While neo-Nazis partied in Themar, Sigmar Gabriel singled out Antifa for abuse

Hey! Remember that time Sigmar Gabriel, the German foreign minister, flipped off a bunch of neo-Nazis for calling him a “traitor”? That was almost a year ago. Well, he’s since lost his perspective pretty badly, particularly during the recent G-20 summit in Hamburg. He compared the German Antifa with the very people they’re against, which is not smart. (We’ll get to exactly why in a bit, if it’s not glaringly obvious to you already.) Antifa were being arrested in the streets; it was a real shitshow.

Meanwhile, in a northeastern part of the country, this happened…and nobody dared to stop it:

In the small Thurigian town of Themar, on the weekend, Germany’s largest Nazi rock concert in decades took place. More than 6,000 right-wingers from all over the republic and abroad came to the festival under the title of “Rock Against Foreign Invasion”. It was largely peaceful; the police eventually took just three persons into custody.

In the meantime, 43 charges have been laid, among others the use of illegal symbols and violations of the weapons laws. Between the band appearances, right-wing functionaries gave speeches, which is why the event, despite its largely commercial character, was protected by law under freedom of assembly.

Among the bands appearing were several whose racist lyrics have risen to cult status in the right-wing music scene, such as Sleipnir, Stahlgewitter, and the “Lunikoff Conspiracy” from Berlin, whose lead singer, Michael Regener, led an earlier band, Landser, which was sentenced as a criminal organization in 2003.

Among the speakers were well-known right-wing extremists, including 77-year-old former NPD representative and many-times-convicted Holocaust denier, Günter Deckert, as well as Thügida chief David Köckert.

A leader of the antisemitic group European Action (EA) was also among the speakers. He and other EA activists are suspected by the local prosecutor’s office of forming a criminal organization; just three weeks ago, there was an extensive search. Also on the speakers’ list in Themar was Denis Nikitin of Russia, head of the martial-arts club “White Rex”, who trains neo-Nazis in and out of country and supplies them accordingly with fashions from his own label.

There were many legal confrontations surrounding the event. The town and county were opposed to using public monies to secure access and parking for the visitors, and stated as well that the organizers demanded entry fees for the concert, and set up a whole row of concession stands on the grounds. The court, however, ruled against the municipality.

The right-wing organizers thus made good money: At 35 euros a ticket, tickets sales alone brought in more than 200,000 euros.

Parallel to the Nazi concert, on Saturday night several hundred residents of Themar held a folk festival and prayers, peacefully protesting the Nazi influx. Most of the hostels, hotels and retailers of the city hung out signs stating that they refused to co-operate with the Nazis.

Even if Antifa groups had showed up, local security forces were there to prevent counter-demonstrations on account of the danger. Some 1,000 officials from several states secured the area, a field on the outskirts of Themar.

The land belonged to the mayor of a neighboring town, who until two weeks ago had been a local functionary of the AFD. The AFD politician had left the party in the meantime, after the local AFD organization heavily criticized his standing with right-wing extremists.

Even from the early morning hours on Saturday, Highway B 89, which leads through Themar, was closed. The police set up a security cordon between the town and the grounds where the right-wing concert was held.

Visitors had to pass through numerous checkpoints to get to the concert grounds. While the police was checking them for weapons and illegal clothing, the festival organizer took particular care to see that no guests brought cameras or camera-equipped cellphones in. Apparently the organizers wanted to make sure that only audiovisual materials controlled by them made it into the public eye over the social networks.

Numerous representatives of the Left, SPD and Green parties of Thüringen came to Themar on Saturday to get a picture of the security situation. Press representatives and police officers accompanied them to the grounds.

Local parliamentarian Katharina König-Preuss reported that there were speeches railing against politicians and journalists. “I was yelled at and insulted, some reporters were spat upon, right-wingers even tried to strike at cameras and media representatives. There was an aggressive atmosphere and a great deal of hate,” she said.

Madeleine Henfling, of the greens, was disquieted above all by the broad spectrum of visitors. “There were representatives of various neo-Nazi groups there, from the Hammerskins to Blood & Honour, various clubs, even right-wing parties and organizations that usually undertake little or nothing together and often even work against one another,” she said.

