Terrorism strikes again in Táchira


A truck belonging to the national electric company was set on fire this afternoon in San Cristóbal, capital of the Venezuelan state of Táchira, by hooded vandals. Here’s the story, via Aporrea:

A vehicle registered to the Venezuelan national electric company, Corpoelec, which was at the Catholic University of Táchira in San Cristóbal to serve the student community, was hijacked and burned in front of the university’s main building, located in the La Guayana sector of the city.

According to Major-General Efraín Velasco Lugo, Commandant of the Strategic Integral Development Region of Los Andes, the terrorist act was carried out by a group of approximately 40 hooded individuals, who at around 1:00 p.m. tried to cut off the neighboring roadways to the university and attacked persons passing through the sector with rocks and firecrackers.

Velasco Lugo said that when security officers arrived at the scene to re-establish order, the hooded men hid in the office building, taking advantage of the respect for university autonomy that exists in the land.

Velasco Lugo also mentioned that they tried several times to exit the university to provoke chaos and that they were unable to do so in the face of the effective response of the police and military officers. They then opted to hijack the Corpoelec vehicle which was there, take it out in front of the university, and burn it, around 5:00 p.m.

Velasco Lugo stated that the way these hooded men acted follows the same pattern of the violent, terrorist acts which occurred during March and April of this year, when there were guarimbas in Táchira, which affected all of the local residents.

Major-General Velasco Lugo doubts that students were the ones responsible for promoting these actions, saying that these were infiltrators, and for that reason, he invited the university community to join in the eradication of violence in their schools, and to denounce those who try to use the image of the university to generate chaos.

The commandant reiterated that he would not allow these disturbing actions to occur, and ratified his commitment to guarantee peace and order to benefit all the people of Táchira.

Translation mine.

Ah yes, that ever-peaceful and democratic Venezuelan opposition. Yet again, when confronted with their own failure, they reach for the ol’ guarimba. Will they stop at nothing to achieve their peaceful, democratic, public-spirited goals?

Another defeat for guarimbas in Venezuela

Hey! Remember all those useless idiots and their dumb little #SOS Venezuela hashtag from February? Remember how they all thought it was such a “game-changer”, and that the “tyrant” Maduro would go down in defeat because of some stupid tweets, and even stupider violence?

Well, today they got served another big slice of humble pie by none other than Madurito himself:

And here’s the story, from Aporrea:

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro announced the formation of the Committee of Families of Victims of the Guarimbas to demand justice and punishment for those responsible for staining the streets of the land with blood for months in their attempt to bring down the Bolivarian government.

“Spouses and children of the men and women of our land, civilians and militaries, who were murdered or suffered injuries during the guarimbas”, said the president from Miranda on Thursday, where he took part in another inauguration of public works and housing as part of the Territorial Socialism program.

“I call upon this committee of family members to activate so that there will be justice in the land and in the world, and that fascists will be recognized and denounced,” Maduro added.

Maduro recalled that on February 12, when right-wing militants destroyed the façade of the Public Ministry and the Carabobo Park square in Caracas, it marked the beginning of violence programmed by opposition directors, with international support.

“No one imagined that on that day, five months of violence would begin, with 40-odd dead at the hands of fascist groups who began the destruction with guarimbas,” Maduro said. He recalled the strangulations with wires on the barricades, the murders of members of the Bolivarian National Guard, and of civilians who were cleaning up the streets, and the intemperate threats from politicians who believed themselves to be superior.

“They underestimated the civilian-military power of the Bolivarian Revolution, the power of the conscience of the people. 2014 will be the year we defeated the fascist guarimba that tried to set fire to the land and subjugate the people with violence and foreign interference.”

He commented that the recuperation of Carabobo Park, which the Mayoralty of Caracas opened to the public on Thursday, is a triumph of peace and of the Venezuelan people.

He also recalled that international campaign in which local artists and foreigners screamed and wrote signs with the phrase “SOS VENEZUELA”.

“Where were they, how much were some of them paid for that?” asked Maduro. He contrasted that hypocritical manipulative attempt with the silence those same groups demonstrated when Israel massacred the people of Gaza.

“Why didn’t they say ‘SOS Palestine’? Millions said ‘SOS Palestine’, but not those paid-off groups, some of them deceived, but who later recognized their error.”

