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Strange case of serial murder in Argentina

You want more creepy? You got it: A young man of 22 was arrested last weekend in Buenos Aires, accused of killing six persons in four weeks to fulfill a promise to “San La Muerte” (St. Death), a “saint” venerated … Continue reading

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A climate-change denier comes in from the cold

Hello and welcome to reality, Bjørn Lomborg. What took you so long? Bjørn Lomborg, the self-styled “sceptical environmentalist” once compared to Adolf Hitler by the UN’s climate chief, is famous for attacking climate scientists, campaigners, the media and others for … Continue reading

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This is what the real Canada looks like

This is what it looks like when real, ordinary Canadians from all walks of life turn out to take back OUR streets from the thugs of the G-20 crime cartel. It’s no coincidence that the national anthem was sung, and … Continue reading

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Crow is on the menu in Colombia lately

First it was Chavecito, now it’s El Ecuadorable heaping something black and feathery onto the plates in Bogotá. No, it’s not the chickens coming home to roost, it’s another bird entirely… The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, announced on Saturday … Continue reading

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Short ‘n’ Stubby: Remembering Katrina

I recall Hurricane Katrina only too well, as it happened on my dad’s birthday five years ago. It was a surreal day, to say the least. As my folks and I sat in front of the TV and watched the … Continue reading

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Stay classy, haters.

This is what passes for discourse on the right, concerning the Cordoba community centre at Park 51, Lower Manhattan:Thanks to a little birdie on the tweeter who spotted this.And no, I’m not going to conceal any of those names. They … Continue reading

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Music for a Sunday: Chuck a can, chuck a can, chuck a can…

Silly schlock: We haz it.And if you wonder where the “chuck a can” bit really came from, here:Flashy keyboards and a funky bassline. What more does a soulful diva need? (Besides a funky hunk, that is?)

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Wankers of the Week: Bad eggs edition

Pee-fucking-yew–what IS that smell? Looks like salmonella’s not the only thing that can turn your stomach, and it’s not the only thing stinking up the joint of late. These bad eggs–of the human variety–are making me wanna puke:1. Kim Fucking … Continue reading

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Another day older and deeper in debt, for sure

A little mood music, Maestro Ford…And now, the story. I saw on the CBC news this evening how they’ve brought up a hydraulic borer to help start the rescue effort for those 33 miners trapped 700 metres underground in Chile. … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: Socialized medicine, epic fail?

Don’t tell it to Chavecito’s Venezuela. They just graduated another big class of new doctors……meaning that 90% of Venezuelans now have access to public medical care, up from less than 40%, which it was when Chavecito was first elected in … Continue reading

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