Even right-wingers from outside of Germany were there, among them Russians, Czechs, Italians and Swiss, along with members of right-wing extremist groups from South Tirol, with whom Thuringian neo-Nazis have cultivated close ties for many years. Henfling noted that practically the entire age spectrum was on hand. “There were very young people, but also older men, 70, 80 years old. It was like a generational meeting of the Nazis.”

Translation mine.

So there you go. While ol’ Uncle Siggy was comparing the Antifa to the Nazis they’re fighting against, actual fucking Nazis, neo and paleo, were partying it up with their illegal symbology and music, and even ones who’d been repeatedly arrested were there with virtual (and actual) impunity. And what’s more, the local court okayed it, even though Nazism is supposedly illegal in Germany.

And Siggy, when it comes to actual fucking Nazis, was nowhere to be seen. Or heard.

Jeez, it’s just like the SPD of a hundred years ago!

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Honor crime: Just a Muslim thing?

Left: the scene of the crime; right: the victim.

Uh…not in Israel, it ain’t:

A Christian resident of the central Israeli town of Ramle was charged on Sunday with killing his teenage daughter over her relationship with a young Muslim.

Sami Karra allegedly murdered his daughter, Henriette, 17, because he and his family objected to her relationship with a man who was serving time in prison, as well as her plans to convert to Islam for him.

Henriette left home two weeks before the June 13 murder after her family used violence and threats to try to end her relationship, according to the indictment. She feared for her life and hid from her family in a number of places, including at the home of her boyfriend’s mother.

A week before the murder she filed a complaint with the police against her mother, saying she had attacked her.

In an effort to pressure Henriette to return home, the family threatened her boyfriend’s mother, forcing the teen to find another place to hide.

A few days before the murder, her parents and two uncles came to see her at the home of a female friend with whom she was staying, in an attempt to convince her to return home. The police were called, but Henriette refused to accept help from the officer who responded on the scene. At 3 A.M. her father arrived, allegedly beating and threatening her.

On June 11, two days before her murder, the police summoned Henriette and her parents for a joint meeting with a social worker. At the meeting, her parents asked Henriette to return home, but she said no. The social services proposed she enter a woman’s shelter or another framework. She refused and asked for help from the welfare authorities in paying for an apartment.

The sides agreed at the meeting that Henriette would stay with a relative, but she returned home later that evening. The next day she attended her high school graduation party.

On June 13, the day of the murder, Henriette deposited 400 shekels ($113) in her boyfriend’s prison canteen account. When she returned home she told her relative that her boyfriend was getting out of prison at the end of the week and that she intended on converting to Islam. The relative called Henriette’s father and told him of her plans. The father then decided to murder her, according to the indictment.

She was found stabbed to death (in the neck) in her parents’ kitchen soon after that.

And yes, it WAS an “honor” killing:

In the course of the investigation, Henriette’s mother told the police her husband felt humiliated by his daughter’s behavior and saw it as an affront to the “family’s honor.”

So there you have it. Honor killing is, like, totally a Muslim thing, at least if you count the fact that in this case, the killer is a Christian who was beside himself with rage at the prospect of his teenage daughter converting to Islam so she could marry her boyfriend within his religion.

I propose we stop letting Christians immigrate to Canada, starting right now. They are clearly a misogynous security risk. And if you think that sounds preposterous and bigoted, just remember: It’s what the Lesser Northern Drumpfites want, only for Muslims.

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Music for a Sunday: No one there to lean on

My current mood.

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Clip ‘n’ Save: A handy dandy chart

In case you were wondering how not to be a Donnie Drumpf, here you go.

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Wankers of the Week: The Friends of Jayden K. Smith


Crappy weekend, everyone! And a très crappy Bastille Day to all my French readers. Désolée que vous avez eu l’ennui de voir le Drumpf sur votre sol. It must have been even more annoying than the Facebook hoax that took this week by storm. But was it as annoying as any of THESE pieces of merde…whom I have listed in no particular order, comme d’habitude?

