STILL wearing out his welcome, and might as well still be sitting in the PMO, for all the disgust he continues to inspire in me and other fucked-over Canadians who don’t enjoy the turn our country has taken since he began squatting on Parliament Hill. But hey…“so long”, Harpo, and DO let the door hit your ass on the way out. Please.

Good night, and get fucked!

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Quotable: Groucho Marx on politics


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Of burkinis and bans


“Hypocrisy on the beach: ‘We’re looking for ostentatious religious signs…’ ‘Have you seen any burkinis or veiled Muslim women?'”

Not wanting to be one of those suffocatingly silent white feminists who have no opinion (or worse, a veiled bigoted opinion) on the burkini ban in France, here is my opinion, like it or lump it:





Sorry for the ALL CAPS shouting, but it damn well had to be said. I hope it was loud and clear enough for all the people at the back.

Bonsoir, mes ami(e)s.

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Music for a Sunday: Didn’t come? It doesn’t matter.

The Hip in one of their final concerts. I looked for last night’s CBC footage from Kingston, but it hasn’t been posted yet. This is the next best thing. Enjoy!

PS: For those who want to donate in Gord’s honor to brain cancer research, here’s Sunnybrook Hospital’s official donation page.

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Wankers of the Week: The Drumpfington Monument


Crappy weekend, everyone! And a big bottle of eye-bleach to everyone who’s had the pleasure of viewing Der Drumpf in the buff, even if only as a chunk of butt-ugly statuary. You people have my most sincere sympathies. These people, in no particular order, get none of that:

1. Daryush Fucking Valizadeh. In a last desperate effort to make everyone forget that he actually lives in his mom’s basement, the Troll-King of Neomasculinity (same as the paleomasculinity, only rapier and stinkier) has not only grown a thicker, more grizzled beard; he’s also borrowed Paul Fucking Elam’s buggy eyes and is spouting wild conspiracy theories à la Alex Fucking Jones. At this rate, relevancy will not only continue to elude him, it will vanish down a black hole somewhere in outer space rather than get within striking distance of him.

2. Bryan Fucking Fischer. And speaking of desperate bids for an ever-retreating relevancy: How about him? Women are showing so much leadership ability lately that now he wants to ban it from everywhere. Good fuckin’ luck with that, ol’ son.

3. Bibi Fucking Netanyahu. Why?


That’s why. The chutzpah is off the friggin’ charts, people!

4. Theodore Fucking Beale. Black people are more radioactive than the A-bomb? Whaaat? Oh yeah, it’s “Vox Day”. Who never met an idiotic racist ‘winger trope he couldn’t take to the point of utter absurdity. And look like a squishy piece of bleached dog diarrhea while doing so.

5. Marcos Fucking Clay. He hates black people, but he has the hots for a female goalie who happens to be one? Oh yeah, and he’s MARRIED to one, too? Yeah, I bet his marriage is gonna go just swimmingly from now on. And I’m sure his “explanation” of racism (figment of your imagination, all in your head, blah blah) is gonna wash just great, too.

6. Josh Fucking Bowmar. Your survival does not hinge on torturing bears to death with an ineptly handled spear. Fuck off with that idiotic argument and just admit you’re a fucking sadist. And stay the fuck out of Canada, too. We don’t want your kind up here! PS: Ha, ha. Looks good on both of you.


7. Carol Fucking Everett. Who hands millions of taxpayer dollars to science-deficient whackjobs with a religious agenda for keeping women down with the power of lies? Texas, where everything’s big…including the waste and the idiocy it promotes. Just think of how much accurate, comprehensive sex education that money COULD have funded.

8. Rudy Fucking Giuliani. He’s gone from exploiting 9-11 to his own ends…to denying it ever existed. Kind of like Nazis and the Holocaust, no?

9. Simon Fucking Lokodo. No, trust me, gay guys don’t want your bigoted ass. But I bet you want theirs, don’t you?


10. David Fucking Leyonhjelm. Angry white man is angry over being accurately labelled as such. So angry, in fact, that now he wants to sue. For supposed discrimination, based on the fact that he’s white. Also angry. And did we mention he’s a man?

