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Oh those uppity Chilean women!

They dare to defy the Catholic church? And to order pharmacies to fill orders for the Morning-After Pill? What next, a female president? Oh wait. They have one already. Never mind… The Chilean government has warned pharmacies refusing to sell … Continue reading

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Stupid Sex Tricks: Straight is the new gay

And for confirmation of the above, check out Wonkette’s account of what sex with Larry Craig was like 20 years ago, at least for one then-young, naive lad unfortunate enough to experience it.(Actually, it rings rather true, given that this … Continue reading

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Guns don’t kill people…

…unless you just add dog. A man out hunting in Iowa was shot in the leg after a hunting dog stepped on his gun, authorities said.The accident happened after James Harris, 37, put his gun on the ground to retrieve … Continue reading

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Hmmm, where have we heard THIS before?

And for that matter–when? It all sounds terribly familiar… France and the US have dismissed a finding by the head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog Mohammed ElBaradei that there is no evidence of Iran building a bomb.French Defence Minister Herve … Continue reading

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Okay, I need a cute nickname for Rafael Correa.

Because this guy just majorly endeared himself to me with the following novel approach to an urghly problem:

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FOX News…or porn?

Take the Radar Online test and see if you can tell a FUX Snoozer from the Debbie who Did Dallas.I admit I only got 3 out of 10 right. The porn stars all looked so much nicer and more professional … Continue reading

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A group of bishops is NOT the Church!

Leave it to a humble padre in Venezuela to shame his higher-ups in the hierarchy. While the bishops are busy dissing Chavecito in a manner most ungodly, this priest felt it necessary to issue a timely reminder of just who … Continue reading

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The Great Hugo Chavez Media Hatefest continues…

I am so confused. I don’t know who to believe–those who claim that the “unpopular” Hugo Chavez can be used as a secret weapon to push even more unpopular “free” trade agreements through (“You don’t like him? Great! Vote for … Continue reading

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You may have noticed…

…the little “Buzz It” button at the bottom of each post now. This button will take you to to tell them about my site.Here’s how to use it: 1. Control-click the “Permalink” in orange, which you’ll see right between … Continue reading

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The Big Dick’s little nap

Yup, nothing like sleeping on the job to let displaced Californian fire victims know you care.

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