Chavecito speaks

Uh oh. Looks like the bastards and spooks were right about one thing, after all. Chavecito DID have cancer…

…and now, let’s hope his confidence is well founded, and that he doesn’t have it anymore. In which case my last post about him is, at least, correct in that respect.

BTW, that “knee surgery” of May 10 that he alludes to here was the first surgery he had. That was to remove a tumor. The second was, indeed, to remove an abscess that had developed in the site after an infection. There have been no complications, and he received heavy intravenous antibiotics, as I gathered he would, for the infection that produced the abscess. He had to withhold the truth to protect his own privacy and that of his family, and be able to continue to do his job — which he has done admirably, hospitalization and all, even signing bills into law while in Havana (a fact much screeched about, pointlessly, by the opposition).

What’s truly despicable about this whole affair is the way the oppos, the whore media and the spooks of the CIA have comported themselves. Their behavior was inexcusable and unforgivable. I’m sure as hell not gonna apologize to them for doubting them, either, because they are still a bunch of lying scumbags when all’s said. This is NOT their opportunity to appoint a new, US-corporate-friendly “president”. Chavecito is still president of Venezuela until further notice. And there is no question in my mind that, sick or well, he is still eminently qualified to do the job, in a way that none of those crooked old Fourth Republic relics ever was or ever will be.

Now, all of you, shut the fuck up and let him DO it for as long as he bloody well can.


Stupid Sex Tricks: You’ve heard of road turtles…

…but have you ever heard of AIRPORT turtles?

Love is in the air at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York. More than 150 turtles crossed over an active runway and disrupted air traffic on Wednesday so that they could continue their mating season.

The diamondback terrapins were trying to get to an ideal location to lay their eggs. That’s a sandy area that happens to be across Runway 4, according to Carol Bannerman of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The turtles were primarily female, and the fertilization of their eggs occurs in the water, she said.

JFK is surrounded by a bay and wetland areas.

On second thought, maybe this is a stupid airport location trick.


In which the “Chávez has cancer” rumor mill grinds to a halt, once and for all

You know something? When the president of Paraguay (above, at right) says something about Chavecito, I’m much more likely to believe him than the English-language whore media. Why? Well, for starters, he actually knows the man better than they do. And for another, he’s no media whore. Thirdly, he’s had cancer himself (and been cured of it, happily), so he knows the signs and symptoms. He’s also, amusingly, managed to do a helluva lot more fact-checking of the story than THEY have:

The president of Paraguay, Fernando Lugo, assured on Monday that his Venezuelan counterpart, Hugo Chávez, was not suffering any grave illness, and is in a good state of health. This after various media of the opposition spread the rumor that the Venezuelan leader has cancer.

“I’m surprised at the headlines of the newspapers regarding Chávez, so I tried to contact him,” said Lugo, after a tour of the installations of the South American Soccer Federation (Conmebol), located in the outskirts of the Paraguayan capital, Asunción.

The Paraguayan president, who not long ago underwent treatment for lymphatic cancer for some ten months, commented that “they told me that he’s in very good health, and is recuperating” in a hospital in the Cuban capital, Havana.

For his part, the Venezuelan minister of communications and information, Andrés Izarra, considered that many media outlets have distorted and told lies regarding the health of President Chávez.

“We’ve seen the quantity of manipulations, distortions, and lies which have been told about the situation of the President, the latest being that of the Miami Herald,” said Izarra in an interview with a local radio station.

Izarra’s remarks concern a story in El Nuevo Herald, the Spanish-language counterpart of the Miami Herald, which is openly opposed to the Venezuelan government. The story, published last Saturday, was based on supposed reports by US intelligence that Chávez “is in a critical condition, not grave, but critical, complicated.”

The president of the National Assembly of Venezuela, Fernando Soto Rojas, denied on Sunday that the president has cancer.

“I will be the first to tell it to the country: Chávez is recuperating, and we will have him back here, thank God, by July 5,” said Soto, referring to the Venezuelan independence day, in a speech in Aragua state.

Soto Rojas explained that Chávez’s condition is exactly that which has been reported: he is recovering well from a surgical intervention for a pelvic abscess, which was discovered during his stay in Havana, Cuba, during a tour of Latin America.

On June 10, the Venezuelan foreign minister, Nicolás Maduro, speaking from Cuba, read a communiqué informing of the president’s operation in Havana.

Since that day, and despite repeated explanations by spokespersons for the government, including Chávez himself, Venezuelan and international media have raised a campaign of speculation over his state of health.

Translation mine.

They’re not kidding. Look at this screen grab I took just now:

The media are all fucking NUTS, kiddies.

