Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx takes on oil spills


Listen! Do you hear that loud and urgent meowing? It means Ms. Manx is back from a longer than usual hiatus with her latest catch. No, not mice. She’s got links to share. And this time, the Stumpy Cat has come back with sticky black goo on her paws. She’s going to need help getting that off! Good thing I’ve got some Dawn dish soap, eh kitty?

And it’s a good thing these beavers in Utah got rescued by some kind wildlife folks who also stock up on the stuff just in case. Can you believe they built a dam that helped contain the diesel oil spill? That’s what beavers do best. They do a better job building dams than the humans do building pipelines, says Ms. Manx, cattily.

And while we’re on the subject of humans who build crappy pipelines, ExxonMobil just got off on the most technical of technicalities. The Stumpy Cat thinks that’s not right. She also thinks that if they won’t pay into a cleanup fund, why, they should just pay for the clean-up all on their own, which will cost them a lot more. And which, frankly, they can afford to pay…and indeed, DESERVE to pay.

And speaking of those who deserve to pay, our cyberkitty would also like to draw your attention to the Canadian Imperialist Bank of Commerce. These wanking banksters, unlike the average Canadian, stand to gain from the building of a tar sands pipeline. And they’re whining and boohoo-ing about how much they’re losing every day that that pipeline isn’t being built and its bituminous contents aren’t being spilt. It all sounds very impressive and persuasive…until you realize that they just pulled those numbers out of the same orifice banksters usually pull their projections from.

BTW, for those who are trying to keep track of all the oil spills from this week alone, they are:

One in White River, Ontario;

One in St.-Jerôme, Québec;

and of course, the no-fly zone that is Mayflower, Arkansas. Guess that shocking aerial footage was getting in the way of Exxon getting off easy, eh?

And finally, Ms Manx really likes this Lee Camp dude, who sums up the problem with oil pipelines so succinctly:


Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx swats the gun nutz


Meow! Meow! I know it’s been a while since the Stumpy Cat meowed, but Ms. Manx has gotten restless again, which is a sure sign that she has news for us. And sure enough, today’s roundup is all about those things that dangle from the butt end of a gun in the armed madhouse to the south of us. Namely, Teh Nutz.

First up, some sad news: An “unsecured” gun has killed a kid. Of course, Teh Nutz would dispute that version, so let’s phrase it a little more to their liking (says the Manx, cattily): A kid got his hands on a gun that shouldn’t have been there, and accidentally shot his little brother dead. Because, y’know, guns don’t kill people. And all that cal. Merry fucking Christmas, kids. Don’t let your dumbass parents leave stuff around for you to shoot your eyes out with.

Meanwhile, in DC, a TV gabfest host is in deep doo-doo with the police for waving an illegal ammo clip on the air during a debate on gun violence. The clip was not attached to a firearm, so this is a major moment of WTF. It is, after all, an issue up for some long-overdue discussion. Ms. Manx says she’s fine with DC banning those things, and wonders why they’re not illegal everywhere else, too. Maybe that’s the fault of David Gregory’s guest…Wayne the Peter.

And while we’re on the subject of the Peter, Ms. Manx would like us to remember that the more guns are legal, the more likely the Bad Guys are to get their hands on illegal guns. After all, gun stores (and legal owners who are careless about locking their pieces up) can get robbed. Which kind of makes the Peter’s point about needing more armed “good guys” all over the fucking place look like a Swiss cheese that’s been blasted with a 12-gauge.

And back to DC: Ms. Manx is amused that Dick Armey has elected to live up to his name by dragging an armed goombah along to help him stage a palace coup at a teabagger group he used to head. The ruse backfired, and Dick is now out on his ass. Ms. Manx is no fan of teabags, so she’s giggling behind her paws at the way this one has imploded.

Meanwhile, in other too-aptly-named-dudes news, Jesse James has fired from the jawbone to support the Fucking NRA in its hour of need, with a rant about gangs that tells more about his own bizarre paranoia (seeing as he owns a shop that actively caters to bikers and all) than it does about the need for every Tom, Dick (sorry) and Harry to be armed and dangerous. Ms. Manx thinks the philandering former Mr. Sandra Bullock needs to zip it, and keep it in his pants. In more ways than one.

