Who needs the stinkin’ DEA?

Not Venezuela, apparently. They kicked ’em out a while back, and now we’re seeing a number of dramatic results. Like, oh, say, this:

Combat helicopters and F-16 fighter jets opened fire at a clandestine airstrip in Venezuela’s remote southern plains on Friday as part of a government counter-drug effort.

Smoke rose from the bombed airstrip as helicopters hovered above the savannah.

Army Gen. Jesus Gonzalez told state television that so far this year, the military has demolished 67 airstrips used by drug traffickers to smuggle cocaine from neighboring Colombia to the United States and Europe. Another 90 are to be destroyed next week.

“We are carrying out this operation to reaffirm the conviction and commitment of our military in the fight against the drug problem,” Gonzalez said.

Would it be tasteless to point out that Venezuela has been seizing record amounts of cocaine since it booted out the DEA? And that Colombia, despite being on good terms with the DEA (and receiving mucho dinero), is just not holding up its end of the anti-drug effort?

Well, shoot, that’s nothing. Ever wonder what role the DEA plays, not in fighting drug trafficking, but promoting it? They’ve a ways to go before they catch up with the CIA, which has been at it for as long as it’s been…well, the CIA–but trust me, they’re in like Flynn in Colombia.

Thank Chavecito, they’re out of Venezuela.

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Someone’s ass needs kicking again

Y’see, there’s this fella named Thor

Who is more than a bit of a whore.

He shouts and he screams

And he pouts and he preens–

The rest of us wonder what for.


Noam Chomsky states the obvious

Obvious to you, me, and Noam Chomsky, obviously. But to the hawkish disaster-capitalist types, maybe not so:

“Aggressors have no rights. Responsibilities, maybe, but no rights.”

I wonder what PNAC, BushCo, Halliburton, etc. will all do when they find out that they have no right to be in Iraq. Something tells me they will only find it out the hardest possible way.


So, there’s no press freedom in Venezuela, eh?

Oh, the poor IAPA. They claim freedom of expression is under fire in Venezuela. What a pity that the very streets outside their hotel contradict this media-owners’ organization’s every whimper:

You want freedom of expression, IAPA? You got it. Radical Bolivarians, demonstrating against the UNfreedom of expression that reigns amid the IAPA itself. This Radioaporrea video’s in Spanish, but the placards, street theatre, and brainwashing machine (yes, they really have one!) speak for themselves.

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Headline Howler: UPI, the Moonies, and bortherhood

You know the brotherhood of humankind is in big trouble when the Moonie-owned UPI service can’t even spell “brother” correctly.

So, what is a “borther”? Animal, vegetable or mineral? Perhaps it’s extraterrestrial and plans to assimilate us? (No, wait, that would be Scientology. With the Moonies, the ass-imiliation is strictly terrestrial in nature.)

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Greeted as liberators?

Two Iraqi expats–journalist Ali Fadhil, working out of London, and professor/author Sinan Antoon, of New York, talk with Charlie Rose about the invasion/occupation of Iraq.



Look who blinked…

Well, here’s one in the eye for El Narcopresidente Uribe. Looks like what Chavecito and the FARC have both been insisting on all along, may just finally come true after all!

Colombia has offered to suspend the sentences of jailed guerrillas if rebels first free hostages including former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt.

Peace Commissioner Luis Carlos Restrepo said late Thursday that the liberation of some captives could jump-start the process of exchanging guerrillas for dozens of hostages, including three U.S. defense contractors.

“It is enough that Ingrid Betancourt be immediately freed for us to consider this humanitarian exchange is moving forward, and to begin delivering the benefits of suspended sentences to (jailed) members of the guerrilla group,” Restrepo told reporters.

In return for the hostages’ release, rebels would have to promise not to return to the ranks of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, which has been fighting for decades to topple the government.


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Freedom is on the march!

Well, at least on Iraqi TV…where the local chapter of the Flat Earth Society is finally free to speak its mind:

…and you are finally free to laugh your ass off at them. Especially when you consider what great strides in astronomy were made in the Muslim world, by people who kept their scriptures in perspective and didn’t treat them as scientific gospel.

Ain’t freedom grand?

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Oh, too bad! Oh, so sad!

Now they can’t go blaming exploding oil prices on their favorite Venezuelan scapegoat…

OPEC nation Venezuela is not interested in a further rise of oil prices although a credit crisis in the United States is making stability difficult, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Thursday.

Chavez told a news conference with his Brazilian counterpart Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva that the war in Iraq had put an end to a balance on the oil market and exporters like Venezuela were not to blame for the rally.

“We are not interested in prices rising further, but the crisis in the United States can affect the world,” Chavez said. “May the prices not rise, but we are not the ones responsible.”

Chavez has said recently he viewed $100 per barrel as a fair price for crude, which fetched around $107 a barrel in New York on Thursday.

Oh well. I’m sure they’ll find something else to blame on him soon enough. (I suggest hiccups, pinworms, earwax and toe jam.)

Meanwhile, it’s always instructive to see who Chavecito himself is blaming for the crisis.

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: Meow!

Who’s the more gorgeous of these two green-eyed cats…this LOLtabby?

A cute LOLtabby


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