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Animals vs. Der Donald

Cute cats, daffy dogs, and a majestic eagle all agree: Donald Trump is a piece of shit and must be stopped. Oh, and that orangutan in Borneo? He’s still waiting to get his pelt back off Der Donald’s head.

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Your holiday cartoon special

Hey, if TV can do this, so can I. So here’s a holiday cartoon special just for you loyal readers out there (all 100-odd of you). Regular political snarking to resume whenever. Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays…and Meowy Catmas to all!

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Sorry, no wankapedia tonight.

Auntie ‘Bina has been fighting a cold all week, and the cold has won. (iOS problems with wi-fi haven’t helped, either, and I can’t spend all day sitting in the kitchen, which is the only place my iPad seems to … Continue reading

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Appy polly loggies.

Hey, everyone… Just got back from an unplanned Internet vacation. Both my phone line AND my modem got fried in a lightning strike more than a week ago, and both gave up the ghost over the weekend. Finally got ’em … Continue reading

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Wankers of the Week: Not tonight, dear.

Sorry, no weekly wankapedia tonight…your humble scribe is all holidayed out and therefore, too weary to worry about wanks. Plus, with all the boring and lazy end-of-year lists floating around the Internets, it just felt like overkill. Do you want … Continue reading

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Dear PETA: Fuck you.

Dear PETA: Thanks for another thoughtful reminder of why I can’t fucking stand you. Once again, you’ve wanked a major one all over women’s bodies. Never mind that body weight is not a marker of obesity. Or that fat vegans … Continue reading

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Peru bans cat-eating festival

In response to an international outcry, someone in Peru has stepped up and done the right thing for the gatit@s… A court in the Peruvian province of Cañete (south of Lima) prohibited the so-called Festival of Curruñau, a popular feast … Continue reading

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Music for a Sunday: MEOW!

I’m sensing a theme developing here…hold on… Yes…the signal’s coming through louder now: Aha! Now I know what it is. It’s the Universe, saying it’s heard me wanting a cute little kitty, so one showed up on my doorstep just … Continue reading

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Quotable: Stephen King on taxes

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Good news from the Vatican

First up, a shot of the retiring Pope, leaving the Vatican yesterday in his papal helicopter: And now, a photo of the new pope: Habemus novem papem…Tabbeus the First!

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