And finally, Ms. Manx would like to direct your attention to this little story from Gawker, in which the First Amendment snuck up behind the Second, yelled BOOYAH!, and scared the shit out of all the gun nutters.


Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx paws at Paraguay

Meow! Ms. Manx is back after a longish hiatus, and she and her stumpy tail have, as usual, been up to no good. Comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable, as anarcho-socialist cyberkitties are wont to do, the Manx has been pawing interesting things about Paraguay out of the hidden corners of the Internet. And here’s what she’s got for us:

From Venezuelanalysis, we learn what Chavecito’s sanctions against the Paraguayan putschists are: Round, sound condemnation, plus a cutoff of oil sales. That should hit big bad Brasiguayo agribusiness where it hurts!

Meanwhile, Global Research has a good backgrounder on Paraguayan history and the lead-up to the coup. Again, Ms. Manx would like to draw your attention to the fact that Paraguay’s economy is primarily agrarian, and disproportionately run by large land-owners. The same, incidentally, who wanted Lugo gone because he wanted to help all those uppity landless peasants. And also the same who fomented the palace coup against him. These things all hang together, saith the Manx. (Also notable: the silence from the Harper Government™, which says volumes about their fascist sympathies. They won’t condemn this clearly antidemocratic coup, which means they approve…and know it will look bad for them to do so overtly.)

And Wikileaks has an interesting diplomatic cable from Asunción. That’s the capital of Paraguay. Of special note: the (false) charges against Lugo (pure crapaganda, saith the Manx), and the special emphasis on the “red menace” angle (golly, it’s like the Cold War never ended!), and of course, the fact that putschists in the US embassy in Asunción have been plotting Lugo’s political demise for at least the past three years, if not the moment he was popularly elected in ’08. (The cable is dated May 2009.) What’s hilarious is their attempt to tar the rather mildly leftist Lugo (refer to the Global Research article above for a more accurate assessment of his politics) with the redder-than-red commie brush. Putschist they may be, but smart they most certainly are NOT. Maybe the real reason the US wants to charge Julian Assange with espionage is because he make their entire “intelligence” apparatus look stupid as fuck. And fascist as hell.

(Thanks to Cort G. for the Wikileak!)

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Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx swats SOPA

What’s that meowing I hear? A cyber-kitty with a massive pet peeve…named SOPA. Whatcha got for us, Ms. Manx?

First up, the Stumpy Cat would like to direct our attention to all the hypocrites endorsing this bad legislation. She thinks this begs a lot of questions, not least of which is: Do they not see the IRONY?

Next, the Manx would like you to consider the implications of SOPA and its bastard twin, PIPA, for Canada. The worst of them all is that unelected US corporations have basically stolen for themselves the right to write OUR laws for us. Say, isn’t that a kind of piracy right there? asks the Manx…

And then there’s The Pirate Bay’s take, which is as witty, funny, and subversive as you’d expect it to be.

It comes as no surprise to Ms. Manx that Mark Zuckerberg opposes SOPA/PIPA, too. But not for the same reasons. Remember, he’s the guy who steals your personal data to sell it to advertisers. So, really, this only stands to reason.

Meanwhile, Anonymous have been doing yeoman’s work again for the 99%, who need Internet freedom like they need air. Ms. Manx gives them two big paws up.

And finally, if you’re in the mood for a chuckle (or just in the mood, period), Ms. Manx suggests you check out what Elephant Journal has to say about the SOPA struggle, which has only just begun.

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Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx occupies Wall Street

It’s one of those drizzly, autumnal days around here. Usually, just the kind of weather that would send a kitty indoors, to curl up on her humans’ laps, with her tail wrapped cozily around all fours, purring and not letting them get up. But since Ms. Manx is a cyberkitty, and in any case has no tail beyond a stub, she’s restless…and out prowling. And sure enough, she’s found some things for us:

Over at the UK Guardian, Ed Pilkington notes the disparity between what the First Amendment says and how the NYPD seems to be interpreting it. He finds it symptomatic of the brutality of US society in general. Ms. Manx notes that it goes much further and deeper than that; it’s a symptom of capitalism itself, and the UK had its own share of that recently. Remember how the London police brutally “kettled” teenagers during the protests against school fee hikes? Or how they gunned down an innocent Brazilian electrician by mistake for a terrorist railway bomber? Or how they killed a black man for who knows what reason, then cracked down hard on the protests that ensued, characterizing them as “riots” and “looting”? Ms. Manx wants us to understand just one thing: The real rioters are always the police, and the real looters are always those who send them out against the rest of the bottom 99% of humanity. And it’s not only in the US that it happens, it’s just there that it’s happening right now.