Maduro said that the defeated believed that this world-wide manipulative media operation would pay off. He confirmed that all the fighting to confront the lie had been worth it.

“And thank you, a thousand and one times, to the Venezuelan people, their conscience, their gigantic strength, which has passed all the tests we have had to stand, and let us go on overcoming them.”

Translation mine.

You may have noticed that Madurito is wearing a keffiyeh in the video. That’s because something else is happening in Venezuela, something very special: A hundred medical students from Palestine have arrived to begin their studies at the Dr. Salvador Allende School of Medicine. They will be taking home that training to a land that sorely needs it — especially in Gaza, which Madurito referenced in his speech. Here is the Palestinian ambassador to Venezuela, Linda Sabeh Ali, thanking Madurito and Venezuela for the free education they are about to receive:

Great news indeed, and it could not come at a time of greater need.

¡Viva Venezuela!

Further details on the Robert Serra assassination


It’s been just over a month since Robert Serra, 27, was killed along with his girlfriend, at his home in Caracas. Here are the latest details on the case, via Aporrea:

Until now, Venezuelan authorities have not located the car and the motorbike on which the assassins of Robert Serra travelled, one month ago today. Both vehicles were stolen, according to a judicial source.

Edwin Torres Camacho, the head of Serra’s bodyguard, arrived at the latter’s house, in the Caracas district of La Pastora, on a motorcycle which they had previously left for him at the El Cristo corner. Right behind him on the bike was Padilla Leyva, alias “El Colombia”. In a red pickup truck, Fariñes Palomino (“El Eme”), Carlos Enrique García Martínez (“Tin-Tin”), Jaime Padilla (“El Oreja”) and Daniel Salinas Quevedo (“El Dani”) arrived, according to what president Nicolás Maduro revealed in a broadcast on Wednesday, October 15.

Two functionaries of the Caracas police guarded the street nearby: Raider Espinoza and Eric Romero. They were in uniform and carrying their regulation pistols. They were contacted by the chief of Serra’s bodyguard.

El Colombia’s gang was tasked with committing the homicide. It appears they were paid $500,000 US. The only ones still to be captured are the chief, Padilla Leyva, and “El Eme”, Fariñez Palomino. The rest are already in custody at the headquarters of the Bolivarian National Intelligence Service (SEBIN).

Yesterday, the Supreme Tribunal of Justice informed via bulletin that a Caracas control tribunal had ordered the imprisonment of Jaime Padilla “for being presumably connected as co-author in the crime of aggravated homicide, against the deputy, Robert Serra, and his companion, María Herrera.”

Jaime Padilla is unofficially also known as “Johnny Padilla” and “El Oreja” (The Ear). For this, he was also charged with usurpation of identity. Padilla turned himself in to the authorities on October 28.

Translation mine.

So we learn that stolen vehicles were used; this would help to cover the home invaders’ tracks, at least initially. With no rightful owners’ names attached to the truck and motorbike, the identities of the killers would have remained a mystery…that is, had the corrupted bodyguard, Edwin Torres Camacho, not told all soon after his own arrest.

The most explosive detail in this, for me, was the fact that two Caracas police officers were apparently involved. And that they were operating in uniform, carrying their regulation sidearms, guarding the street as the assassination was going down. Ostensibly securing the neighborhood, they actually facilitated a double homicide, and one of the most shocking in recent memory at that. Corruption in the Metropolitan Caracas police is hardly news, and neither is putschism; during the coup of ’02, they were in the command of an opposition mayor, Alfredo Peña, widely rumored to have ties to the CIA and the US embassy. And the current mayor, also an oppositionist, is the infamous “Grandpa Monster”, Antonio Ledezma. It would not surprise me one bit to learn that he was implicated, and that he had okayed the very inappropriate actions of those two police officers (and who knows how many others) on that particular night. I don’t know if he is involved, mind you; I’m just saying that I would put nothing past him, including collaboration in one of the most grotesque and traumatizing political assassinations of all time. And it bears remembering that Robert Serra himself named him, not long before he was assassinated, as a likely intellectual author of just such a crime.

