Stupid Sex Tricks: When sex doesn’t sell beer

Okay…I have to admit, I thought this was very clever at first. A sexy beer ad that objectifies…MEN, for a change?

Now, tell me what exactly is wrong with this picture. Can you see it? Look closely…between the “legs”.

(If you said “brewer’s droop”, you win the Internets.)



  1. Sixth Estate says:

    So… Ursus beer tastes like piss? Is that the message here? :-)

  2. Jymn says:

    C’mon Bina. That’s a dick. No drip. Or, it’s a drip from a dick.

  3. Jim Hadstate says:

    Either the beer has no balls but a nice ass or the beer has massive balls and no ass. Either way, with that head on the dick, I bet he gets told every time that consent is withdrawn and it becomes rape unless he withdraws and goes home and jacks off!

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