And they’re also wasting their time in a major way, because no matter what US “intelligence” operatives have to say (and what WOULD they have to say from Havana, since they’re not privy to the conversations of the president and his doctors?), this “he’s dead/he has prostate cancer/he’s dying” story doesn’t pass the most basic of sniff tests.

If anyone in the whore media were to do their homework on the nature of prostate cancer, they’d find out a number of inconvenient facts that would throw their neat little narrative into utter disarray:

Prostate cancer is the third most common cause of death from cancer in men of all ages and is the most common cause of death from cancer in men over age 75. Prostate cancer is rarely found in men younger than 40.

People who are at higher risk include:

*African-American men, who are also likely to develop cancer at every age
*Men who are older than 60
*Men who have a father or brother with prostate cancer

Other people at risk include:

*Men exposed to agent orange exposure
*Men who abuse alcohol
*Men who eat a diet high in fat, especially animal fat
*Tire plant workers
*Men who have been exposed to cadmium

Hugo Chávez doesn’t fit this profile. He is very healthy himself, as a general rule. He has no family history of the disease (his dad is still fit and healthy, as are all his brothers), he doesn’t drink much alcohol, and he doesn’t work in any of the occupations that are considered risk factors. He is under 60, which is probably the most important factor of all.

And here’s why I say that: Having lost a grandfather to this disease myself, I know the nature of the beast. Prostate cancer doesn’t affect the young or the middle-aged. It is an old man’s disease. In fact, a lot more old men die with this cancer than of it; it is very slow-growing, and when discovered in time, it is highly curable. Nobody dies a sudden, painful death of it. It is easily and readily tracked over the years as it develops. My grandfather had it in his sixties, was operated on, underwent regular testing, and lived another fifteen years in relatively good health before the cancer returned, metastasized to his spine, and eventually killed him in March 1987. He was, at the time, just a few days shy of his 79th birthday.

Now: We know that Chavecito, as a head of state, must have the best healthcare available to any citizen of Venezuela. He probably receives regular monitoring from his personal physician, including PSA testing and digital prostate exams. Are we to believe, as the media speculators would have us do, that he just “suddenly” came down with a deadly case of prostate cancer that forced him to fly to Havana…a disease easily detected by routine testing, easily treated and cured if detected early, and generally afflicting men several years older than himself, with a family history and/or professional risk factors at play?

Pee-yew, what is that smell? Kind of like…dead red herring? Oh, surely not the media’s usual little shark-feeding frenzy where a certain uppity brown Venezuelan is concerned?

Nahhh…couldn’t be.

Now: The official version is that Chavecito came down with a pelvic abscess that required emergency surgery while he was on the last leg of his tour, in Havana. Let’s take a look at what that means:

A pelvic abscess is a collection of pus in the pelvis or lower abdomen caused by infection, appendicitis, a burst ulcer, or complications after surgery. An abscess usually appears 2-3 weeks after the initial infection or complication and can become mulitiple abscesses if left untreated. Sometimes healthcare providers do not recommend treatment until until it has ‘ripened’ enough to be easily opened and drained.

Pelvic Abscess: The Operation

A 3-inch incision is made in the stomach close to the pelvic abscess. The cut is deepened until the surgeon reaches the abscess. The pus is drained, the area is washed out with antibiotics, and a rubber drainage tube is placed to drain any additional pus. The tube remains in place until x-rays confirm that the abscess space is becoming smaller. It is shortened bit by bit and the wound dries and heals within 5-6 days.

Pelvic Abscess: Alternatives

Do not ignore a pelvic abscess as it may drain through your skin. It can also drain into organs, such as the bowels, and spread inside the stomach. If the liquid pus in the abscess is not very thick, the healthcare provider may place a drainage tube inside without surgery. A small area on top of the abscess is numbed with local anesthesia, and a tube is directed inside, using imaging technology as a guide.

Pelvic Abscess: Post-surgery

Most patients are able to walk within 24 hours after pelvic abscess surgery, however, they often experience some discomfort for several days. Sometimes the drainage tube needs to stay in place for 2 weeks. Patients can usually bathe normally, so long as the tube and incision area are kept dry. Driving is often possible within 3-4 weeks, assuming no discomfort or pain occurs.

All of this seems to tally rather nicely with the length of time Chavecito has been in hospital. He’s been in for more than two weeks now. During that time, no doubt the Cuban doctors have been monitoring his drainage tube and making sure he gets intravenous antibiotics, all of which is crucial to a full recovery. You can’t rush a thing like this. A pelvic abscess not properly cured can lead to peritonitis (for all you trivia buffs out there, that’s the disease that killed Harry Houdini.)

Gee…could that be the “serious, but not grave” condition the so-called intelligence reports were talking about? Is this what’s fueling the insane flurry of speculation as to who’ll succeed Chavecito should he take a turn for the worse?