Reuters is up to its old dirty tricks in Venezuela

Oh Reuters. You nest of hacks. Do you think Venezuela isn’t onto you? Or, for that matter, every person with a brain? It’s not like you’ve never tried THIS before…

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro Moros, denounced a media campaign by the Reuters news agency against Venezuela to create an opinion matrix of a country supposedly in “default” or unable to make payments.

“Venezuela has the economic and financial capacity; the resources, the strategic politics and the supreme will to continue on its path and comply with international financial commitments,” said the president during a meeting of the Federal Council of Government taking place at the White Palace in Caracas.

“I denounce this news agency, Reuters, because they are doing harm with all their international wire stories, trying to create alarm in Venezuela,” said the president, regarding news published in recent days of a supposed case of ebola in Venezuela.

Maduro emphasized that the interest of the journalists is monetary, “being paid in dollars to do damage to their country. There is a Venezuelan journalist working there.”

Translation mine.

“Being paid in dollars” means something more in Venezuela than it does, say, in North America. Journalists being paid that kind of salary are not only being paid in non-local currency; they are also being paid to promote non-local interests, albeit covertly. If you’re working in Venezuela and drawing your pay in dollars rather than bolivars, that’s a handy way for employers to foster loyalty to foreign interests and causes. And in a country like Venezuela, where disloyal locals are all too easily riled up by irresponsible reporting by private media interests (who do you think has been actively promoting all those coups?), it doesn’t take much to start the next round of bogus accusations and calls for foreign “intervention” from the not-so-loyal opposition. If Reuters is smart, they’ll watch their backs…and not try to pass off rumormongering as “reporting”, as they’ve done all too often in the past. Otherwise, they’ll find themselves personae non gratae.

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Young Communist office in Caracas firebombed


(Photo: Yury Weky.)

The Communist Youth of Venezuela building in Caracas was firebombed by vandals, no doubt fascist in nature, in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. Note the streaks of soot around the door and window of the building. Here’s the story:

The Central Excecutive Commission of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Venezuela (JCV) denounced a terrorist attack in the early morning hours of Tuesday on their head office in El Paraíso, Caracas.

In a communiqué, the JCV indicated that the installations were attacked by incendiary artefacts launched simultaneously from various points, affecting the front of the building, the meeting room, and constituting an attempt on the lives of members of the brigade, who were working at that hour on a propaganda offensive.

The communiqué affirmed that “this incident is part of the escalation of violence imposed by fascism since February of this year and executed by mercenaries and paramilitary groups in the service of the pro-imperialist far right.

“Its objective is none other than to infuse terror, attempting to demobilize the combative revolutionary student movement of Venezuela,” says the communiqué, which calls for militancy in “responding with the organization, mystique and discipline which characterize our lines.”

The vice-president for Agitation, Propaganda and Communication of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Ernesto Villegas, expressed on behalf of president Nicolás Maduro and the political organization he represents, his solidarity with the political bureau of the Communist Party of Venezuela and the JCV following the violent events.

On his Twitter account @VillegasPoljak, he stated that the message of support is directed especially “to the young comrades of the JCV, victims of terrorist practices of a right-wing profoundly anticommunist and antinational.”

Villegas also stated that “the president has ordered an exhaustive investigation” to find those responsible for the attack. “We are certain that this act is one more in a long list of historic aggressions by fascism against the Venezuelan communists and could not have existed without the commitment to revolutionary ideas and practices,” he added.

“We have offered support for the prompt rehabilitation of the burned building, which serves as the national directorate of the JCV,” said Villegas.

He added that thanks to the opportune intervention of the Firefighters’ Corps of the Capital District, it was possible to save the lives of the five young Communists and two other persons, one 48 and the other 80 years old, who were in the building.

The fire started on the first of the two storeys of the building, around 3:00 a.m., leaving traces of violent combustion on the building’s front, says Villegas. “The flames destroyed a small stencil-type printing press. There are no signs of defects in the electrical system.”

“Once more they call for cowardly attacks against our young people, such as what occurred with the abominable crime against our comrade Robert Serra,” Villegas emphasized.

Translation mine.

So we can see that here again, the pattern of fascist violence repeats itself. While most of the assaults have been against members of the United Socialist Party (PSUV), the Communist Party (PCV) has also been singled out in this instance because, while it didn’t opt to join the PSUV when it was formed, it tends to vote along the same lines on issues of importance, and there is strong solidarity between the two separate entities.

