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Why my boobs aren’t quaking today

Yes, people, you read right: I’m not doing Boobquake today. I’m doing Brainquake instead. I can just hear the chorus already…“Aw, ‘Bina…you party pooper. You spoilsport. You…you…you…HUMORLESS FEMINIST, you. Why aren’t you letting your bodacious double-Ds bounce out in the … Continue reading

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Quotable: Sinéad O’Connor on sexual abuse in the Catholic church

I remember all the flak she took when she first spoke out–almost the only famous person to do so–against sexual abuse in the church. People called her crazy. (Including some so-called progressives.) Oh, she’s a famous singer. Oh, they’re all … Continue reading

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Music for a Sunday: Jenny was sweet

She always smiled for the people she’d meet…Great, great classic song. I first heard it a few years after it charted, but it was one of those “love at first hear” ones for me. Those blue raindrops from the keyboard, … Continue reading

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Wankers of the Week: Holy Terrors edition

Holy terrors, holy mo,Forty fuckers in a row!Hear ’em holler, blast and blow–No more intro now, let’s go!1. Celestino Fucking Migliore. Yes, let’s ignore all the celibates raping all the kiddies, and fixate on the alleged slowdown in population growth … Continue reading

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Don’t be too surprised…

…if someone in Europe tries to blame the volcanic ash problem on a scapegoat who couldn’t possibly have done it:“How much longer is Chávez going to screw us?”(In all seriousness, some people really ARE stupid enough to suggest things like … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: So much hottitude, all in one week

First up, we have Chavecito in a spiff-tacular new uniform, waving to the crowds:I’m told this has something to do with some holiday or other that Venezuela celebrated this past week.And then, there was this little shindig in Cochabamba, hosted … Continue reading

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Teabonics: The Video

An illustrated lexicon of hardcore stupidity. Enjoy!

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When Copyright Goes Bad

15-minute documentary on the abuse of copyright by big industry, and the clampdown on creative engagement.

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Taxing the patience of a nation

And no, I’m not referring to the gummint. I’m referring to these tea-tards here:Note the doctrinaire (but ill-informed) rhetoric, the crazy accusations, the deer-in-the-headlights looks of a lot of them when pressed for specifics. These are people who are very … Continue reading

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Fascism gets funky

Here’s a little something to mess with your heads:Ah, if only ol’ Adolf had been a disco singer, instead of a genocidal meth-head. I might even have wished him a happy birthday for realz today…I hereby wish everyone have a … Continue reading

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