Stupid Sex Tricks: Forget spycrowaves. How about spybrators?

Relax, your nuker isn’t spying on you. But if you bought this internet-capable sex toy, guess what? You’re about to have your privacy invaded on a whole new level:

Two anonymous women who alleged an Ottawa sex toy company was collecting real-time data on their use of an Internet-connected vibrator without their consent have reached a US$3.75 million settlement with the firm.

Under the terms of the settlement, Standard Innovation Corp. has agreed to destroy the personal information it has collected from users of the vibrator and stop collecting such information from now on. The vibrator, known as the We-Vibe Rave, could be paired with a smartphone app to allow a partner to control it remotely.

So, if you’re one of the 300,000 who bought one of these, and one of the approximately 100,000 who used them with internet capability, good news! There’s anywhere between $199 and $10,000 in smelly green US smackeroos in it for you.

If you’re not too embarrassed to try and collect, that is.

PS: Oh shit, this actual spybrator has been out since last year, too. Nope nope nope nope, DO NOT WANT.

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Cambodia’s “war debt” is bullshit

Ever wonder what’s been going on in Cambodia since Pol Pot became history? Well, a few things have: It’s become a high-water mark of sorts for human rights abuses, with one third of the country’s people killed in a genocide so massive that there are walls of skulls to commemorate it. It’s also become, sadly, a hub for child sexual abusers — oh sorry, “sex tourists”. And for the drug trade, which is sucking the lifeblood out of Cambodians at all levels, but especially the farmers and peasants. It’s also hugely in debt to the international banksters, who keep giving it loans to pay back their loans. And now, in the crowning moment of chutzpah, guess what else is going on? No, really — you’ll never guess, because this shit just can’t be made up:

Half a century after United States B-52 bombers dropped more than 500,000 tonnes of explosives on Cambodia’s countryside Washington wants the country to repay a $US500 million ($662 million) war debt.


Over 200 nights in 1973 alone, 257,456 tons of explosives fell in secret carpet-bombing sweeps – half as many as were dropped on Japan during the Second World War.

The pilots flew at such great heights they were incapable of discriminating between a Cambodian village and their targets, North Vietnamese supply lines – nicknamed the “Ho Chi Minh Trail.”

The bombs were of such massive tonnage they blew out eardrums of anyone standing within a 1-kilometre radius.


The bombings drove hundreds of thousands of ordinary Cambodians into the arms of the Khmer Rouge, an ultra-Marxist organisation which seized power in 1975 and over the next four years presided over the deaths of more than almost two million people through starvation disease and execution.

The debt started out as a US$274 million loan mostly for food supplies to the then US-backed Lon Nol government but has almost doubled over the years as Cambodia refused to enter into a re-payment program.

So why was that debt never written off or forgiven? Because the Vietnam War, into which Cambodia was illegally drawn, was all about capitalism and imperialism. No debt, no pound of flesh for capitalist imperialists. Simple.

And now that Cambodia is looking somewhat like it’s back on its feet, guess what? The vultures are circling again:

William Heidt, the US’s ambassador in Phnom Penh, said Cambodia’s failure to pay back the debt puts it in league with Sudan, Somalia and Zimbabwe.

“To me, Cambodia does not look like a country that should be in arrears…buildings coming up all over the city, foreign investment coming in, government revenue is rapidly rising,” Mr Heidt was quoted as saying by the Cambodia Daily.

“I’m saying it is in Cambodia’s interest not to look to the past, but to look at how to solve this because it’s important to Cambodia’s future,” he said, adding that the US has never seriously considered cancelling the debt.

Even though they knew that there was little likelihood of Cambodia ever paying it back. Even though they knew that Cambodia has a responsibility to look after its own first, so children don’t end up getting sold to sex traffickers, and so that farmers don’t end up growing opium poppies so foreign drug lords can get rich off their misery.

No, better to just make them pay off that debt to the same country that illegally bombed them 50-odd years ago.