Hmmm…could be!

Now, as for the question of succession: The Bolivarian constitution of Venezuela lays that all out plain and clear. We already saw that much in The Revolution Will Not Be Televised. In 2002, when the president’s life hung in the balance for real, he was temporarily succeeded by his then vice-president, Diosdado Cabello, and in the event that anything should have happened to him, the then national assembly president, William Lara, would have taken over.

The same pattern pertains now. Should Chavecito die or become incapacitated while in office, the vice-president will be sworn in to replace him. Currently, that’s Elías Jaua. Should he also be unable to govern, the succession then falls to the national assembly president — Fernando Soto Rojas. This means that regardless of what happens to Chavecito, the PSUV, the United Socialist Party of Venezuela, is still in charge. In other words: The oppos are shit out of luck, even with their imagined best-case scenario — the death of Chávez — coming true. They will NEVER be elected to anything resembling a parliamentary majority.

But that imaginary best-case scenario is not gonna happen, because Chavecito isn’t dead, or dying, or anywhere near it. And he certainly doesn’t have prostate cancer, much less a critical, terminal stage of it. He’s getting the best care Cuban doctors can give (and they are as good as any medicos you’ll find anywhere on Earth). And, oh yeah: he’s receiving some rather prominent friends in his hospital room, too:

Gee…for someone allegedly terminal with a wasting disease like cancer, he sure looks plump and healthy, does he not? And gee, don’t Fidel and Raúl Castro look strangely unworried?

So much for that stupid rumor. I wonder what dumbassery the media will cook up for us next. Whatever it is, I’m not eating it…I don’t want to end up with an abscess in MY gut, too.


Music for a Sunday: I walked in and kissed the wrong one

This one and Shriekback’s “Fish Below the Ice” have been in my head a lot lately, for no reason other than that they sound a bit similar. Unfortunately, no one has uploaded a YouTube for the latter yet.

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Wankers of the Week: Staying Inhuman


Crappy first weekend of summer, everyone! How’s the weather where you are? Where I’m at, it’s predictably unpredictable with occasional bursts of shitty. But all is not lost. I hear there’s another Freedom Flotilla that’ll set sail for Gaza very soon, under the slogan of the late Vittorio Arrigoni: Stay Human. But then, those are real people on board. Menschen one and all. These wankers? I’m not so sure about them:

1. Pamela Fucking Geller. Oh, look who’s defending fascists and white supremacists again! Honestly, this crazy racist bitch would defend Hitler if the object of his malign attentions were Muslims. Hell, she’d do it even if his only victims were Jews…because that’s just the kind of inhuman being she is. BTW, being pro-Israel is certainly not compatible with being anti-fascist anymore. Israel has a racist apartheid régime in power that has no problem firing on Jews if they dare to defend the Palestinians. Which is why some real Jews are on the second Freedom Flotilla right now, sailing for Gaza in a show of solidarity. Bet she’s got nothing but love for them, eh?

2. John Fucking McGee. Whatever happened to “friends don’t let friends drink and drive”? Apparently he must not have very many, because he staggered home alone from a golf course late last Saturday night, found a truck unlocked with the keys inside (stupid move on the part of the owner), got in, drove it a short distance, wrecked it, then passed out. When he came to, he was mumbling questions about the “Promised Land”. No, dillweed, you weren’t dead, you were dead DRUNK. And to think you formerly headed the Idaho Senate Transportation Committee? It is to laugh.


3. Dennis Fucking Prager. Not only is this creepy fuck a sexist, he’s also one helluva racist. Black women, lazy welfare queens? What bullshit. When were black women ever lazy? They have been the hardest workers around since, oh, only since the days of SLAVERY. When they weren’t even allowed to marry, because they were being sold as breeders and field hands and oh yeah, sex toys for Ol’ Massa. Mustn’t forget that. But if you really want to know why so many black single mothers are on welfare (hint: men imprisoned at the highest rate in US society, typically for minor infractions like marijuana possession), you might want to look back as far as the slave-owning days, because that’s where it all really began. And there was NO welfare state back then.

4. Rand Fucking Paul. Let the hungry seniors eat private charity…to which he’s probably not contributing anything, either. Good on Bernie Sanders and the wonderfully quippy Al Franken for handing him his ass.

5. Philip Fucking Davies. Minimum wage is not a “hindrance to job-seekers”, it’s a hindrance to the greed of bosses who are looking for slaves. And paying disabled workers less? Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider how much more it costs a disabled person to stay alive and equipped with all those things the more able-bodied among us don’t have to buy in order to make their way through life! Ever price the renovations to a house or apartment to make them wheelchair accessible these days, Phil? Yeah, try getting those on minimum wage, much less something lower. I wouldn’t wish a disability on anyone, but I’m damn close to doing so just for this dickweed — if only for a day, so he could see what it was really like. What a pity the bad economics and stupidities of conservatism aren’t classified as disabilities; they certainly do stunt the mind.