What makes this attack truly cowardly is the fact that it was waged against young people. Like the murder of 27-year-old Robert Serra, the PSUV’s youngest parliamentary deputy, and one of its most energetic, charismatic and beloved figures. It seems pretty clear that this attack was meant not only to kill, but also to demoralize and demobilize the young Communists. Luckily, no one died, and if anything, this attack will only serve to steel their spines against the attackers…whoever they turn out to be. The old-order antisocialists and anticommunists are losing, and they know it; hence their desperate and ugly tactics.

¡No pasarán!

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Majunche’s not-so-excellent foreign adventure


Ah, Keanu. Well might you ask. It turns out that the answer may be as simple as that old biblical saying: By their fruits shall ye know them.

So, by Majunche’s fruits, what can we know about him? Well, a certain vice-president of Venezuela has some ideas:

Venezuelan vice-president Elías Jaua denounced on Saturday that the upcoming trip by opposition politician Henrique Capriles Radonski to Spain and the United States is part of a “destabilization campaign” to “interrupt democracy” in Venezuela.

Jaua pointed out that Capriles plans to travel between October 20 and 24 to Spain and the US to meet with representatives of the far right to receive “outlines and financial oxygen to continue the destabilization campaign against Venezuelan democracy.”

Jaua also informed that president Nicolás Maduro has ordered the Legislative Council of the state of Miranda, of which Capriles is governor, to demand explanations of the opposition politician as to why he is absenting himself from his functions for five days.

Jaua, also a former foreign minister, called the claim that Capriles is the most moderate of the Venezuelan opposition a lie, recalling that the governor of Miranda plays a principal role in “a game to interrupt democracy and the plan to destabilize our homeland.”

He also deemed “absolutely irresponsible” the declarations of Capriles over a supposed cutback in the Miranda state budget due to the fact that the price of oil established in the national budget does not correspond to the real prices established.

In this context, Jaua emphasized that Capriles, a representative of the opposition “Democratic Unity Table” (MUD) party, uses such allegations as excuses for not dedicating himself to his duties, such as attending to culture, sport and education in Miranda.

Venezuelan authorities have accused the sectors of the Venezuelan opposition on repeated occasions, supported from abroad, of plotting to launch a coup d’état against the Maduro government.

Translation mine.

It’s already well known that Spain and the US (and the far fascist right of both) have active, vested interests in seeing Venezuelan democracy kicked to the curb. Both were, in fact, found actively backing the coup of ’02. Does anyone seriously believe that they’ve since changed their stripes?

If you do, you might be as big a doofus as Bill. Or Ted.

If you don’t, keep watching Majunche. Or this space, which will certainly keep its eyes trained on him.

More fallout from the Serra assassination

The social networks of Venezuela have been buzzing with messages surrounding the death of deputy Robert Serra. And some of what’s been Facebooked and tweeted is truly vile, as the National Assembly president, Diosdado Cabello, reads out above. Here’s a quick summary of the highlights (if you can call them that):

On his VTV show, Con el Mazo Dando, the president of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Diosdado Cabello, informed on Thursday of the detention of Victor Ugas, who spread a photo via social networks of the assassinated deputy Robert Serra in the morgue, as well as the detention of a tweeter known as “La Negra Hipólita”.

“This week they also captured Victor Andrés Ugas, alias Víctor Hugo, who took the photo of comrade Robert Serra [in the morgue]. You’ll have to say who gave you the photo. Also, Daniely Benítez was detained, she’s the one called ‘[La Negra] Hipólita’. She’s very good at predicting things. On September 4, she said that the National Assembly would be in mourning, that we would be buying white candles [for wakes], but she’s so good at predicting that she never predicted that she would be jailed. That’s because the whole thing is suspicious.”


Cabello also informed of the detention of other citizens who had made threats or jokes around the assassination of Serra, as well as investigations of other Venezuelans who committed the same crimes and are not in country.

Translation mine.

Yes, that’s right…some punk leaked a photo of Robert Serra’s body in the morgue. And another one appears to have had advance knowledge of an assassination to come, one that would have vigil candles burning in the National Assembly (where, in fact, Serra’s body and that of his girlfriend, María Herrera, did lie in state). Just a macabre joke, I’m sure. Or a damn good crystal ball…one that, as Diosdado Cabello ironically remarks, somehow failed to predict that its psychic owner would land up in the slammer.

