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Wankers of the Week: Year-End Yahoos

Crappy weekend everyone! It’s New Year’s Eve, but even so, the wanks just keep on coming. Guess some people just gotta see the old year out with a bang…and a crash…and an unceremonious thud…and a whimper, plus some cheese to … Continue reading

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Some call them drones…

…others call them Job Creators: America’s growing drone operations rely on hundreds of civilian contractors, including some, such as the SAIC employee, who work in the so-called kill chain before Hellfire missiles are launched, according to current and former military … Continue reading

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Festive Left Friday Blogging: The kids are all right…or should I say LEFT?

Who says so? No less an authority than The Pew: Young people — the collegiate and post-college crowd, who have served as the most visible face of the Occupy Wall Street movement — might be getting more comfortable with socialism. … Continue reading

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Cops Behaving Badly: Death by pepper spray

Florida police bound, gagged and pepper-sprayed a mentally ill man until he died. Interestingly, this was reported by FUX Snooze, in a non-snoozing mode for a change. Let’s hear Megyn Fucking Kelly try to explain how “a food product, essentially” … Continue reading

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The Perfect Vagina

The perfect vagina from heather leach on Vimeo. A hard-hitting documentary on an extreme form of plastic surgery and the physical and emotional damage it is doing to women and girls, as well as the outrageous demand (yes, from men!) … Continue reading

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Cristina gets cancer, Chavecito gets topical, Jezebel gets Teh Stoopid

Dear lord, what is it with progressive LatAm leaders getting the fucking C-word? First it was Dilma, then Lugo, then Chavecito, then Lula, and now Cristina? President Cristina Kirchner is suffering from a papillary cancer in the right lobe of … Continue reading

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Say it ain’t so, Joe.

I happened by chance on this sad item today in the Huffington Post. A familiar picture caught my eye: It only took me a moment to realize where I’d seen it before: in my Twitter feed. Joe followed me, and … Continue reading

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Two to tango

Q. When dancing the tango with a same-sex partner, who should take the lead? A. Who cares? This handsome twosome seemed quite happy to take turns at it, when they were thinking about it at all. Being on an equal … Continue reading

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Quotable: Linus Van Pelt on the true meaning of Xmas

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Music for a Sunday: A sky-scraping dome

I remember when this one first came out, and there was a whole lot of shrieking and controversy. How could a notorious group with an “out” gay lead singer, who shot to fame with a video that was deemed obscene*, … Continue reading

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