6. This fucking asshat of an unnamed Southwest Airlines pilot. WTF is this, the fucking 1970s? I thought all that Coffee, Tea or Me? shit was long over and done with (and good fucking riddance, it was bullshit anyway). Yeah, dude, you sure as hell do need to get laid…but with an attitude like yours, is it any wonder no one’s raising her hand to volunteer? I’m guessing a lot of frequent fliers will also be re-booking after hearing you performing your unintentional stand-up comedy on open mike to the control tower. I guess you don’t check out those classified ads in the backs of local tourist rags, either — the ones specifically directed at the kind of guys who hang out in airport bars, getting all bitchy over “part do-able” married women who just won’t stop talking about their menfolks. Hell, you can even pay those nice ladies to listen to your whining and bitching. And if they have husbands, you won’t hear them breathe a word about those. Pinky-swear!

7. Molotov Fucking Mitchell. Is that really his name? I don’t know, but damn, this little white motherfucker has hit the trifecta: Sexism, racism AND doctor-killing. All for the sake of “pro-life” crapaganda that perpetuates the “abortion is a black genocide” fallacy. And yet, strangely, the murdering of doctors and women (of whatever color) is never a genocide to these fools; it’s apparently not even a loss of life, in their eyes, even though it takes lives that are way beyond the fetal stage (and often, essential to the lives of others). Why is that?

8. Robert Fucking Spencer. Yeah, we really believe that Anthony Weiner secretly converted to Islam just so he could marry Huma Abedin. Or we would, if we were all as bug-fucking crazy as Robert Fucking Spencer, who apparently sees a jihadist under every bed.


9. All the fucking idiots on Facebook who got Roger Ebert (temporarily) censored just for tweeting and linking to a TMZ story showing probable evidence that a certain Jackass star was drunk when he fatally crashed his Porsche. And it turns out that yes, he was — VERY. It’s a rare person who manages to live large and live long, and this Jackass dude wasn’t that person. Live by the jack, die by the ass — them’s the sad facts of a short life, fanboys, so face them, and learn. And yeah, yeah, we all know you’re grieving and that this only grinds salt into it, but that’s not an excuse to play Internet censor. Other people have the right to tell a story and voice their opinions; if you don’t want to hear them, just shut your damn computer off, put down your Crackberry, and go mope elsewhere. Don’t be a troll. Even if the story is not one you want to hear right now, you have no right to shut down Roger Ebert — an eminent film critic whose words, unlike all those jackass stunts, have never harmed a single soul.

10. Sarah Fucking Palin. Her latest Quitbull stunt? Quitting her “Look At Me, Look At Me, Look At Me” bus tour. Even at self-pimping, this self-professed pitbull in lipstick is half-assed at best. PS: Nice lame excuse, too. Watch her get out of jury duty and proclaim that she’s really running for preznit after all!

11. John Fucking Galliano. Yeah, having some Shaolin monk “friends” (whom you previously hired to perform in one of your fashion shows) makes you totally not a racist, dude. (NB: Besides some ugly on-camera remarks about Jews, Galliano also slanged Asians while under the influence of whatever it was he’d been on that night.) If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a skeevy bigot say “But some of my best friends are…”, I’d be a very rich woman by now. Rich enough to take one look at Galliano’s creations (and their overblown price tags) and sneer at them the way he sneered about Jews.


12. Luke Fucking Chrisco, probably soon to be known as the Portapotty Pornographer. Ladies! How would you like to spend $620 of your hard earned money (70 cents to a man’s dollar, what a bargain!) for “Seven Days of Sin” with this self-described “biggest jackass on Earth”, who also pimps out his teenage girlfriend (he himself is 30), offers “massages” at yoga retreats all over the world, and, in his spare time, likes to hide out in porta-toilet tanks, snapping pictures of unsuspecting (and, I suspect, UNWILLING) women’s wazoos so he can post them to the Internet for his own profit? No shit, he’s offering all that and more, all wrapped up in cuddly New Age jargon to make you feel like a Supreme Being instead of just another boy-renter! But you’ll have to wait until they let him out of the Big Tank; no word yet on how long he’ll be in for. He’s in deep shit now for that little ol’ loo-lurking stunt in Colorado, you see.

13. Maggie Fucking Gallagher. Way to skew your polls, Maggie! Old married heterosexuals do make the best respondents for getting anti-gay results, do they not? Too bad that they’re not what the pros in the polling field would call a representative sampling. Meanwhile, close to 60% of the general population of the US is now in favor of same-sex marriage. Put that in yer pipe and smoke it.

