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Separated at girth?

Oops, I meant to say “birth”:Federal transport minister John Baird, Harpo’s right-hand man, and……Squealer, Napoleon’s right-hand pig?

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Colombia, the subversive narco-protectorate

If there’s any doubt still in your mind as to whether the Venezuelan opposition are really traitors, or that Colombia’s diplomats are really imperialist cats’-paws trying to foment an illegal separatist movement, you can now put your doubts to rest. … Continue reading

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It’s that time of the week again

Yep, it’s that time when I get PMS–Pissed at Morons’ Shit.You know you want it. I know I need it. So, with no further ado, here’s my list of all the people who really need to fuck the hell off … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: Shiny happy leaders shaking hands

Chavecito welcomes Manuel Zelaya of Honduras aboard the ALBA train, while Evo gets caught in the middle of things. He seems to have a habit of doing that:But who am I kidding? I just like to post pictures with cute … Continue reading

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Someone in Ecuador is thinking what I’m thinking…

And he’s even more Ecuadorable than usual:Don’t you love it when great minds think alike? From Aporrea: The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, congratulated his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chávez, for the electoral victory on the 23rd, in which the PSUV … Continue reading

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Outrage, please. We need outrage NOW!

While all the whore media scream and shout about Venezuela and Russia’s joint naval exercises (and remain curiously mum about the role that Dubya’s revival of the Fourth Fleet plays in it all), this strange little item on Peru happened … Continue reading

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Horton hears a foo’

No shit…Lou Engle thinks Dr. Seuss wrote scripture:What the hell is that movement he’s making? Is he davening, or is he humping the lectern in a frenzy of thwarted homoerotic lust?Yeah, right, Dr. Seuss wrote that just so a wingnut … Continue reading

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An open letter to Bruce Sterling

Dear Sir: You said that a certain item from the Foreign Policy blog was “infinitely delvable”, and I heartily concur–though perhaps not from the angle you would like me to. I presume you wanted to know how a certain soap … Continue reading

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RIP Kenny MacLean

“Somebody Somewhere”, the hit written by Kenny MacLean for Platinum Blonde, a Toronto band, in the mid-1980s. Kenny, the band’s bass player from their second album onward, was found dead today of a probable heart attack. He was 52.

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Venezuelan elections: Let the spinning begin

Hooboy, kiddies, grab your Gravol, ’cause here we go. The anglo whore media took one look at the mondo-bongo victory scored by the PSUV (that’s Chavecito’s party) and decided it had to do something to minimize the impact of the … Continue reading

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