1. Harold Fucking Albrecht. Dipshit, nobody is “deeply concerned” about the flying of rainbow Pride flags for Canada Day. You’re talking about appeasing homophobic vandals who destroy school property to intimidate LGBT children. Fuck off with that! But look who I’m talking to…a guy who thought that “society will collapse” if same-sex marriage were ever legalized. Well, here it is, legal from coast to coast to coast for 12 years now, and why aren’t you dead yet? Why is the sky still up there? Why does literally no veteran even care? So many questions!

2. Michael Fucking Pearl. And while we’re on the subject of religious whackjobs: Dude, you’re the one who told people to beat their kids into submission with plastic piping. Why are you denying it now? And who the fuck are you calling sodomites? Do you even know what the sin of Sodom is?

3. Milo Fucking Yiannopoulos. So, I hear you’re suing Simon and Schuster for going back on a book deal you never should have had. Well, good luck with your unsold manuscript…and by “good luck”, I mean go fuck yourself. PS: Ha, ha! I sure hope the Mercers aren’t sorry they sank all that money into you, Fail-o.


4. Steve Fucking Bannon. Or should I list Nigel Fucking Farage? Oh, whoever is responsible for this crap portrait of Ginblossoms as Napoleon, just stick your hand inside your coat already. Because frankly, you both deserve to be exiled on a dank and dismal island.

5. Thom Fucking Yorke. I have a shameful confession to make: I was never a Radiohead fan. I’ve barely heard anything of theirs…Oh wait, that’s not a shameful confession at all. It’s actually something to be proud of, considering what a tone-deaf dick their frontman turned out to be.

6. Paul LeFucking Page. Yes, folks, it’s the craptastic governor of Maine. AGAIN. And what is it with him this time, you ask? Oh, just that he thinks there should be no such thing as a free press. In fact, it sure as hell sounds like he wants there to be no press at all, mainly because they won’t stop reporting that he’s been wanking, every time he breaks out the Jergens lotion and a dirty old sweatsock.


7. Mike Fucking Pence. Hey! Wanna know why he touched that thing at NASA with the DO NOT TOUCH sign clearly displayed on it? It was because Marco Fucking Rubio dared him to. And just think, folks, these are elected officials of the United States of Amnesia. With no more sense between them than a couple of kids who had to repeat kindergarten.

8. Gordon Fucking Klingenschmitt. Well, looky here. John Jacob Jingleheimer has piped up again! And it’s the same old medieval bullshit that nobody believes anymore. Why? Because back in medieval times, there was no Planned Parenthood, no birth control, no legal abortion…and people were dropping like flies from the plague. Because people who believed in God thought that cats were witches who should be killed for Christ, and rats were no big deal. Yes, let’s have a return to the “good” old days. Whatever could go wrong?

9. Sebastian Fucking Gorka. And speaking of medieval rats, look who reared his plaguey little head. Yes, it’s “Doctor” Goooooorkaaaaa, who couldn’t drawl his way out of a wet paper bag.


10. Lance Fucking Wallnau. Good feckin’ lard…covering Donnie in the blood of Jesus? That sounds like the kind of rituals that Daesh engages in. Only they do it literally, while Donnie is out there trying to pussygrab the planet with useless god-talk.

11. John Fucking Rees Fucking Evans. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how inane you have to be to run for leader of UKIP and be yattering on endlessly about gay donkeys trying to rape your horse. (Yes, really.)

12. Luther Fucking Strange. Welp, the surname says it all. Who but a very strange person indeed could call a greedy, covetous, thoroughly corrupt adulterer like Donnie Drumpf a “biblical miracle”?


13. Nadia Fucking Cenci. You “stopped listening” to the Grenfell Tower victims, and your “sympathy is diminishing”? No, that’s not it at all. You never listened in the first place, and you never had any sympathy. And when called on it, you deleted your tweeter account. You, madam, are an out-of-touch Tory snowflake. That’s what it is.

14. James Fucking Woods. Never mind that literally NO accepting parent of a transgender kid was EVER murdered OR stuffed into a freezer. Ol’ Jimbo’s got his grotty fantasies, and you’ll just have pry them out of his cold, dead, wanking hands!

15. Jayda Fucking Fransen. Never mind that your little circle-jerk is called Britain First. If you want to recruit Polish Nazis to your (lost and idiotic) cause, who am I to stop you? I’ll just be over here in Canada, pointing and laughing.