14. Stephen Fucking Reeves. OMG, what an omgyjyer. (That’s “wanker” in Cornish; he apparently tweets in it.) Devoting an entire blog to fact-free hating on an intelligent woman like mi amiga Antonia, just because she writes for the Toronto Star, she’s feminist, pro-choice, green, etc.? Wow. That is what I call an OBSESSION. It’s also quite possibly construable, from a legal standpoint, as harassment, cyberstalking, and/or hatemongering. Legal beagles, would you kindly take a look at the odious thing and weigh in here? Thanks.


15. Peter Fucking McKay. I have a shameful admission to make here: When I was younger and dumber, I used to think this dude was kinda cute. I also used to think he was sorta nice. The kinda-sorta scales have since fallen from my eyes, and it took the phrase “Taliban Jack” to detach them. (That spiteful “dog” slur against Belinda Stronach didn’t exactly improve matters, either.) So thanks, Peter, from the heart of my bottom, for curing me of that foolish little infatuation. And I just wanted to say that the older you get, the more like a fuckin’ weenie you look. Which is quite the coincidence, because…well, you know.

16. James Fucking Delingpole. If US liberals “really are the dumbest creatures on the planet”, based on his distinctly UNscientific view of things (Thomas Fucking Sowell is his economic guru? Really?), then UK conservatives are truly through the Looking Glass. I mean, there is NO so-called climate debate happening anymore, and “climate change skeptics” (read: denialist kooks) are not only dead wrong, they’re completely out of favor with everyone; every climatologist worthy of the name knows full well that man-made climate change IS happening, and yes, crapitalism IS to blame for it. And the general public knows and accepts this too, regardless of what some mouthy minority (seeking “balance” and “objectivity” in the “liberal media”, the poor oppressed little things!) may claim. So how did the hilariously surnamed Mr. Delingpole manage to miss that boat so completely? I don’t know, but I think it may just be because he’s yet another ass who managed to fool the world into thinking him to be intelligent by braying with a plummy English accent. Unless, of course, he’s actually writing satire, in which case he needs to work on his schtick. A LOT. Despite his claims of being “fantastically entertaining”, he is only accidentally amusing.

17. The Fucking FDA. It now claims that silicone breast implants are safe, thus reversing a 1992 decision that found ample, convincing evidence of the exact opposite. Yeah, tell me corporate lobbyists haven’t totally bought this federal agency out. And what a coincidence that this latest decision comes just as boob jobs are booming!


18. Tom Fucking MacMaster. Yep, the “Gay Girl From Damascus”, again. A failed novelist after all? Why, I never would have guessed. This puts him right up there with James Fucking Frey and all those other fabulist phonies. Funny how fake memoirists just all turn out to be bad novelists, eh? PS: Double-wank! Our crap novelist has also threatened to sue Max Blumenthal, and generated two sock puppets to troll him, apparently just for telling the unvarnished truth about him. Oh what a tangled web he doth weave…

19. Willard Fucking Yoder. When I saw the all the tweeting and hashtag games this week about Amish sexting, I figured it had to be some kind of a leg-pull, or maybe a last-ditch effort to squeeze more laffs out of Weinergate. It wasn’t. It was in response to an actual Amish pervert, resorting to some very un-Amish technology in his hopes of luring a 12-year-old girl into his buggy to have sex with him. And we wonder why the Amish traditionally shun all that newfangled stuff?

20. Howard Fucking Jacobson. Alice Walker shouldn’t join the Freedom Flotilla because she’s some kind of Don Quixote? Gaza is under siege only because of Hamas? Hamas is evil because it allegedly represents the will of all Palestinians to wipe out Israel? Way to obscure the fact that the real reason for the Gaza blockade is to starve out all the remaining Palestinians (hence all the anger, and the rather ineffective missiles), there and in the West Bank, so nothing will stand in the way of Israel’s expansionist goals. (Golan Heights, you’re next.) And one Israeli child really is worth a thousand Palestinians, so that makes Alice Walker wrong! Oh, won’t somebody think of all those poor, oppressed Israeli children?


(Who, to be fair, probably have no idea about how they’re being used by their government as a provocation in this picture. Oy, vey.)

Look, Howie…if you’re gonna prate about “good people do[ing] great harm”, how about attacking NATO’s “humanitarian intervention” in Libya, which is killing civilians and calling that Collateral Damage™? Or maybe you could take on the remarkable silence of all those benevolent westerners on the bizarre state of Saudi Arabia, where women are still forbidden to drive in the cities, but which is, strangely, NOT considered a threat to Israel? Or how The Only Democracy In The Middle East™ (heh — not for much longer!) is a de facto apartheid state whose army has no compunctions about firing on anyone who sticks up for Palestinians, as well as lobbing white phosphorus indiscriminately over Gaza City and launching pirate raids on peaceful flotillas. How about THAT? Too big of a stretch for your great, broad mind?