According to this news item, the photos of Serra’s corpse on the slab have been under investigation since October 10, and the suspect believed to have tweeted them was arrested on Wednesday. He remains in custody.

Meanwhile, we now know the amount of money Serra’s assassins got to do the job. A cool quarter of a million gringo dollars, according to the justice minister:

The planned and executed assassination of socialist National Assembly deputy Robert Serra cost its intellectual authors $250,000 (US), monies which came from Colombia, according to the minister of Interior Relations, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodríguez Torres.


“With Lorent Gómez Saleh in prison, we now know that they were starting to eliminate 20 leaders,” said the minister, recounting that the terrorist plans, orchestrated in Colombia, which extremist groups were to carry out in Venezuela, and to which Saleh belonged, were to be carried out only against the leaders of the Bolivarian Revolution who mobilized the people to militancy with the greatest strength.

“They came from Colombia with that amount of money, which not just anyone would have, and killed our comrade Robert Serra,” Rodríguez Torres said during an assembly in Propatria, Caracas.

Translation, again, mine.

Money from Colombia? Surely that wouldn’t be traceable back to El Narco, would it? Miguel Rodríguez Torres thinks it would, and he would know, as justice minister and as one privy to all the information surrounding a crime of this magnitude.

Meanwhile, seven arrest orders are currently awaiting fulfillment, and Interpol is on red alert for the individuals in question. The eighth suspect is already in detention: Edwin Torres Camacho, the corrupted bodyguard who let the killers into the home.

Pablo Neruda’s prophetic words are about to come true; the cowards’ moon is hanging low in the sky. Not much longer now…

Video shows assassins entering and leaving Robert Serra’s home

Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro himself narrates this video, which shows just how quick and efficient the killers of Robert Serra were. The full security video from the night in question is just 11 minutes long, and the segment showing the entry and exit of the killers clocks in at a mere six minutes. That’s right: Just six minutes from the time they entered the house, with the help of a paid-off bodyguard of the late parliamentarian, to the time they exited and buzzed off, some on motorbikes, a very typical mode of transportation in Caracas. This video shows clearly why there were no signs of forced entry at the home, indicating an apparent inside job. With a paid-off bodyguard to unlock the door for the killers, there would be no need to break in, calling unwanted attention to themselves and wasting valuable minutes, as well as making it that much harder to escape in time.

So who are the killers? Well, the head of this particular band of assassins is a Colombian paramilitary by the surname of Padilla Leiva; his nickname, and the name of the band as well, is “El Colombia”. How original! Maduro also gives the nicknames of the rest of the killers, in the order in which they appear and enter the home. Their real names are presumably known to the authorities, but not mentioned in this clip.

Meanwhile, here’s a tape of the corrupted bodyguard, Edwin Torres Camacho, who let the killers into the house:

And here’s a transcript of what he said:

“It all began three months ago, I was talking on my cellphone with deputy Robert Serra, when I was approached by ‘Colombia’, one of the authors of the death of the deputy. Then he asked me ‘Anything else? Is everything all right?’ This in a normal discussion with my boss…

“He told me that…he broke into the situation to tell me ‘let’s go, let’s go screw him, let’s go there’, with such insistence, I fell into temptation and from the Wednesday of the week before the deputy’s death, uh…they were talking about everything they were going to do that day…

“We left there…on a Sunday we swung by the deputy’s house in a pickup truck, burgundy and black, and the same again on Monday, two days before the deputy’s death, they lent me a cellphone with which they told me that we were going to work that day.

“The day of the incident, Wednesday, they gave me the motorbike on the Cristo corner, and I went out to look for it. From there I went toward La Pastora, met with ‘Colombia’, who got on the bike with me, and we went to the deputy’s house. When we arrived there, I opened the door with the motorcycle key, forcing the lock, and ‘Colombia’ entered behind me. After that, he went ahead and neutralized María [Herrera, Serra’s girlfriend], then two others entered, and the other four: ‘Eme’, ‘Dany’, ‘Oreja’ and ‘Tintín’.