Speaking of what’s happening right now, the Stumpy Cat has found something VERY interesting at the selfsame Grauniad: the officer accused of macing or pepper-spraying a group of women (one of whom talks about it here) at the protests has a record of police brutality, and has also been named for it at a protest in 2004 against Dubya. The Manx cattily remarks that such things are typical. They ALWAYS send out the brutal ones when there’s a peaceful protest. They want to provoke violence, so that there will be a pretext for breaking up the protest altogether, or for mass arrests. It’s no more a coincidence than when the vicious prison guard, Charles Graner, was sent to Iraq to torture prisoners at Abu Ghraib. Someone made that decision, someone in the shadows at headquarters. It’s a good start that the brutes are named, but the Stumpy Cat says we need to go further, naming their commanders, both in uniform and out. Accountability has to go all the way to the top.

Meanwhile, Wonkette’s headline here says it all, albeit ironically. Everyone knows since the Beatles first sang about it that the real piggies are the ones in the starched white shirts. But the media have been instructed to ignore the little man behind the curtain, and the fact that the protesters aren’t “green-haired freakers”, as Greg Palast once called them, but just a motley assortment of nice normal folks of all ages from the 99%, isn’t sitting well with the media. Nice people behaving themselves makes for boring video, not to mention no pretext for kettling, head-busting, mass-arresting and protest-breaking. Not the message the corporate media want to be caught sending.

But maybe the media ARE waking up; MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell certainly has, and the Stumpie gives him two big paws up for that. She would also like to tell him to watch his back; the corporate honchos have the knives out. Remember Keith Olbermann?

All the same, it’s kind of shameful that they took ten whole days to get their butts in gear and REPORT this. Guess it helps that Michael Moore showed up, eh?

ADDENDA: While not directly linked to #OccupyWallStreet, a pilots’ strike also took place there today. Maybe they could join forces with the protesters? Some cops are already doing so, from what I hear.

And Susan Sarandon is in the house, so to speak. “I’m just here to be educated,” she says. By virtue of just showing up, she’s already shown herself to be smarter than a great many. The Stumpy Cat gives her a big two-paws-up as well.

Also, don’t miss Yes Magazine’s article on how it all got started, and why.


Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx takes on Wall St.

The Stumpy Cat has been rather busy of late, chasing mice, moles, voles and chipmunks out in the garden. But she’s sticking her cyber-head in now to meow at me. Which is a sure sign that she’s found something out there besides rodents. Whatcha got for us, kitty?

First up, Ms. Manx has a Facebook note she wants you to read. Wall St. is being occupied by thousands of protesters. And where is the media? The Manx scornfully notes that cats have an undeserved reputation for sleeping at all hours, but it’s really the capitalist press that deserves the bad rap.

Thankfully, the alternative media is stepping in to fill the gaps, as Allison Kilkenny does, very nicely, at The Nation. Ms. Manx gives her a big paws-up.

And finally (for now, anyhow), the Manx would like to offer, for your perusal, an astonishing Salon piece on how the language of Wall Street has invaded everything, right up to and including our love lives. If ever there were a reason to shut the damn thing down for good, the commodification of sex and love ought to be IT, says the Stumpie.

PS: The Manx just pawed this up (thanks, Antonia Z!):

Note the rich bitches laughing on the balcony with their trophy wimmin. They and their booze did not stay out there long.


Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx looks at London

If the Stumpy Cat is meowing and pawing at my leg, I know there is something she wants me to address. And sure enough, our cyber-kitty friend has found several links of interest regarding the London riots…

First up, Cort G. sent this Marxist link which gives the best summation so far of the root causes of the riots. A sick society? A criminal element? Yes, and it all begins at the top. Austerity measures imposed by the greedy and corrupt demand brutal, fascistic enforcement…and a campaign of ridiculous propaganda to justify it all.