21. Stephen Fucking Harper. How did he spend Québec’s biggest holiday yesterday? By whooping it up in Thetford Mines, the town that asbestos built. Yep, asbestos…the stuff Harpo won’t allow in his house because it would destroy his, his wife’s, the kids’ and the cats’ lungs…but it’s good enough to export to foreign countries, where all those peons live that Stevie doesn’t have to see coughing their lungs out. And yeah, why not just go piss on the heads of all Québécois, while you’re at it? At this rate, you can quit wondering why the Conservative party is all but shut out there, and will be for decades to come. (And don’t be too surprised if the MP for Thetford Mines loses his seat in the next election, either.)

22. Conrad Fucking Black. Back to jail you go, Lord Blah-Blah. As much as it may cause poor Babs to clutch her pearls and stagger to the fainting couch (literally!), it’s right where you belong. And this time, no more getting other inmates to do your work for you. This isn’t Hollinger Inc., you know.


23. Lisa Fucking Raitt. No, the Conservative party is NOT “here for all Canadians”, you twit — it is only here for the same very small minority that it has always served, the extremely rich. And no one else, delusional sheeple be damned. But thanks for the biggest belly-laugh I’ve had since this godforsaken postal lockout began!

24. Cornelius Fucking McGillicuddy the Fourth. I just love listening to this charlatan making a fool of himself over Venezuela, don’t you? Telling the White House not to buy oil from there…yeah, right. Why boycott what you can launch a coup to steal, eh, CONnie? But don’t worry. Anything you do to hurt Venezuela will only end up backfiring on you. The Venezuelan people will fight back against any putsch you try to launch. And as for the oil, whatever the US doesn’t buy, other countries will be only too happy to take in their stead. Countries as economically powerful as India, China and Japan, among others. And let’s not forget that Venezuelan oil buys a lot of good Cuban doctors, who might just end up helping Ollanta when he takes the reins in Peru. Which will only make Chavecito more popular in the region than he already is — and I can guarantee that he is way better loved throughout the region than any piddling politician from Florida ever will be.


PS: Teeheehee.

25. Bibi Fucking Netanyahu. And whoever else is responsible for this sad, sad video fraud, in which a young, nerdy, ostensibly gay Henry Kissinger lookalike calling himself “Marc” gives his sob story of being prevented from joining an unnamed pro-Palestinian group in England that turns out not only to be homophobic, but to have ties to…gasp…HAMAS!!! Only, with all those cute camera angles and slick production values, it’s obviously no impulsive homemade cri du coeur; it’s pure Israeli government crapaganda, through and through. Another dead giveaway: He only has one video on his entire Youtube channel, dated very recently, no doubt to coincide with the sailing of the Freedom Flotilla for Gaza in the hopes that it will go viral. Oh, it’s gonna go viral all right…and so will the denunciations, particularly from pro-Palestinian gay rights groups, who know pinkwashing when they see it. Hasbara FAIL!

PS: Special belated dishonorable mention goes to Bibi’s son, Yair Fucking Netanyahu. The rotten apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, clearly.

26. Bryan Fucking Fischer. How delusional is the homophobic Religious Reich? THIS delusional:


Don’t bother trying to visit that link, kiddies. It’s dead already; was probably withdrawn last night in a fit of intense embarrassment. Meanwhile, LGBT New Yorkers all over the state are still partying (and making their wedding plans) since yesterday midnight. And why not?

27. Matthew Fucking Carter. And on the flipside of conservatism and homophobia, what do you bet that this long-time serial sexual abuser of Haitian boys is one of Fischer’s ilk? It’s how they manage to fly below the radar for as long as they do.

28. David Fucking Prosser. Yes, you’ve seen his name here before; this right-wing judge from Wisconsin, the state with a chronic wanker for governor (not for much longer, I hope), is a chronic wanker himself. He hates women, especially if they are liberal/progressive jurists. His latest? Grabbing an opposing judge, a woman, by the neck during an argument. In HER chambers. With both hands. Um, isn’t that attempted murder, yerronner? At the very least, it should be grounds for his removal, since a judge with obvious gender biases, who can’t hold his temper in check, can’t be trusted to render a proper verdict or sentence, either.


29. Bill Fucking Blair. No apology for the fascist piggery from Toronto’s chief of police on the anniversary of last year’s G20 shitstorm? Not even in the face of all the lives you ruined? I would say I’m disappointed, but that would be a lie. I expected nothing resembling honesty or contrition from the stormtrooper at the head of the shit. 21,000 cops brought in just for the purpose of cracking “anarchist” heads (i.e., those of the general public when they dared to protest a massive boondoggle), and we’re expecting them to investigate themselves properly? And they’re expecting us to BELIEVE what they say? I don’t know which is more depressingly hilarious.