16. Emmanuel Fucking Macron. Sacrébleu, quelle merde raciste! Well, bien sûr…he was never an actual leftist, so what do you expect? Anti-impérialisme? Mais non! Et zut, alors.

17. Tucker Fucking Carlson. Awwwww. Does Bowtie Boy haz a mad at being accurately labeled a Nazi sympathizer? Diddums! That wasn’t nice at all. Especially since widdle Tuckie Wuckie is actually a full-on Nazi, not a mere sympathizer.

18. Rachel Fucking Notley. Yes, much as it pains me to list her, the premier of Alberta made the cut this week. Blocking the Trans-Mountain Pipeline is bad for working people? No, because there are not ever going to be that many people working on it long-term. Renewable energy actually creates more jobs, and eco-socialism would protect them better. If she had said capitalists and pipeline owners were the ones hurting, it would have been accurate. But then again, those people don’t work…they sit on their asses and let somebody else turn their profits for them!


19. Scottie Fucking Nell Fucking Hughes. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how badly the hypocrisy burns. Remember how she was sooooo upset to hear that her boss, Donnie Fucking Drumpf, was a pussy-grabber? And how revolting that language was to her delicate Christian sensibilities, and how it would disturb her young daughter to hear it talked about? Well. Here she is, Mrs. White America, revealed as having had an affair (with a married black man, of all people), and having written him raunchy e-mails. And he’s not even the only man she’s boinked extramaritally, either. And the most hilarious part? She did it to advance her career. One wonders if Ol’ Pussygrabbytinyhands was one of her paramours (blech!) too.

20. Alex Fucking Jones. Have I listed him yet? No? Well, all righty then. Here he is. Please have your barf bags ready. And if you take ulcer medication, you may want to pop a double dose.

21. Prue Fucking MacSween. Oh sure, Ms. MacSwine, you were just “joking” about running over a young Muslim activist who’s rather well known in Australia. Freeze Peach, Political Correctness, Why Can’t People Take a Joke? Nudge nudge wink wink say no more. No, really: SAY NO MORE. On any subject. EVER.


22. Kellyanne Fucking Conway. Look who’s got the Subterranean Homesick Blues! Yeah. HER. She’s no Bob Dylan. And the Internets let her have it for that, too. Because you don’t need a weatherman…or a scarecrow with flashcards.

23. Betsy Fucking DeVos. The dumbest woman in the US of Amnesia is in charge of education…and the dumbing-down has just hit warp speed, thanks to her consultation with rape denialists and professional misogynists. Her boss can’t get impeached soon enough…and she belongs in jail, too.

24. Marc Fucking Kasowitz. Insert old, tired joke about sharks not biting lawyers here. And then throw this one to the piranhas…please.


25. Frederick Fucking Sorrell. Is he crying out of regret? Yes, but not because he regrets chasing a Muslim couple for 20 blocks in his car just to terrorize and taunt them. He’s crying because he regrets getting caught.

26. Stephen Fucking Harper. Can you believe the chutzpah? Ol’ ShitHead has finally reared his shitty head…and condemned the payout to Omar Khadr for his wrongful imprisonment and torture. To the people who are spearheading the perpetuation of the myth that Omar is guilty, even. You already know how I feel about this, but just in case you need reminding: ShitHead is the main reason the payout is as high as it is, because he helped keep an innocent guy in prison instead of moving heaven and earth to get him out and home where he belonged. And if I were Omar Khadr, I’d strongly consider suing HIM.

27. Lisa Fucking Kennedy Fucking Montgomery. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how stupid you have to be to (a) work for Fux Snooze in the first place, and (b) call Seattle a “socialist hellhole” when, in fact, it’s one of the best-off cities in the US right now, thanks in no small part to the evil, wicked socialism of Kshama Sawant, among others, who campaigned for a minimum wage that’s actually enough to live on, for fucksakes.


28. Malcolm Fucking Turnbull. Meanwhile, in Australia, the PM doesn’t just love bad math as much as #27…he thinks that the laws of Australia make it altogether irrelevant. Proving, once more, the old theorem: You can never be too stupid to be elected by conservatives.