“At that moment, I walked toward the kitchen…’Colombia went up with ‘Tintín’ and that’s when they neutralized Robert and brought him to his study. Then I gave him a kick in the neck and I was getting on top of him when Tintín was on top of Robert with a knife in his hand, with an awl…and I saw that the deputy was already gagged and mortally wounded.

“After he went down, Tintín went back down, and the others, with weapons in hand. I went down last and saw how ‘Colombia’ was on top of María. I couldn’t see what he was doing to her, but I could see that he was on top of María. Then it was ‘let’s go, let’s go” and we left the house. As we were leaving the house I turned back to open the door for them, I opened the door electrically, then they left and I hung back, looking around, because I didn’t have the motorcycle key in my pocket, the one with which I opened the door and forced the lock.

“After I came out, because I couldn’t find the key, I had to push the motorbike downhill. I pushed it along with ‘Tintín’. I came out last and from there, we went down two blocks. I dropped off Tintín, I don’t know which way he went, he went his way and I went down three more blocks. I left the bike someplace, and I don’t know what happened to it. I caught a taxi and went home.”

Translation mine.

So now we know how this was possible. Even with bodyguards, Robert Serra wasn’t safe, because the assassins were able to bribe one of them. One corrupto was all it took to end Robert Serra’s life…well, one corrupto and half a dozen killers.

And three months of planning, and a huge whack of dinero, too.

Happy Indigenous People’s Day!

Fuck Columbus, and fuck the plague-ridden ships he rode in on. The natives are taking their country back, peacefully and democratically. And in yesterday’s presidential elections, Bolivia made that abundantly clear:


I believe this is what’s known as a LANDSLIDE.

Viva Evo PRESIDENTE, carajo.

EDIT: The landslide is even bigger than it looked yesterday. Here’s the latest:

The Bolivian president was re-elected for the second consecutive time, according to an exit poll by the Mori firm, published last night by the newspaper El Deber, of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

According to the poll, the president won in eight of nine Bolivian departments [provinces], and carries the support of at least 25 senators and 86 deputies, which approaches control of two-thirds of both chambers.

His closest follower, Samuel Doria Molina, received 24% of the vote, according to exit polls. Meanwhile, former president Jorge “Tuto” Quiroga took 9.6.%.

Although presidents of Bolivia can only take two consecutive terms, Evo Morales was able to run a third time, since the Constitutional Tribunal considers that his first term took place before the refoundation of the land in 2009, and for that reason, doesn’t count.

In 2005 Evo Morales won more than 50% of the vote, and in 2009 he increased his support to more than 60%. More than 5 million Bolivians went to the polls, and not only in Bolivia, since, for the first time, Bolivians residing in 33 foreign countries were able to exercise their right to vote as well.

Thousands gathered today to celebrate the president’s victory. Murillo Square, near Quemado Palace, the seat of the Legislative Assembly and the Foreign Ministry, was filled with people cheering their president.

An emotional Evo Morales called out hurrahs to all the Bolivian departments amid the jubilation of the people, who were carrying flags in the blue-and-white colors of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS).

“I want to tell you, after hearing the news of the results of these elections, in my own name and that of my brother the vice-president [Álvaro García Linera], and of those who fought alongside us for our freedom, thank you for this great support.

“Many thanks, brothers and sisters, for this new triumph of the Bolivian people. In all departments, we have grown and in eight departments, we have won. There could still be a surprise in one department [Beni, the only one not won by MAS]. The fight is neck-and-neck,” Morales pointed out.

Morales also recalled that there is “a feeling of liberation for our peoples. How much longer will we be under the thumb of the North American empire and capitalism? This triumph belongs to the anti-imperialists and the anti-capitalists. It belongs to the Bolivian people.”

Also, Morales considers that “it has been important to seek the integration and unity of the Bolivian people. Once more we have ratified that in Bolivia there is no “Media Luna” [“Half Moon”, a reference to the departments who tried to break away during the failed coup of 2009], but a Full Moon!

“Now, with more than 60 percent, nationalization has won,” said an emotional Morales, as the people chanted his name.

“Your efforts, those of your comrades and base directors, and the commitment of the national directors, of CONALCAM [the National Confederation for Change] and the Bolivian Workers’ Central, of the ministers, the institutions, has not been in vain,” Morales insisted.