11. Eric Fucking Abetz. And, germane to #10, here’s another angry white man from Down Under who doesn’t understand the importance of accurate description and fair comment. It’s a LABEL, not a LIBEL, you fucking moron.

12. Donald Fucking Drumpf. He wants “extreme vetting” for immigrants? I have a better idea. How about extreme vetting for politicians?


13. Jonathan Fucking Papelbon. Who the hell is this guy? Whoever he is, he has terrible taste in music…and politics.

14. Andrea Fucking Hardie. Pink is not your color, and braids are not your style. For that matter, humanity is not your race. And what the hell are you doing back on the tweeter? Report this idiotess, folks. She’s a racist hatemonger.

15. Omarosa Fucking Manigault. No, Der Drumpf won’t win. And nobody will bow down to him, regardless. A country that prides itself on its freedoms is understandably reluctant to let THAT happen. Especially its black citizens, who have done more than their share of bowing to white masters anyway.


16. Al Fucking Baldasaro. You certainly have a strange idea of what constitutes freedom of speech. And a touchingly naive faith in your fellow ‘Muricans and their reluctance to commit terrorism based on the stupid shit that flies from your carelessly flapping lips, fella.

17. Darrell Fucking Scott. No, black people aren’t too dumb to understand satire, sarcasm, or parody. You seem to forget how much of all three they’ve had to master in order to cope with the shit of white racists like Der Drumpf…and his idiot followers, who DO take his every utterance deadly seriously.

18. Michael Fucking Cohen. Ask a stupid question, get a total smackdown. And now you know who says it…EVERYONE, of course! PS: No, you didn’t “unravel” anyone. Except yourself, of course.


19. Jayme Fucking Liardi. How fitting is it that Der Drumpf’s “youth leader” is a straight-up Nazi-symp who is also paranoid about fluoride in the water, and other “internationalist” things that, no doubt, sap and impurify his precious bodily fluids?

20. Danny Fucking Healy-Rae. Everybody sing! Oh Danny Boy, your book’s a piece of ga-ar-bage. Science it’s not, nor even history. Noah’s Ark is just a childish fa-a-ble. And that you’re daft, is not a mystery. So just shut up about gay men and marriage, and keep your fingers out of women’s wombs. Don’t talk of facts, when all you know is ga-ar-bage, because your dumbth leads people to their dooms.

21. Ryan Fucking Lochte. And the Flaming Trunks Award goes to…NOT MICHAEL PHELPS. Yes, that’s right, the biggest d-bag in the pool is now a world-class LIAR. Little wonder he fucked off early out of Brazil. And probably won’t be showing his pretty little idiot face at the closing ceremonies, either, because he’s likely to get arrested. But hey! Great lesson for all the other privileged, full-of-themselves gringos down there right now…on how NOT to comport themselves in South America.


22. Adam Fucking Dart. How’s it feel to have your name all over the internet as a racist xenophobic cheapskate who will use any lame excuse to avoid tipping? Asshole.

23. Daniel Fucking Rowe. How’s it feel to have YOUR name all over the internet as a racist Drumpfite asshole who’s too stupid to keep his racist criminal intentions to himself? Dumbass.

24. Michael Fucking Henson. Because it wouldn’t be a wankapedia without an actual wanking wanker, here’s a guy who tried to hump a van. Rock out with yer cock out, pal.


25. Nathan Fucking Grimes. Oh what the hey. Let’s make it a two-fer with the actual wanking wankers, shall we? This one claims he was mixing a protein shake…in his car…with his penis.

26. Milo Fucking Yiannopoulos. Because actually, it’s all about ethics in white-guy privilege grants. Ha, ha, kidding…everyone knows that white-guy privilege is all about highway robbery. There ARE no ethics to it!

27. Mark Fucking Bertolini. You fucking, fucking greedhead. You had “no choice” but to back out of Obamacare? BULLSHIT! Your backing out WAS a choice. YOUR choice. And you’re about to be punished for it, too. Especially now, as a growing number of US doctors are calling for Big Insurance to be kicked out of the healthcare game, Canadian style.