30. Rob Fucking Ford. “Family tradition”? Whatsamatter, Frodster, are you afraid you’ll catch the gay if you attend any Pride Week events? Don’t worry. It’s only inborn, not contagious. I have a lot of gay friends, but I have yet to turn bisexual, much less lesbian. And if you don’t want to serve the public on Canada Day, I’m sure someone else will be only too happy to do it instead. PS: This is just disgusting. Who turns down free money for public health initiatives? Oh, I see…more Frodian homophobia and anti-immigrant bigotry at work. And we have only to take one look at his pork-barrel frame to see just how he feels about anything to do with health. What a fucking embarrassment to Toronto, which is only the most diverse city on the planet!


UGH. I can see nothing’s changed since then. Here’s looking forward to post-Fordism, eh?

And finally, to all the Israel-über-alles hasbaratniks out there, sharpening your trollish claws for me just because I support the Freedom Flotilla and the human rights of Palestinians. I haven’t made up my mind yet whether to allow you to comment freely here (in the spirit of giving you enough rope, so you can hang yourselves), giving you the customary three strikes (after which you’re out), or just deleting your vile comments as they come. Fair warning: Don’t expect to see any of your comments published unless I feel like having some anti-fascist fun at your expense. The best move you could make around here is to skulk off in silence.

Good night, and get fucked!


Vancouver riots: Revealing video shows what’s behind the “kiss” photo

No, it really wasn’t a hot make-out session. (Too bad, eh?) Here’s what really happened:

If you think the rioters were bad, the cops were WORSE. (Like I often say: It’s never a riot till the cops show up.) They knocked down two people who had the bad luck to be just passing through, and apparently beat the shit out of her. Her boyfriend is trying to comfort her. In the face of all the police brutality you can see going on around them, a bit of humanity was definitely called for. And it didn’t look to me like the cops were making an effort to dispense it.


Festive Left Friday Blogging: New York just got fabulous!

Yep, that’s the Empire State Building…all lit up in the LGBT rainbow. The state now extends equal marriage rights to all, regardless of color, creed, gender or sexual orientation.

Tonight, we ALL love New York!

PS: Photo du soir, courtesy of The Smoking Gun:

FUX Snooze reporter team gets a predictably warm welcome at the Stonewall Inn, where the fight for gay rights began with Judy Garland’s death, right around this date in 1969.

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Dramatic turnaround in an Argentine adoption case

Marcela and Felipe Noble Herrera arrive to submit DNA samples in compliance with a judicial order. After 10 years of delays and legal wrangling, there will finally be an answer to the question: Are they children of the disappeared?

The adoptive children of the owner of the Argentine daily newspaper, Clarín, presented themselves on Friday at a hospital to give DNA samples, in compliance with a judicial order, in the investigation into whether they are children of disappeared persons of the dictatorship (1976-83).

“After ten years of delays, today they’re complying with the law,” said Alan Iud, one of the attorneys representing the humannitarian group, Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo, a plaintiff in the suit.

Marcela and Felipe Noble Herrera, who were adopted by Ernestina Herrera de Noble (86 years old) when they were infants, in May and July of 1976, respectively, came to the National Genetic Data Bank (BNDG) of Buenos Aires in a car with polarized-glass windows.

The two entered the Durand hospital, where the BNDG operates, surrounded by bodyguards and amid heavy security.

A week ago, the Noble-Herreras unexpectedly declared themselves willing to submit blood, saliva and other DNA samples.

The sudden decision comes after 10 years of legal wrangling, including the detention, in 2003, of their mother, who heads the largest media group in Argentina, for a few hours.

“We have to wait and see (how this develops) because of all the delays and the sudden turnaround,” said Iud.

The complete DNA analysis will take between two and three weeks, he explained.

The decision of the adopted children was announced shortly after the appellate court confirmed a resolution to force them to submit to a blood test, as authorized by law.

“What could happen? Whether they are or not, we never said they were, we said they could be (children of the disappeared) […] The truth will come out,” said Estela Carlotto, president of the Grandmothers, after appearing at the United Nations in Geneva to present the candidacy of the group for the Nobel Peace Prize of 2011.

The Grandmothers estimate that some 500 sons and daughters of the disappeared were stolen and given for illegal adoption during the dictatorship. Of these, 103 have recovered their true identities.

Some 30,000 persons disappeared during the dictatorship, according to human-rights organizations.

Translation mine.

The timing of these two adoptions could not be more suspicious, coming as they did within the first year of the Argentine junta’s dictatorship. Watch this space, everyone…in a couple of weeks, we’ll finally know for sure what the Grandmothers of Plaza de Mayo have long wondered or suspected. At the very least, it may finally become known just whose children these two young adults really are.