And if you think that doesn’t make much sense, just imagine yourself in my shoes, in total agreement for the first and only time with a former Cambodian dictator:

Cambodia’s strongman prime minister Hun Sen, a former Khmer Rouge commander who defected to Vietnam, hit back, saying “The US created problems in my country and is demanding money from me.”

“They dropped bombs on our heads and then ask up to repay. When we do not repay, they tell the IMF (International Monetary Fund) not to lend us money,” he told an international conference in early March.

“We should raise our voices to talk about the issue of the country that has invaded other (countries) and has killed children.”

And in actual point of fact, they’re STILL killing Cambodian children. Partly through all the unexploded ordnance that still litters the Cambodian countryside. Every so often, an old bomb or landmine goes off, and with it, so do lives and limbs.

And let’s not forget how capitalism, especially sex capitalism, is killing those kids, either. AIDS is now an ever-present scourge in Cambodia, thanks to all those poor misunderstood perverts who come in preying on the young, small and helpless.

But none of that matters. The banksters are still insisting on their pound of flesh. And now that they’ve got a fully complicit buffoon in the White House, their chutzpah has broken loose. At this rate, we shouldn’t be too surprised to hear that war has been declared on Cambodia…all over again.

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Music for a Sunday: What I wanna know, man…

…why oh why is it suddenly winter for realz when we’re just on the cusp of spring?

Bonus! There’s also a German version:

And in case you hadn’t guessed, we’re due for a major snowdumper tomorrow through Tuesday here in Southern Ontario. Lovely! See you on the other side, eh?

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Wankers of the Week: Drumpf’s tinfoil is getting tighter


Crappy weekend, everyone! And a very crappy one to the tinfoil hatter who’s still, inexplicably, squatting in the White House. I bet he’s feeling those walls closing in, judging by how many weeks in a row now he’s spent in Florida. But there is no escape from the public, and the adulation is getting weaker and fainter as the calls for impeachment grow louder and the evidence piles up. Prepare for the big meltdown, kiddies, it’s coming. And here’s who else melted down this week, in no particular order:

1. Mark Fucking Levin. All right. So. First cracker right out of the box, how about the guy who planted that ridiculous “Obama wiretap” idea in Donnie’s head? Now he’s saying he’s not fucking Nostradamus and has no fucking proof. Marky, why not just admit you lied?

2. Steve Fucking King. And while we’re on the subject of crapaganda and liars, how about him? “Not one morsel of dissent” during the entire eight years that a black man was in the White House, while Repukes like this one were actively obstructing him at every turn? That’s not just a lie, it’s a Big Lie. The kind you’d expect in a dictatorship, not a so-called democracy with so-called freedom of speech. But as usual in Repugnantcon Land, it’s all “free speech for me, and none for thee”.

3. Sarah Fucking Huckabee Fucking Sanders. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how grotesque it is to see her get hired on the basis of nepotism, just to polish that massive orange turd.


4. Derek Fucking Fildebrant. No, little boy, a racist is NOT “somebody who’s winning an argument” (a position a right-wing Albertan wouldn’t know shit about anyway, since they’re used to having all their victories just handed to them on a hereditary basis). It’s an idiot who thinks that throwing out racism memes is a way to win an argument.

5. Kellie Fucking Leitch. And while we’re on the subject of racist ‘wingers from up here, how about her? She just revealed her list of “Canadian values” questions, and man, are they something else. And by “something else”, I mean they’re a fuckin’ JOKE. And by a fuckin’ joke, I mean they’re something that the majority of her own supporters wouldn’t pass.

6. Franklin Fucking Graham. Oh dears, someone sure has his panties in a bunch over a couple of harmless gay characters in Disneyland. Is that a whiff of mothballs I smell? Do I hear something tap-dancing in your closet, Frankie? I have so many questions.


7. Roger Fucking Stone. You can run, but you can’t hide from the Wayback Machine…or from a public eye now sensitized to all forms of misogyny. Also, you DO know what libel is, apparently, or else you wouldn’t have tried to erase those embarrassing tweets. Innnnnnnteresting!

