Festive Left Friday Blogging Too: Cartoon of the day


“Monsters and monsterettes, time to vote!”

Chavecito is now tweeting. From his Vergatario?

(Courtesy Aporrea.)

UPDATE: Yes, Chavecito has invited Evo and Fidel to come tweet with him. No word yet on whether they will.


Canadian comedy is eerily prescient–and better than US news

Dave Foley of The Kids in the Hall anticipates Glenn Beck, back when the latter was still mumbling drunkenly behind a 7-11 store somewhere. Keitho (when he’s on, he’s really really on) points out the eerie parallels.

And yes, the paranoid hysteria is being whipped up against Russia again, and “killer bees” (i.e. the Latin American left, which was always independent of Moscow–and yes, even Cuba had its squabbles with Teh Russkies). So this is even more eerily prescient than even Dave and Keitho could know.

See, this is why we export so many comedians to the US. We could export political commentators, too; trust me, when Jon Stewart is their number-one newsman, they’d never know!


Festive Left Friday Blogging: Chavecito thanks his tweeps

And where better to do it than in his home town of Sabaneta, in his home state of Barinas, with his amigo Evo alongside as they inaugurated an education centre?

In just 48 hours, and with only two tweets to his “candanga” name as of the publication of that note, Chavecito had already racked up over 100,000 followers. Not too shabby. Better than that douchebag Juanes in a similar timespan, I’ll bet.

And he’s a lot less garrulous on the tweeter than Keith Olbermann snarked that he’d be, too.

PS: No, Evo’s not on yet. I checked. There are about half a dozen payasos impersonating him, though. Can’t find the real El Ec, either.


Stupid Sex Tricks: Don’t tread on me

No, seriously, don’t:


It’s supposed to be a coiled snake, but from this distance, who can tell?

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Stupid Sex Tricks: Ur doin it rong


Cute doll. But can it do this?

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The Parliament Hillbillies

Finally, our lovely government in its true colors:


Starring Stephen Harper as Jed, Jason Kenney as Miss Jane, Rahim Jaffer as Mr. Drysdale, Vic Toews as Granny, John Baird as Jethro and Helena Guergis as Ellie May.

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Eva Golinger has just informed the Facebookers that Chavecito is now on the tweeter. His handle is @chavezcandanga.

Now I’m gonna have to sign up for yet another social-networking time-suck (sigh, grrr), if only so I can figure out how many times I can write “te amo” in 140 characters.

Life’s a beeyotch.


UPDATE: I’m now (reluctantly) on the tweeter. Look over to the right-hand side, you should see me. Feel free to start twitting. (SIGH)


How to speak Inglish lahk a teabagger

Let Tim James (R-Mushmouth) give you immuhgrunts a quick lesson:

Isn’t he just the living embodiment of this sign?


I mean, isn’t he just?

UPDATE: And if you wanna know what side of the Mason-Dixon Line the state of Indiana was REALLY on, just read this. Thank ewe, and God Help Amurrica.


Stupid Sex Tricks: Baby, I wanna jump your bones!


Dear Lord. The “bride” is playing with her pelvis! And how does a fleshless “groom” end up having a little pink tongue, anyway?


Teh Heterostoopid: Put me down, daddy…

…and let’s get out of this icky place!


Way to empower your daughter, asshole.