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Short ‘n’ Stubby: In which Ms. Manx praises gutsy women

The Stumpy Cat just let out a plaintive mew, which is her way of telling me that she’s found some little things that she really would like me to post for you. And in this case, it’s all about brave, gutsy, uppity Canadian women who are not likely to gain much praise from any major mainstream sources. So here’s to the kitty, and here’s to these three — heroes all, good women and true:

Brigette DePape, who was fired from her job as a Senate page for silently and peacefully protesting the Harper Government™, has come out in support of Canada’s boat in the Gaza flotilla, the Tahrir.

Courtney Winkels, who got busted for blowing bubbles near a humorless Toronto cop during last year’s infamous G20 summit, is suing the police.

And an unnamed woman from Moncton, New Brunswick, is facing down a kidnapper in court who sexually abused her for 26 terrible days in which she feared for her life at every moment. And why would she not, since the abductor, who already had a criminal record, told her “he would not return to prison as a kidnapper or a rapist, but would return as a murderer”?

There, now. No more excuses to remain complacent and gutless in the face of adversity. Ms. Manx sends purrs and meows of love and support to these three, who surely deserve it and probably need all of it that they can get.

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Ollanta, Evo. Evo, Ollanta.

This is such a nice shot of Ollanta and Evo that I was tempted to save it for Friday. But the story that goes with it is too hot to sit on for three whole days, so here it is:

The president-elect of Peru, Ollanta Humala, said on Tuesday in Bolivia that he dreamed of one homeland, united, as it had been for centuries.

In a speech at a luncheon given by Bolivian president Evo Morales, along with representatives of government ministries, social organizations, the military and the diplomatic corps, the dignitary emphasized that he was talking about a single nation, a single country.

Humala also said that Latin America is changing thanks to its peoples and their new leaders — a continent, he said, with Amazonia, the largest freshwater reserve, but with unequal distribution of these and other natural resources.

In this spirit, Humala called upon Morales to work with him to create economic policies that create more integration, development, and to solve the principal problems of the sectors historically marginalized by previous governments.

Hours before returning to his country, Humala explained that the tour he had begun, which had previously taken him to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, and which will take him in turn to Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela and the United States, is to send a message of unity.

He said of his upcoming inauguration, slated for July 28, that he would only serve the people, and not the economic powers.

Humala criticized previous governments, who forged a state in republican days that only attended to 30 percent of the population and neglected the remaining 70 percent, who remained cut off and marginalized, mostly in rural areas.

He also praised the possibilities of Bolivia, demonstrated at that same luncheon, where indigenous dignitaries sat at the same table as uniformed officers, executive authorities, legislators and diplomats.

For his part, Bolivian president Evo Morales stated that the current successes in Bolivia were the result of the struggles of the social movements, much as would occur in Peru.

Morales wished Humala strength for the hard work ahead, above all against those who would try to derail the changes and transformations to come, as had occurred in Bolivia.

When you serve the people, the bases will defend you, Morales added, and remarked: “With the conscience of the people, we will overcome.”

Translation mine.

Well. So much for those who think Ollanta will be just more of the same for Peru. Unity with Bolivia and other Latin American countries? A more equal distribution of wealth and resources? More integration and inclusion for the marginalized indigenous? This is definitely not another Twobreakfasts García we’re talking about here, kiddies.

And I don’t think he’s going to be another Lula, as the English-language bizmedia have been trying to position him, either. Lula’s most notable failure? Improving things for the landless peasants of Brazil, who’ve been left to carry on their struggles without him (although things ARE looking up now that former guerrilla Dilma Rousseff is at the helm; sign here to help keep a certain pair of feet to the fire). Ollanta is definitely sending the message that he’s going to take his cues from his neighbor, Evo, who has succeeded at the so-called impossible.

And the parallels are hard to miss: A poor, marginalized, largely indigenous majority, set against rule by a minority which is mostly white and all of it rich? The situation of both countries was the same for a long time, until Evo broke with it. Bolivia is now on the verge of exiting the poor-country category and entering a solid middle ground. Pretty impressive for a place that had long been given up as stuck in the Third World!

But here’s no coincidence: 70% of Peruvians were marginalized. Guess what Ollanta’s current approval rating is? The exact same figure. We know who approves of him already: That same excluded majority. Their reasons for approval are varied, but I think they’d probably like it if he were more like Evo. They can’t have missed the evidence that Bolivia is pulling ahead of Peru in many respects.

I don’t believe there will be an actual dissolution of the borders between Bolivia and Peru, but if the latter can take its cues from the former, it will certainly look as if the two are one.