28. Kellyanne Fucking Conway. You want voters to “show some forgiveness” to your idiot boss? Uh, how about NO?

29. Joseph Fucking Schmitz. Gee, what a shock to learn that yet ANOTHER Drumpfite is a Jew-hating Holocaust denier! Why, it’s almost like there’s a PATTERN or something!

30. John Fucking Inverdale. Why?


Oops! That’s why. Guess two formidable black women who also happen to be sisters and many-times Wimbledon champs aren’t persons to him. Good on Andy Murray for setting the record straight.

And finally, to all the fucking towns that have banned burkinis. You’re not fooling anyone; we all know it has nothing to do with secularism, and everything to do with segregation. Why not just put up signs on your beaches reading “No Muslims”, and just be done with it, already? Why so cowardly? Are you afraid to be called what you really are, namely racist, xenophobic and bigoted? If you hate North African Muslims so much, you really should have thought of that before you barged into their countries and colonized them, no?

Good night, and get fucked!

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Quotable: Fannie Lou Hamer on the “power” of prayer


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Venezuelan asylum seekers tricked by immigration officials, imprisoned in Florida


Evil, wicked Venezuela is bleeding citizens, we’re told. Refugees keep washing up in Florida, claiming political persecution as grounds for asylum. It’s the fault of the evil Chavistas, driving honest working folk out of the land! It’s nothing but a giant communist prison! But behind that popular narrative lies a very different truth…and the prison lies not in evil communist Venezuela, but in the “free” US of A:

The seeking of asylum in the US on the part of Venezuelans as a means to live legally in that land, basing their story in the same policy of discredit which that land has used against Venezuela, appears to be changing with the growth in the number of persons taking advantage of that game of double interests.

According to a report in the newspaper El Nuevo Herald, of marked right-wing tendency but pro-immigration in that its readership is Latin-American, there are now 22 Venezuelans imprisoned in Florida following their attempt to enter the country through the Miami airport.

In an article titled “From the violence in Caracas to a nightmare in Miami Airport”, the Venezuelans relate how, in the airport terminal, they were treated like criminals.

“All of them say they had been tricked and mistreated by customs and immigration functionaries in the airport. The overwhelming majority of them don’t know why they were being sent to jail, felt great alarm because they were handcuffed to be transferred like delinquents to Pompano Beach, and later cried when they arrived at BTC (Broward Transitional Centre) and saw the orange uniforms they had to wear,” the paper reports.

Some of the interviewees said they did ask for asylum, but others were tricked by the police to appear to be taking advantage. Among other things, the lack of mastery of the English language and being detained in a room in the airport which they call “la nevera” (the refrigerator) and where they spent several hours incommunicado.

Those who are seeking asylum in the US cannot do so legally in an airport, a fact which is used discretionally by police.

Acceptance of an asylum request initiates a process, a trial in which the asylum-seeker must demonstrate circumstances which relate to their person and country. If it is denied, which could take two years, they must leave the country and not return for several more years.

Many Venezuelans who have gone to Florida claimed to be politically persecuted, knowing that the US government has created a negative view of Venezuela, to the point of having decreed that the land is an “unusual and extraordinary threat to the security of the United States”.

Such is the case for Alejandro Martínez, one of the BTC prisoners. According to his story, he was the victim of a robbery and attempted homicide on the part of an organized crime gang which he and the paper call a “Chavista paramilitary band” — qualifiers necessary to associate his case in a forced manner to politics, and to benefit from that.

Now Martínez has spent months in the BTC, an immigration detention centre in Pompano Beach, dressed in orange, according to the paper, whose entire reportage, culminating in a negative view of Venezuela, can be read at http://www.elnuevoherald.com/noticias/mundo/america-latina/venezuela-es/article95390147.html.

Another case is that of Pedro O., a businessman, claiming to be victim of a kidnapping three years ago and who decided to travel to the US. El Nuevo Herald states:

“With that experience, Pedro answered yes when the immigration officer asked him if he was fearful in Venezuela. ‘Yes, I’m afraid, because at any time they could kill me there, or kidnap one of my kids and demand money, I told them.’