8. Steve Fucking Bannon. Holy crap, does this flyblown dung-eater ever harp on his awful taste in reading materials. And no, it’s not The Turner Diaries. It’s worse. It’s a stunningly ill-written French novel that the publisher of The Turner Diaries actually praised. Thus proving that pretty much ALL right-wingers have deplorable taste in reading materials, and that it gets worse the further right you go.

9. Alex Fucking Jones. Why is he still alive? And why is he still babbling? And most of all, why is he calling for mass murders based on political views he disagrees with? So much for this bullshit “free speech” contention of the far-right…AGAIN.


10. Nathan Fucking Daniel Fucking Larson. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how blatantly unfit to run for office this scum-sucker is. He’s a felon, BTW, so he can’t vote himself, much less pronounce on depriving women of the franchise. Also, he has the most raging case of flibbertigibbertarian Backpfeifengesicht I’ve ever seen.

11. Rob Fucking Schaaf. And speaking of blatantly unfit for public office, how about him? He thinks that drug-overdose deaths are just a dandy way of cleansing the gene pool. Oh, and get this: He’s a fucking doctor. Of all the people who should know better…fuck. Maybe it would be better to revoke his medical licence, eh?

12. Jason Fucking Chaffetz. Meanwhile, the congressional turd-polisher-in-chief is busy lacquering over the shoddiness of the US healthcare system (which is now even worse than ever) by saying people should buy insurance, not iPhones. You can tell it’s been a while since he last priced the cost of his own coverage, eh? Well, there’s something you can do to raise his awareness, and that’s sign and share this.


13. Daryush Fucking Valizadeh. Is it just my weak eyes and ears, or is Roosh looking and sounding more like the Taliban each day? Crikey, between his archaic “thoughts” (note the quotes, there for a reason) and that beard, all he needs is a turban. And a one-way ticket to Tora Bora. Certainly no western woman has any use for him, anyway.

14. Lynn Fucking Beyak. Trying to sell the indigenous peoples on the virtues of the residential school system is like trying to sell the children of Chernobyl on the virtues of nuclear meltdowns and fallout. That “well-intentioned” canard is what the road to hell is paved with. Give it a rest, already! PS: And BOOM. Romeo Saganash hits the nail on the head here. Mouthing platitudes about forgiveness and good intentions doesn’t undo the real, concrete damage that is still reverberating through the indigenous peoples today.

15. Meghan Fucking McCain. Well, there goes that “Republican voice of reason” image that she worked so hard in the early days to cultivate. Ever since she’s been a talking head on FUX Snooze, her brain’s just been leaking out her ears, and her colon has been backing up into her mouth. Poor thing. I hope her gold-plated insurance plan covers the treatments for that, whatever she’s got.


16. Kevin O’Fucking Leary. Welp, didn’t take very long for the bigot in HIM to come slithering out, did it now? But of course, no one has greater respect for women than he does, not even Drumpf! And I really don’t want to see what HIS idea of “competence” is, since he ran his own businesses into the groundrepeatedly. Call me funny, but I think that bespeaks rather a LACK of competence on his part.

17. Lou Fucking Engle. Any doctor will tell you that fasting won’t keep any disease (other than maybe morbid obesity) from dogging you. And it’s absolutely powerless against witchcraft (take it from this Witch, she knows).

18. Maxime Fucking Bernier. Welp, looks like Cons can also scratch HIM off their list of “party leadership candidates who aren’t complete fuckheads like #5 and #16”. Bad news, guys, he’s just as fuckheaded as both of them…maybe even both of them combined!


19. Zachary Fucking Gross. Scalping your girlfriend and setting your pitbull on her? That’s a crime. Mouthing off at a judge? That’s contempt of court…and one helluva wank. Also, that’s a paddlin’.

20. Nick Fucking Vedovi. Two rapes of underage girls? That’s a crime. Breaking out racist insults on an Asian women because she doesn’t text you back right away? That’s a wank…and it’ll get you kicked off your dating app.

