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Ahem. As I said earlier…

And if you don’t believe me, here ya go. Jack Layton’s untimely death has triggered another orange wave across the country, a new poll suggests. The Harris/Decima survey conducted for The Canadian Press pegs NDP support at 33 per cent … Continue reading

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Further rumblings

Francis Barlow’s illustration to “The Bat, The Birds and the Beasts”, by Aesop. Yesterday I blogged about how there’s talk of a Liberal/NDP merger. Now someone else has weighed in on the same…with a smack-my-forehead silly suggestion as to who … Continue reading

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Funny, the sky is clear. So why do I keep hearing the sound of distant thunder? Oh. Wait. It’s coming from Ottawa: Two days after Jack Layton’s state funeral turned into an ode to social democracy and inclusive politics, musings … Continue reading

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The People’s Procession

This is what all the right-wingers couldn’t wait even 24 hours to piss on, folks… A state funeral like none before it, and one that we may never see the likes of again. Very little black, and the few long, … Continue reading

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And so it begins…

What is “it”? The speculation, naturally. Olivia Chow is just newly widowed, and already there is talk of whether she’ll run for the top job in the NDP. The one incidentally vacated by her late (and much lamented and loved) … Continue reading

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Music for a Sunday: They met in a hurricane…

A song to fit both the weather (Hurricane Irene, now a tropical storm petering out) and my mood (sombre and pensive, but still daring to hope.)

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Wankers of the Week: Disaster Week edition

Crappy weekend, everyone! Well, how about the week that was? Full of natural disasters, from those storms in Southern Ontario, to Hurricane Irene, to that earthquake on the East Coast (which all the wags are now calling Obama’s Fault). And … Continue reading

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Jack Layton on This Hour Has 22 Minutes

Jack gets Marg’d. And other choice moments. Lots of Canadian politicians have been great sports about the merciless satire this CBC fake-news show dishes out on their (usually) all-too-deserving heads, but Jack seems to have had the most fun of … Continue reading

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A musical tribute to Jack Layton

“Jack’s Dream”, by Ontario NDP candidate James Gordon (Guelph). Jack’s famous last letter gets a country sound.

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Payola: Not just for $ and P anymore!

A while back, I posted about how a certain ratings agency takes payola. Now, it looks like another one also does: A former senior analyst at Moody’s has gone public with his story of how one of the country’s most … Continue reading

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