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An orange alert

This appears in the comments on the entry below, but I’ll repost it just so those who don’t read comments will still know: Venezuela’s opposition is planning an “orange revolution”. It is important that we get this circulated before Sunday’s … Continue reading

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Quotable: Michael McCaughan and Che Guevara on class myths

“All across Latin America the poor majority have been conditioned to view their social status as the inevitable outcome of a free, competitive society where winners and losers rub shoulders with no hard feelings. The occasional rags-to-riches story is presented … Continue reading

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Fidel’s still not well, but Evo’s been a busy boy!

From the Beeb, two items of note. First, from Cuba: Frail Cuban leader Fidel Castro has stayed away from the opening ceremony of his 80th birthday celebrations in Havana on doctors’ orders. A message apparently written by Mr Castro was … Continue reading

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Remember Reagan?

Gil Scott-Heron does:He remembers him as a B-movie actor who co-starred with a chimp.“The monkey was all right. The monkey was cool.”And now, the monkey is president and some of us, who never thought we’d see the day, wish it … Continue reading

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Looks like a square of dark chocolate is in order…

…because Ecuador seems well on the way to getting its own Chavecito! Ecuador’s presidential candidate Rafael Correa has claimed victory in Sunday’s run-off election. Three exit polls and an unofficial quick count indicated Mr Correa had gained around 57% of … Continue reading

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They call THIS blasphemy?

Via the Revealer, I found out that the American Family Fascist Association is up in arms over a concert video showing Madonna, wearing a crown of thorns, first rising up on and then slowly stepping down off a glittery, mirror-tiled … Continue reading

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The unthinkable occurs

Well, kinda sorta. Augusto Pinochet admits his guilt, but refuses to admit that he is guilty. You don’t follow? Read on. Chile’s former military ruler Augusto Pinochet has said he takes political responsibility for everything that happened during his 18 … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: Batter up!

Play ball!

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One more big, black mark on the CIA

And this one‘s downright treasonable. At least three operatives were present at the scene of Bobby Kennedy’s shooting–allegedly by a lone nut named Sirhan Sirhan. Maybe the nut wasn’t so lone–or so nuts!–after all, suggests the evidence…

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Memo to all right-wing radio ranters…

Shut the fuck UP!This has been a public service announcement, brought to you by the Unfiltered News Network. Thank you, and remember: every time you listen to right-wing talk radio, God kills a kitten!

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