“At that time, the businessman was speaking with a functionary in his second interview at the airport, after which the functionary at the first gate told him that he thought that Pedro had come to work illegally in the US.

“The functionaries, who had previously told him he was going to be deported, made note of the response and immediately told him that he had ‘entered another process’ and told him to sign some papers which he did not understand.

“‘I didn’t know what was going to happen to me,’ he said. That night, he stayed in the ‘refrigerator’. ‘I hardly slept. At 11 o’clock the next morning they took me out in handcuffs and took me to the BTC’.”

Now, families and friends are looking for ways to help these Venezuelan victims of anti-immigrant repression in the United States.

Among the cases related by El Nuevo Herald was that of David F., who only went to the US as a tourist but fell victim to police entrapment in the airport with the now famous question of whether he was afraid to live in Venezuela, which sent him directly to jail. This is his sad story:

“His problem began with the functionary at the first gate, when this man asked him how long he intended to stay and he replied: As long as they liked.

“‘Something in that response didn’t sit well with them, and they sent me for a second interview.

“‘My visa permitted me to stay six months, and I had booked a return ticket for four months and a few weeks, given that I went with intentions of seeking asylum.’

“But David thought he might inform himself of how to do that in the United states and share his information with various companies, to try and see if any of them showed interest in hiring him.

“He thought to return to Venezuela to try to legally initiate his immigration process, but they didn’t believe him. After asking to see his cellphone, they saw a WhatsApp message from a friend in the United States, saying that she had confidence in him, an electrical technician specializing in energy transmission, that he would find work easily in the United States.

“It seemed that David would be deported to Venezuela under suspicion that he intended to work illegally in the United States until the functionary asked him the fear question.

“Like the others, he was taken to the BTC the next day. He was very alarmed when he saw that the detention centre was a low-security prison and that they would be forced to wear prisoners’ uniforms.

“But he recalled that at the airport, they had told him that he would only be there a few days, and later they would let him go so he could seek political asylum.

“He learned the truth a few hours later, when he found himself in a group of Venezuelans who were also there.

“‘Brother, they told me that in five days I’d be able to go, and then they started to laugh because they had already been there several months,’ he said.

“David was eventually deported to Caracas in spite of having asked for asylum. His case was denied after the immigration official who interviewed him in the BTC refused to approve his status of “credible fear”, due mainly to translation problems, and the fact that he worked for a state-owned company.”

Translation mine.

That state-owned company is undoubtedly Corpoelec, Venezuela’s public electrical utility. An entity which has been under fire (literally!) from the opposition, whose destabilization campaign regular readers of this blog already know all too well. A destabilization campaign funded, aided and abetted by good ol’ Uncle Sam…who throws Venezuelan asylum seekers in jail when they come to Florida. Because they don’t really WANT to help Venezuelans in trouble, whether their troubles are actual or imaginary. They just want to keep that country under their boot-heels…and when pesky little nobodies from there, persons not actively involved in destabilization, show up, what do they do but jail them? After all, these are not elite bottom-feeders like Prettyboy Leo or MariCori, or dirty-tricks operatives like Jota-Jota Rendón. Those illegitimate asylum seekers would get a pass any day. Because they’re useful idiots.

And at the end of the day, Uncle Sam don’t like nobody who’s just a useless idiot, like the poor suckers who come in looking for asylum but not carrying big suitcases packed to bursting with ill-gotten gringo dinero. Uncle Sam wants assets. These people are not that. It’s a harsh lesson in US Realpolitik, but let’s hope that these poor dupes learn something from it…and spread their lessons all over Venezuela, so loudly that even the local crapaganda media can’t drown the clamor out.

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Quotable: Adam Van Koeverden on sexism in sports coverage

“If men don’t call out men when we are being sexist, then we are not a part of the solution, and the problem persists. So here I am, calling out my friend Adam Kreek. Adam, you were sexist on television last night.

“Feminism isn’t for females. It’s for everyone. Good men should feel comfortable challenging each other’s prejudices, and accept criticism when those prejudices get the better of us, or when we make a mistake.”

–Adam Van Koeverden, Canadian Olympic medalist (kayak), from his blog

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