At, Murtaza Hussain delves into how austerity measures play into the general malaise in Britain, fueling both protests and the “need” for violent police crackdowns on even the slightest peep of objection to the government’s hard-right turn. High unemployment in a time of obscene corporate profits? Education priced out of reach? Closures of government-funded youth clubs leading to disaffection, aimlessness, and eventually violence? The Stumpy Cat is feigning shocked surprise.

Meanwhile, right-wing politicians are stumbling over their own feet in their haste to explain it all away: The kids are just entitled and greedy! They have an uncivilized lust for violence! Their parents raised them wrong! One wonders who these wrongly-raised youngsters are. Nathaniel Tapley has an idea, and has written a funny, yet all too true open letter to the parents of the biggest one.


Short ‘n’ Stubby: After Oslo, and before the next big fascist terror attack

Ms. Manx has a terrible confession to make: She’s worried! Yes, our eternally merry and sweetly skeptical cyberkitty is seriously bothered about Oslo…and not just because of all the carnage (although that, in itself, is terribly upsetting, too.) Beyond the immediate shock and grief, there are so many larger implications that she wants me to draw to your attention, so that enough people who might be able to do something, collectively, can start the counterattack where it counts…

At Alternet, Frank Schaeffer talks about the crapaganda of the “Christian” (note the quotes) right wing that he used to be part of before he grew a real Christian conscience. He notes how much the “Christians” and other neo-con right-wingers have become the jihadist menace they keep telling us the Muslims, and the Muslims alone, are. More worrisome than that, though, he finds the anti-government sentiment growing, and believes it will lead to more OKC-style terror attacks. He also notes how right-wing anti-goverment rhetoric has spawned numerous terror attacks in more recent years. Ms. Manx worries about that, too. Especially since the terrorists have too often been dismissed as “lone nuts”. Once more, she reiterates, ALL CAPS: IN THIS CURRENT RIGHT-WING CLIMATE, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A LONE NUT!

Another expert on right-wing terror, the Southern Poverty Law Centre’s Mark Potok, has a startling chart in the New York Times. Ms. Manx would like you to pay special attention to who was in the White House when antigovernment terrorism was at its worst. (Hint: It wasn’t Dubya.)

And at Truthout, there’s a list of ten questions the media aren’t asking about all this, that of course they should. Ms. Manx can think of many, many more. Can you?

And at Kadaitcha, Jinjirrie analyzes how the “cherry-picked” ideologies of fascism play into the Oslo massacres. Recall, too, that Italian fascism and Nazism in Germany were also conglomerates of right-wing ideologies, and it was this unholy admixture that gave them the inordinate power to sweep up seemingly disparate right-wing factions all under one big, ugly umbrella. Ms. Manx gives this analysis two paws up.

Two more paws up for this commentary by German journalist Gerd Appenzeller, writing for the English language website, The Local. Ms. Manx especially likes this bit:

Groups that hold such extremist views don’t just exist in Norway – there are similar ones in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. And there are comparable political movements in Germany too. Xenophobia is on the rise in Europe, a continent which has always been marked by cultural diversity in spite of long centuries of being unified by Christianity, and whose influence has affected the world from the Americas all the way to Africa and Asia.

And now that globalization is returning to the continent that transformed the world, many people just can’t cope, and feel their identities are being betrayed. They blame politicians who they believe are failing to protect them from foreign influence, and failing to preserve old traditions.

They want their countries to insulate themselves from change, they want them to shut everything out that they consider bad, and if that isn’t possible, they want to destroy multiculturalism, Marxism and Islamism – everything they consider foreign.

But they overlook the fact that Europe always suffered when it reacted like that – Hitler’s Germany, Franco’s Spain, Mussolini’s Italy and Stalin’s Russia shut themselves into a madness of race or class supremacy and exterminated people who thought differently or were just different.

And they also forget that Europe prospered and achieved international importance when it overcame boundaries and embraced open societies. Whenever Europe divided itself into groups to be preserved and groups to be destroyed, then it became the continent of inhumanity. But whenever it celebrated freedom and democracy, it became a model and a yardstick for others to measure themselves by.

