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Oh Lula, how could you?

This is what vacillation looks like…Maybe this is just resignation, or maybe it’s an attempt to play peacemaker, but it sure as hell smells like betrayal to me… The president of Brazil, Luiz inácio Lula da Silva, is studying the … Continue reading

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How to report the news

Charlie Brooker explains the TV formula for making you feel “informed” without actually being it:Actually, even with allowances for comedic exaggeration, this is all too true.

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Music for a Sunday: Guerrilla Soldier

I’ve been reading Richard Gott’s excellent book on some of the guerrilla movements in Latin America lately, so this song is a natural choice for me this week:Unfortunately, there’s no video for this one (except an unembeddable live version which … Continue reading

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For those who like pie…

Warning: Will cause you to laugh uncontrollably. Please finish your drink BEFORE pressing the play button.

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Wankers of the Week: January Blahs edition

Here comes the end of January, legendary month of the blahs. As we bid farewell to it, let us now pause and remember the blah-blah coming from the following wankers…right before we deliver them the obligatory boot to the head:1. … Continue reading

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Chilean fascist youth–what charm, what class…

This was taken just after Sebastián “Pinochet Jr.” Piñera won by a narrow margin (and the abstention of a third of the Chilean electorate) on the second round on the 17th. Here’s how these fine young fascists decided to show … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: What RCTV didn’t want Venezuela (or you) to see

This is the “cadena” (all-station legally mandated broadcast) that RCTV, now reduced to a cable station, refused to show and got suspended for refusing to show. Gee, don’t you wonder why they refused? Well, here’s a broad hint: The reality … Continue reading

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The Real News on the prorogation and the Canadian pro-democracy movement

Forget the Harperite lie about prorogation being “routine”. There is NOTHING routine about evasion of hard questions about torture. That’s the real story here.

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Short ‘n’ Stubby: Internautic Trivia Day is hereby declared by your Queen…

I have a terrible confession, kiddies: The kitty above isn’t mine. But she illustrates the concept of “short ‘n’ stubby” perfectly, being a Manx. It’s a natural breed originating on the Isle of Man in Britain; it probably began as … Continue reading

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Doonesbury nails the iPad

God damn, never mind all the other bells and whistles. Just give me those panini!

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