21. Jim Fucking Jordan. Pro tip: NEVER spout Repug talking points about medicare to a Canadian reporter. And NEVER disparage our single-payer system. You will get a colonoscopy, free of charge…and also, free of anesthesia.


22. John Fucking Shimkus. Yes, men SHOULD pay for prenatal care. After all, women don’t get pregnant by parthenogenesis. And if you’re going to talk them out of having abortions, as I suspect you would do since there’s an R after your name and you’re from the “heartbeat bill” state of Ohio, the least you CAN do is pay for it, you fucking doorknob.

23. Joey Fucking Hensley. “Christian family values” dictate that teachers should never even be allowed to say that homosexuality exists, according to him. And also, God’s will dictates that a four-times-divorced adulterer should have no qualms about boinking his own cousin. OR trying (twice!) to run over his most recent ex-wife with a car.

24. Carter Fucking Page. Is he as loony as he seems, or is Drumpf trotting him out on purpose as a red herring, to lend credence to his stupid “I wuz wiretapped” claims? Oh, I dunno…why not both?


25. Katie Fucking Hopkins. Meanwhile, across the pond, we have someone else who, like Drumpf, should never tweet. Maybe spray those idiocies across the sides of buses instead?

26. Rush Fucking Limbaugh. The Pigman thinks that the women who marched on the 8th are “self-medicating”, with “skulls full of mush”, who are “pretty much miserable”. Well, of course, the Pigman would know all about that. After all, he went deaf on Vicodin, OxyContin, et cetera, et cetera, and all the Viagra he takes for those whoremongering junkets to the Dominican Republic. Does that sound like a happy, stable, solid-brained person to YOU?

27. Sean Fucking Spicer. What is this, an unconscious cry for help? Flying, or in this case WEARING, your country’s flag upside down is traditionally regarded as a distress call. In which case, maybe this is not a minor wank, but just Spicey’s roundabout way of saying he’d rather go back to being the White House Easter Bunny again.


28. Wayne Fucking Allyn Fucking Root. Why the double Fucking? Because that’s how asinine — and SCARY — it is to hear Drumpf and “making passionate love” mentioned in the same sentence by this doubleplusfuckingasshat. Still, I will give him points for one thing: Drumpf really IS screwing the public, “every day, seven days a week” — no doubt about that.

29. Mike Fucking Kelly. So, Barack Obama stayed in Washington to run a shadow government? Then who’s in his shadow cabinet? And why are they not passing any shadow laws? I have SO many questions…mainly concerning what this guy is smoking.

30. Bill Fucking Flores. So, that’s the whole Trumpcare plan, then? Pay extra if you come down with something unexpected? Pay through the nose, and if you’re not covered, you’re screwed? Funny, but that sounds so much like the situation that Obamacare was supposed to address!


And finally, to all the fucking white supremacists out there. From the ones losing their shit over two of their own kind getting sent rightly to prison in Georgia for threatening a black kid’s birthday party with a loaded shotgun, to the ones plotting a cross-burning in North Carolina. And let’s not forget the ones in Arizona threatening a “liberal genocide”. Luckily, the antifascists are alert and ready to shut them down. And all this is gonna do, in the end, is not intimidate anyone, but energize and radicalize those who were on the fence before. Nazis and Klukers are gonna get punched, and they’re gonna find out the hard way that they’re not as macho as they believe they are. And I will be right here to drink their bitter, bitter tears.

Good night, and get fucked!

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Quotable: George Orwell on spy technology

So, kiddies, now you know: Samsung is the official manufacturer of Big Brother’s telescreens.

And Orwell was only out by about 30 years on the date by which such technology would be possible.

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Happy Women’s Day. Here’s what we’re (still) up against.

What are we working for? CHANGE. And what are we working to change? These things, among many, MANY others:

If you’re driving while female, be careful about honking your horn at anyone blocking the road. Some asshole with a crowbar could beat you within an inch of your life for it.