That is why the response to terrorism should never be separation and isolation, but a cosmopolitan outlook and the “compassion” former West German Chancellor Willy Brandt once spoke of – a man, incidentally, whose values were influenced by his years in exile in Norway during the Nazi era.

Zwei Pfoten hoch hinauf! sagt die Manx-Mieze.


Short ‘n’ Stubby: Ms. Manx visits Norway

Oh, that Stumpy Cat…the places she goes, and the things she finds! Virtual kitties are awesome at sniffing out the most intriguing things. And here’s what Ms. Manx has dug up on Anders Behring Breivik & Co.:

Alternet reports that Breivik attended a right-wing party rally at which the speaker was none other than the Koch-sucking teabagger, Tim Phillips — president of the astroturf group, Americans for Prosperity. Yep, nothing like predatory capitalism to whet a fascist’s bloodlust, says the Manx.

In a similar vein, ThinkProgress reports that Breivik released a video replete with teabaggish views. All the standard stupid teabag tropes apply, from Barack Obama’s (actually nonexistent) socialism to his (also nonexistent) jihadist ties. Plus a strange and creepy, historically inaccurate mass of sludge about the Templars and the need for new martyrdom and a new series of crusades. The Stumpy Cat remarks that she smells a pattern forming here….

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald calls the Oslo massacre a “calculated attack on the future of the nation’s left wing”. Given that the bulk of the victims came from the shoot-up on the Norwegian Labour Party’s island campground, it smacks of terroristic baby-killing of the worst kind. Which is kind of ironic, says the Manx, when you consider that Breivik’s lengthy, deranged (and plagiarized from the Unabomber!) manifesto calls for, among other things, forced breeding of white children by depriving women of birth control and discouraging them from receiving higher education.

Sheer lunacy? It certainly sounds that way. But…

Al-Jazeera has oodles of good analysis of the method behind Breivik’s seeming madness. Ahmed Moor notes that even if Anders Breivik appears to have acted alone, he actually did so within a context of systematized “clash of civilizations” hate, which has been fomented for years by the neo-cons. Along similar lines, Ibrahim Hewitt dissects how it is, in fact, the “west” of the neo-cons that has been waging war on Islam, not the other way around. This context matters, and for that reason, nothing about this case should be regarded in isolation. Writes Hewitt, “[Breivik] may well be [a madman], but this is one way that the motivations for heinous crimes can be airbrushed out of the story before they have the chance to take hold in the popular imagination.” There are really NO lone nuts when you consider the political climate of the times, says the Manx…

Meanwhile, from The Nation, a blast from the past. This 2007 analysis of anti-Muslim hate in Europe, overwhelmingly concentrated on the right, shows how Nazi-like thinking has stealthily infiltrated the conservative partisan mainstream. (And if you don’t believe it, says the Manx, just substitute the word “Jew” for “Muslim” in any prominent right-winger’s discourse, and see what it sounds like.)

And while we’re on the subject of hateful climates, Lenin’s Tomb offers up a caustic, and very cleansing, take on why the media would rather blame Muslims than confront the real problem of home-grown fascism. Which is, in fact, a much greater source of terrorism, in Europe and the Americas both. Perhaps, says the Manx, licking one paw and hooking it behind her left ear, it’s because the crooked corporatist media knows its collective hands are not exactly clean in the matter of helping to foment that self-same right-wing extremism?

And one way the media keeps dirtying its hands, of course, is in providing a space for the seditious yammerings, yodelings and yawpings of the bull-goose loonies. Case in point: Pamela Geller et al. The good folks at LoonWatch point out that freedom of speech is not an absolute right in Europe, and for good reason. It may be Europe’s unwillingness to tolerate open hatemongering that will help stanch the bloody tide that all the crazytalk might otherwise engender.

But on the other side of the coin, it can’t be denied that Europe still has a simmering fascist problem on its hands, and one that has remained unexamined too long. Our good friend Jymn analyzes this very nicely over at Sister Sage’s place, and issues a call to put the neo-nutters under the microscope. Hear, hear! says the Manx.

