Your holiday cartoon special

Hey, if TV can do this, so can I. So here’s a holiday cartoon special just for you loyal readers out there (all 100-odd of you). Regular political snarking to resume whenever. Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays…and Meowy Catmas to all!

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Sorry, no wankapedia tonight.

Auntie ‘Bina has been fighting a cold all week, and the cold has won. (iOS problems with wi-fi haven’t helped, either, and I can’t spend all day sitting in the kitchen, which is the only place my iPad seems to get any reception at all.) It was either regular scheduled blogging or the wankapedia, so I went with the one less likely to suffer from my general lack of energy. Plus, all the piss and vinegar — well, the vinegar, anyway — went into disinfecting every surface I’ve coughed or sneezed on. I’ve got nothing left for a bunch of fuckin’ wankers.

So, all that being said, please enjoy this silly, scary video of Simon and his cat. Regularly scheduled kvetching to resume when I feel up to it, whenever that might be. Meow!

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Appy polly loggies.

Hey, everyone…

Just got back from an unplanned Internet vacation. Both my phone line AND my modem got fried in a lightning strike more than a week ago, and both gave up the ghost over the weekend. Finally got ’em fixed, up and running. Regular blogging to resume shortly; wank-list to resume NEXT weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy these complimentary kittehs:

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Wankers of the Week: Not tonight, dear.

Sorry, no weekly wankapedia tonight…your humble scribe is all holidayed out and therefore, too weary to worry about wanks. Plus, with all the boring and lazy end-of-year lists floating around the Internets, it just felt like overkill. Do you want to see one more of those? Me neither. So, put your feet up and enjoy this kitteh, with my compliments…


…and I’ll have more wankers for you next year, ‘kay?

Good night, and don’t get fucked.

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Dear PETA: Fuck you.


Dear PETA:

Thanks for another thoughtful reminder of why I can’t fucking stand you. Once again, you’ve wanked a major one all over women’s bodies.

Never mind that body weight is not a marker of obesity. Or that fat vegans most certainly do exist, and that refusing to consume animal products is no guarantee of weight loss. No, you just had to go clouding the serious health issue of Plan B’s too-low hormone dosage with a fraudulent “go vegan and get skinny!” message. In doing so, you joined all the other despicable fat-shamers who never miss an opportunity to push their agendas in inescapably sexist ways.

Of course, I expected nothing better from you. You have a well-established pattern of exploiting women at every turn. You can’t bear to see a glass of milk being poured or an egg being cracked into a pan, but you have no compunctions about caging women, carving them up like slabs of beef, wrapping them in plastic like supermarket chickens, or throwing them onto grills. And that’s when you’re not busy sexually abusing them to showcase what veganism will allegedly do for their male partners.

So I suppose I should not have been surprised that you would pounce on what is actually a story about corporate irresponsibility, and twist it to your own sadistic ends. It’s pretty obvious what your game is: “saving” the animals by throwing humans, and specifically FEMALE humans, under the bus.

And that’s when you’re not busy killing kitties and dogs to save money to put toward your outrageous ad campaigns instead. What the fuck is “ethical” about THAT?

So I guess you’ll just have to pardon me if all you’ll ever get from me is the back of both my middle fingers. Trust me, you’ve EARNED it.

Fuck you very much, PETA.


Peru bans cat-eating festival


In response to an international outcry, someone in Peru has stepped up and done the right thing for the gatit@s…

A court in the Peruvian province of Cañete (south of Lima) prohibited the so-called Festival of Curruñau, a popular feast in homage to the Ethiopian saint Iphigenia in which the locals for years have been killing cats in order to eat them later in stews.

The court attended the protection suit presented by the College of Attorneys of Lima (CAL), which, in turn, had acted upon request of animal-defence organizations.

The president of the Commission for the Study of Animal Rights of CAL, Sonia Córdova, indicated that during the judicial proceedings, it was proven that the cats were treated with cruelty. “In the Festival of Curruñau they tortured and threw firecrackers at cats before eating them,” Córdova denounced.

Along with the consumption of cat meat, the case prohibits the running of the cats, which included the use of fireworks. The festival “fomented violence…and causes grave social damage and harm to public health,” in the opinion of judge María Luyo Sánchez.

Córdova said that the protective action took into account not only the suffering of the cats, but the psychological damage which it caused in many persons to see the mistreatment of domestic animals with a long tradition as pets.

The latest version of the Festival of Curruñao took place last month and that occasion was marked by the actions of animal rights activists, who came to Cañete to repudiate the “feast”, with the support of local authorities.

The people of Cañete argued that it was a popular celebration in homage to St. Iphigenia — for whom there is no linkage to the consumption of cats — and that it was part of the popular culture of that and other zones, including some barrios in Lima, the custom of using felines as food.

Luis Rufino Enríquez, representative of the organizing committee for the event, said that there would be a formal appeal of the resolution, considering it without precedent. “It is absurd that a judicial case attempt to change popular customs which have been repeated since the colonial era,” he said to the newspaper La República.

Translation mine.

Considering that this “custom” dates back to the colonial era, that’s just one more reason for banning it. A lot of colonial “customs” were cruel and senseless and characterized by torture in the name of saints and Christianity, regardless of the fact that, as here, the saint in question had no ties to any such practices. Add to that the fact that the colonial era in Latin America corresponded to a superstitious time in mainland Europe, when cats were routinely tortured and killed in the name of witch-hunting, and it becomes painfully clear why this “custom” must die. What century is this, again?

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Music for a Sunday: MEOW!

I’m sensing a theme developing here…hold on…

Yes…the signal’s coming through louder now:

Aha! Now I know what it is. It’s the Universe, saying it’s heard me wanting a cute little kitty, so one showed up on my doorstep just this morning. And she seems determined to stay. Now, if I could just get her and my existing cat to play nice…


Quotable: Stephen King on taxes



Good news from the Vatican

First up, a shot of the retiring Pope, leaving the Vatican yesterday in his papal helicopter:


And now, a photo of the new pope:


Habemus novem papem…Tabbeus the First!

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On some deep existential level, this was inevitable…


C’est tout comme le cas d’Henri, le Chat Noir. Enfin, il a une copine d’ennui. Vivent les minouches existentiels et misanthropes!

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