29. Fernando Fucking Cabrera. And while we’re (still) on the subject of bad math and worse economics, and the downright shitty politics they engender when combined: how about him? No, dude, millionaires don’t get there by working harder and being better able to handle responsibility. If that were the case, Donnie Drumpf wouldn’t have a dime, much less the means to golf every fucking weekend at taxpayers’ expense!

30. Lou Fucking Dobbs. And just to round out the politico-economic tragicomic shitshow, we have THIS irrelevant mafia apologist…who thinks there’s a “coup against the rich” going on. Oh, if only there were! What an Augean stable would get mucked out…if only there were. And speaking of mucking out the stable: When’s he going to retire, anyway? He’s clearly not playing with a full deck anymore, not that he ever really was.


And finally, to whoever the fuck got that whole “Jayden K. Smith” chain letter hoax going in the first place. If this was some kind of elaborate experiment to see just how far a stupid Facebook message could go, congratulations, fuckass. I got it twice, for the record, and did not forward it even once. You’re an annoying fucking twatwaffle. And you had better pray that nobody ever tracks your shit to its source.

Good night, and get fucked!

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A few random thoughts on Omar Khadr

By now, it should be no secret to any of you who have read this blog over the years (thank you!) that I am utterly against the so-called War on Terror. I’ve repeatedly said that it is not a war against terrorism, but a war OF terrorism; that it perpetuates what it is supposedly meant to stamp out, and that it is a vicious circle. And you probably have a fair idea that I’m not a fan of anyone who just slaps the “terrorist” label on someone with whom they disagree, or whose country their country is trying to repress, and who dares to fight back.

In other words: If you know this blog, you probably know where I’m about to go with this. But what you probably don’t know is just how much more there is to this story.

There is, for instance, the fact that Omar Khadr was a child soldier, whose fanatical parents dragooned him into fighting for the Taliban in Afghanistan. There is the element of brainwashing, or at the very least, of a teenage schoolboy trying desperately to please his elders, when he wasn’t trying to hide from them. In other words: He did not actually volunteer. He was all of 11 years old when he was first sent off to war.

There’s also the salient fact that Omar Khadr is demonstrably innocent, but has been forced to plead guilty just so he could be sent home to Canada. There is no solid evidence that he threw the grenade that killed Chris Speer; in fact, the preponderance of evidence points the other way.

And there is the fact that in the same firefight, Omar himself was nearly killed. A big hole was blown into his chest. He was blinded in one eye. That he survived at all is remarkable, and might be attributed to the fact that he was only 15 years old at the time of his near-death and arrest; a boy in his mid-teens can recover from even a grievous injury much faster than a man twice his age. And make no mistake, Omar WAS grievously injured.

There is also the fact that the injured and innocent Omar was tortured to obtain a “confession”. Physically and mentally, this teenage boy — this brainwashed child soldier — was put through the wringer. When he maintained his innocence, he was accused of lying, and subjected to more torture. This is of a pattern with everyone the US military forces arrested in Afghanistan, but it is particularly heinous in this instance, because Omar Khadr is a perfect storm: He is innocent; he was too young to be held criminally responsible; and, oh yeah — he is a Canadian.

Which leads me to the nub of this matter, and why I as a Canadian am disgusted by so much about this whole affair. Omar Khadr wanted to come home to Canada. But the only way he could get here — and out of Gitmo, where he was being wrongfully held — was to plead guilty. A guilty plea meant he could serve out the remainder of his sentence in Canada.

So Omar pleaded guilty, even though he had, repeatedly and throughout his torture in Bagram and Gitmo, maintained his innocence. He had to fight the Harper Conservative government all the way, because they wanted him to stay right where he was. But eventually he got to come “home” — “home” being the infamous Millhaven penitentiary. He was later transferred to another federal prison, this one in Alberta. There, he was assaulted by white supremacists who, like his US torturers, wanted to make him “pay” for a crime he did not commit. And when finally released from there, he went to live with his lawyer, Dennis Edney, where he slowly decompressed from all the torments he had been through, and began to adjust to a normal life once more.