Speaking of calls, the Stumpie thinks Alan Woods’s unabashedly Marxist one is a crackerjack. It’s also an indicator of where things really stand. Recall Gandhi’s saying: First they ignore you… At this point, we are at “then they fight you”. Meaning, the win is in sight, but it is not yet a done deal. Far from it. Time to seize it from the jaws of Breivik & Co. — passivity is passé. Time to fight the entire neo-con crapitalist culture, media whores and all. Time to tell the truth, and keep on telling it, until no one can live the lie any longer.

If there is any hope, wrote Orwell’s Winston Smith in Nineteen Eighty-Four, it lies with the proles. And in this particular situation, the hope lies with the Norwegian people. Here, the Manx is much heartened. HeadOn Radio Network host Bob Kincaid shares a letter he got from a listener in Norway, which, if it is any indication, shows that most Norwegians aren’t buying the “multiculturalism has failed, time to fear and fight jihadism” hype. Similar sentiments are shared by Oslo native Aslak Sira Myhre in the Guardian, who echoes his prime minister’s declaration that more openness, more democracy and more tolerance, not the slamming of the gates, is Norway’s best response to this attack on its openness, tolerance and, well, democracy! And that, says the Manx, is what she loves about the Norwegians, and Scandinavians in general: they love reason, not fear. And they love, period. It is this love that will see them through as this massacre becomes a legal trial, and the political and social reckonings get going in earnest. We would do well to emulate it, says the Manx.

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Short ‘n’ Stubby: Clan Murdoch circling the wagons

Did I hear a meow? Why yes, I did. And look who’s here! The Stumpy Cat has some juicy tidbits for us about the ongoing saga of a right-wing media empire on the go-down. Whatcha got for us, kitty?

Rebekah Brooks has been arrested. And that’s not all! Her husband is now also involved, in what appears to be a cover-up gone awry. Ms. Manx cattily remarks that she is touched by his dog-like loyalty, especially since there are many who would say that her relationship to her boss was too close for comfort.

And while we’re on the topic of cover-ups gone awry, what are we to make of the “unexplained, but not suspicious” death of former News of the World reporter Sean Hoare? Just a malign coincidence…NOT! Hoare is the one who talked about police being bribed to help the scandalmongers track the phones they were hacking. And the Manx does not for an instant believe that this was a mere accident, or Hoare’s past drink and drug problems (dating back to the time when he was required, as part of his job, to party with the celebs and ingratiate himself any way he could) coming back to haunt. Hoare was clean for years and quit as a matter of conscience.

And if you don’t think a conscience is a dangerous thing at NewsCorp(se), Ms. Manx would like to draw your attention to this little business item. Murdoch’s company stock is down no less than $7 BILLION as a direct result of the hacking scandal. And his bid to buy controlling interest in British Sky Broadcasting is scuttled, too. Irresponsible to speculate? Only on the stockmarket, and especially when it comes to right-wing media stocks. The Stumpy Cat cringes to think of that. It must hurt Rupee like…like…like a veritable declawing! Is it any wonder, then, that those with billions to lose might want a prominent witness out of the way? One who, like Sean Hoare, definitely knew too much? It would be irresponsible NOT to speculate, says the Manx…which is why she finds the police’s statement sniffier than an uncleaned litter box.

But if all this death and money talk is getting you down, here are two funny items for you. Rupee’s Yankee loyalists are circling the wagons for Clan Murdoch, and the results are so funny they may just nauseate you. Here’s the Wall St. Urinal’s disingenuous excuse-making, and here’s FUX Snooze’s disingenuous victim-playing. Bat ’em around like tinfoil balls, says the Stumpie.

Meanwhile, the Manx notes that all the suspicions she had about corruption among police and politicians in the UK are coming true. If the wave of high-profile resignations has anything to say, it looks as though Scotland Yard and much of the British Parliament are wholly owned — or bribed — subsidiaries of Murdoch & Co. Ms. Manx says she can’t wait for Rupee to face the MPs…those he hasn’t managed to corrupt, that is. Should be quite a show…

And finally, on a note of grim hilarity, guess who’s just been promoted at the Yard? None other than Cressida Dick…she who was in charge of the botched antiterror operation that wound up killing Jean-Charles de Menezes, an innocent Brazilian electrician, in front of dozens of horrified onlookers on the London subway. Ms. Manx cattily remarks that she can’t imagine this going anything but well…for all the WRONG people.

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