“I want to say to the people of La Paz and Bolivia that we must always think of the great and the small. When we talk about satellites, some said that that was for the United States and Europe. And now we have a satellite,” Morales recounted.

Morales also emphasized that “when we say we want atomic energy for peaceful purposes they said that that was for developed countries. And we will have it, we will think of the great. And we will be the energy centre of South America.

“I am amazed and this class of results will commit us much more to keep fighting for the Bolivian people. In these elections solidarity has won, unity and sovereignty of the Bolivian people have won, and this triumph will be dedicated to all the peoples of Latin America and the world who fight against capitalism and imperialism. This triumph is dedicated to Fidel Castro and Hugo Chávez, may he rest in peace,” Morales concluded.

Translation mine.

So, there you have it. Definitive proof that Bolivia has arrived in the 21st century. And thanks to Evo’s already impressive achievements, it’s going nowhere but up. This is a big fuck-you not only to the conquistadors of 500 years ago, but their wanna-be emulators of 2009, whose misadventures I’ve documented here. Remember how those foreign mercenaries came to grief when half the Bolivian provinces tried to break away, taking the oil and gas with them, so that the privatizers could keep their loot? Yeah, this is a fuck-you to THEM, too. And one they could not deserve more. And it was handed to them, not from above in La Paz, but from below, by the people of all of Bolivia.


Lorent Saleh, terrorist, in his own words

Coño, what’s this? Oh, just a cute little student opposition leader from Venezuela, showing his true (terrorist) colors. ¡Qué bolas!

On the VTV show Cayendo y Corriendo, yesterday, a new video was broadcast showing Venezuelan right-winger Lorent Gómez Saleh admitting that he was a terrorist.

“My profession is terrorist,” the right-winger asserted.

As well, Gómez Saleh says in the video that he has plans to disturb the peace in the city of San Cristóbal in the state of Táchira, and that he is counting on the aid of 20 young people, Venezuelan and Colombian, calling them the “elite group”, in order to carry out this type of terrorist acts.

“And 20 is a lot, brother; we don’t need more people because these are detailed things,” he says.

“Táchira will be our bastion, there we’re going to put up a good fight. And we’ll heat up Táchira little by little, you haven’t yet seen how Táchira is catching fire…right now we’re raising the pressure bit by bit,” says Saleh.

In one part of the video, Saleh comments: “We want to hit ‘em in the pocket…We want to start a shitstorm and it’ll be simultaneous, because we can’t be starting a shitstorm today and every day.”

He also reiterated that the groups of terrorists he runs are armed.

“We have some good cellphones, some good computers, some cameras, and weaponry,” he assures.

The far-right activist also spoke of his allies in the encampments at Alfredo Sadel Square, and of the work they are doing.

“In Caracas, ‘Guerrilla’ (Ronnie, co-ordinator of the violent acts in Caracas) was the chief at Sadel. The strong arms of combat have arrived at the camp at Sadel.”

He also referred to terrorist plans to be executed in the capital.

“With 10,000 dollars we’ll plant a good sniper there in Caracas.”

In another video presented on the program, Gómez Saleh states that he will be meeting with the press representative of the NGO “Operation Freedom”, Gisela Matamoros, who works for the ex-deputy, María Corina Machado.

It bears recalling that Gómez Saleh has been photographed with various political spokespersons of the Venezuelan opposition, among them Antonio Ledezma.

Translation mine.

Antonio Ledezma, alias Grandpa Monster, is the right-wing metropolitan mayor of Caracas, and a key figure behind the guarimbas there.

Notice, too, that San Cristóbal is mentioned? That’s where some other guarimbas took place earlier this year, with an eye to ousting Madurito, during the epic fail known as “La Salida” (The Exit). Wouldn’t surprise me if it turned out that little Lori-Sally was in cahoots with the fascist mayor of THAT city, in addition to the aforementioned Grandpa Monster.

Oh yeah, and there’s more incriminating video, too:

In this one, Lorent Saleh is admitting that he has ties to another familiar face of the Venezuelan opposition: Maricori, a.k.a. María Corina Machado. Another prominent putschist, in other words.

Such respectable ruling-class types, these old-line Venezuelan oligarchs. And such a firm commitment to democracy, too! Why else would they be so desperate as to associate with known, and self-admitted, terrorists?