If you’re female and can’t drive because you’ve had too much to drink, be careful about taking a taxi. Not only could you be sexually assaulted while unconscious, a judge could say that “clearly a drunk can consent” (meaning you did, just by being drunk and passed out), and your assailant’s defence attorney will still try to spin the case to claim he’s innocent…even if he was seen stuffing your pants and underwear between the car seats, and your DNA was found on his mouth.

If you’re female and living in Alberta, this is what the conservative parties of your province are doing on campus. They’re pushing misogynous crapaganda. Or trying to. And the only reason they didn’t get away with it this time is that they got caught…and caught flack for calling feminism “cancer” in their promotional e-mails. The real question is, why did they even think it was a good idea to screen this “men’s rights” garbage in the first place? (The answer will become apparent when you click on the link and scroll down.)

And no, said crapaganda is not any less misogynous if a woman is filming, pushing, and promoting it. Just sayin’.

If you’re female and living in Ireland, Tuam is a four-letter word to you for sure. And phrases like “mother and baby homes” and “Magdalene laundries” are an outright curse. As is the way the country lags behind the EU in terms of birth control and abortion rights, which is why atrocities like those of Tuam and the Magdalene laundries took place in the first place. Ireland isn’t openly known as a theocracy, but for the last 100 years it may as well have been, because the Catholic church was given far too free a hand in the social agencies of the state.

If you’re female and living in Russia, you may or may not know of the role your foremothers played in the Russian Revolution of 1917. No, the big spark didn’t ignite in October, and ol’ Uncle Volodya Lenin was an Ivan-come-lately. It was a women’s strike in St. Petersburg on this day that got the ball rolling. And that’s pretty significant today, too, because Russia has seen some real setbacks in women’s rights…the biggest recent one being the decriminalization of wife-beating.

If you’re female and a Muslim and can fly a commercial jetliner with an all-woman crew, rejoice…in the irony of landing your plane in a country where women are not yet allowed to drive cars. But hey! That country isn’t on the Muslim ban list, despite having produced 15 of the 19 hijackers of 9-11.

And of course, right-wingers in the US never seem to hold that country up as one of “those places where women have it so much worse than you cunts do in this, the best country in the world.” Where a whole bunch of organizers just got arrested for protesting outside of one of Drumpf’s dumps. Yay! MOAR irony!

If you’re female and living in Virginia, you’ve got this luvverly Libertarian candidate, who thinks it should be legal for fathers to marry their own daughters, as well as abuse them, and above all, to keep women disenfranchised permanently at the voting booth. Thankfully, he’s so toxic that even his own party — a veritable bowl of mixed nuts — is trying to get rid of him. Because he’s embarrassing? Maybe. Because he’s a felon who threatened the life of the first black US president? Oh, possibly.

And oh yeah…this draft-dodging pussy-grabber is STILL squatting in the White House. And tweeting platitudes, as if anyone would ever forget all the sexist shit he’s put out on Twitter in the past. Or the blatantly sexist conflict of interest he’s got going with China right now.

Happy Women’s Day!

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Quotable: Joyce Stevens on why we (still) need feminism

And every word of this is still relevant today, and even more so as women’s rights erode under right-wing governments everywhere.

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Ugh, Sophie…NO.

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture? Take a good close look:

It’s a lovely shot, don’t get me wrong. But the sentiments expressed alongside, while sweet, seem to me more fitting for Valentine’s Day than International Women’s Day:

…which is NOT International But-What-About-Teh-Menz Day. (That’s November 19, for those who seriously wonder.)

You can read the history of International Women’s Day at the UN’s site. As you can see, it was originally a socialist women’s day of action against unfair and dangerous working conditions in garment factories. Later, it became a day of commemoration and continued action by and for working women, and for universal suffrage. In 1914, it became a day of peace demonstrations as well, as war was looming in Europe. The day was something of a movable feast until 1975, the UN’s International Women’s Year, when the date was finally fixed at March 8, which it has been ever since.