The Omar we see on the news today, the Omar we know now, is the product of that gradual return to normality. He is a friendly, smiling, apparently benevolent young man. He has hopes and dreams, and he plans to do things with his life. Good things: an education, a career, a marriage, a family. He harbors no ill will toward anyone. Which is all the more remarkable when you consider how much malice he endured from others, and how many times they nearly killed him.

But the Omar his detractors “know” — note the quotes, there for a reason — is still a terrorist who hasn’t paid for what he allegedly did. It was not enough, apparently, that he was nearly blown to bits and then buried under the rubble of that crummy little compound in Afghanistan, where his enemies literally walked all over him before pulling him out, barely alive. Nor was it enough that he was then physically and mentally tortured in two countries. And all the proof of his innocence isn’t enough to prove that he was not guilty to those already convinced that he IS guilty, simply by way of being a brown Muslim named Omar who fought as a child soldier to defend Afghanistan. No, to them it’s a travesty that he’s out, and worse, that he’s being compensated for his suffering by our own government. Which is Omar’s government too, because he is a Canadian citizen. But seeing as he’s brown, and a Muslim, apparently he’s not Canadian enough for them. To some, he’s no Canadian at all; his color and religion obscure any of the known facts about him.

And some of those detractors even think that he should in fact be paying, not getting paid. One — the widow of the man he didn’t kill — tried unsuccessfully to get his compensation payment frozen so that her lawyers could carve out a chunk of it. She would do better to sue her own government, since it was they who sent her husband to his death. More specifically, she ought to sue Dubya Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld. They profited handsomely off that war; I’m sure they’re good for however much she feels is a fair amount. They probably won’t even miss it. Remember, this was not a war on or against terror; it was a war in which terror was used by the US military to try to beat Afghanistan into submission to foreign energy interests: oil companies, gas companies, pipeline companies. The potential long-term profits of that war are in the trillions of dollars.

It is, in short, an obscenity.

Which is why Omar Khadr’s $10.5 million (Canadian) compensation seems a very bare minimum by comparison. It could have been at least four times higher. Given how our own government was complicit in the US’s human rights violations (and not just with Omar, but also Maher Arar), we owe him a lot more than he’s getting. The money, which sounds like a lot to the average person, is actually not that much. In fact, it’s the least that we owe him.

And the only real scandal here is that we Canadians are the only ones paying.

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Cops Behaving Badly: Suicide by Taser

Fire safety tips: Not for civilian motorists only.

Pro tip for all you police officers out there: If you’re trying to PREVENT a suicide, it might be a good idea not to try to subdue the individual using something that could kill them:

ARLINGTON, Texas — A suicidal man who had doused himself in gasoline became engulfed in flames at an Arlington home Monday after an officer used a stun gun on him, police said.

The officer who used the Taser on the man believed that the man was holding a lighter in his hand and was about to use it, police spokeswoman Sgt. VaNessa Harrison said at a news conference.

Harrison acknowledged the risk of using an electrical stun gun near gasoline, but said the man was “very frantic and erratic and became a danger to everyone in the room.”

Oh yeah, and here’s another pro tip: Electrical sparks, e.g. from a Taser, can set gasoline on fire. And if he’s already frantic and “a danger to everyone in the room”, maybe the last thing you want to do is spark him up into a frantic human torch, eh? After all, spark plugs are how gasoline gets burned in a car engine.

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Stupid Sex Tricks: Why so serious?

Not really sure if this is a Stupid Sex Trick or a Cops Behaving Badly, but here goes:

Here’s a pro tip: Maybe not bring a toy gun to a sex party? A thought that seems not to have occurred to anyone, but in light of the Tamir Rice shooting, maybe it should. A gun, even a toy one, is not just an innocuous prop. And given the dysfunctional nature of the Joker/Harley Quinn relationship, I guess that’s not surprising, either.

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Music for a Sunday: Mom jeans all day

…why you mad, though?

I ain’t mad. I ain’t sad. This video makes me glad, because it’s me all over.

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Finally, someone admits that “clean coal” is a lie

There you have it, from the horse’s mouth (or its south end): “Carbon capture and sequestration” is another way of saying “No coal”.

Hey, how about we just go with NO COAL? I mean, it’s not like it was fingered as a cause of global warming over a hundred years ago, or anything.

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