And yes, socialist men did participate in the activities of the day, working in solidarity with women for gender equality on all fronts. And we love and appreciate and thank them for it. But this is not a day for paying tribute to those men (again, let me refer you to November 19, which is dedicated to men working for gender equality.) And let’s be honest: Every day is, in fact, men’s day in a patriarchal world!

On March 8, however, it’s about us. The women. It’s not another day to send us flowers; it’s a day to be mindful of what we want and need. And to remember not just how far we’ve come since the garment factory strikes of 1908, but how far we still need to go.

And this year, in particular, it will be a day of action for us all over again. As fascism rears its ugly head once more, in Canada and elsewhere, women are answering the call to action against it, and to prevent it from further eroding the already shaky rights we do have. There will be marches and demos; there will be solidarity with immigrant and refugee women; there will be calls for better protection for their rights, especially Muslim women who are currently being targeted for their veils by bigots.

All of these are urgent matters, and for that reason, we shouldn’t be sugar-coating the day. It’s more important for us all to act for women’s rights than it is to pay tribute to our male colleagues-in-solidarity.

So, sorry, Sophie. You tried, but you muffed it. Live and learn.

PS: And if you’re wondering why today is NOT a day to pay tribute to our good-looking PM, take a little gander at this. And remember, women are bound to be disproportionately affected by this bad decision. Happy Women’s Day!

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Why the “free speech” excuse is bullshit

I hate Illinois Nazis. Especially when Canadians try to mimic their tactics.

So, lately, there’s been a whole lot of bullshit flying around up here. A bunch of covert Nazis got together in Toronto and other cities to protest M-103, a parliamentary motion (not a bill, not a law, just a motion) against Islamophobia. This probably without even having read the thing; right-wingers and their jerky knees are so easily triggered by the mere suggestion that they are, in fact, raving bigots underneath it all.

And sure enough, the sensitive little snowflakes tried to frame their protest as being in favor of free speech, not against Muslims. They tried to frame it as patriotism, not raving bigotry. They even played (repeatedly!) a song called “Wavin’ Flag” to underscore the “patriotic” angle.

There was only one problem with that little tactic: the singer of “Wavin’ Flag”, K’naan Warsame, is a Somali refugee. Also, he’s black. And a Muslim. And he clapped back with a witty tweet-string at the irony of a bunch of obvious white supremacists using his song as a pretext for barring others like him from Canadian shores.

Meanwhile, in Oshawa, Durham Regional Police are looking for a masked coward who threatened an 11-year-old Muslim boy…oh sorry, exercised his free speech in the face of a radical Islamist terrorist in the making.

You’d have to be blind not to see the crying need for a measure rather stronger than M-103, which is merely a non-binding parliamentary motion condemning hate-crimes against Muslims. But this is the sorry pass we Canadians have come to lately. We don’t dare crack down hard enough on the REAL terrorists here, who are white and home-grown and who want to remake this country in their own image. Even a rather mild declaration of Parliament brings out the Soldiers of Odin, PEGIDA Canada, and other assorted crypto-fascist lumpenproles who haven’t the guts to wear their swastikas out in the open because that would be giving their little game away. And they’re bawling over not being able to do that, even though they still can…that is, if they can handle being challenged, counter-protested (and grossly outnumbered!), and maybe fired from their McJobs for making the workplace too toxic with their ugly twaddle.

But clearly any little challenge to their supremacy is too many, which is why they turned out against M-103 only to be pwned by their own choice of anthems.

Hell, they’re such big babies that even James Fucking Sears, a.k.a. Dimitri the Lover, is now pooping his diapers because, so he says, he can’t even mail greeting cards anymore. Of course he can; the only thing he’s not allowed to mail is his hate-rag, Your Ward News, a quaint “satirical” throwback to the days when there was no Internet, and thus no Stormfront and no Daily Stormer for the local yokels to get their daily fix of hate-speech — oh sorry, “political incorrectness” (note the quotes, there for a reason).

Meanwhile, in Halifax, nobody showed up to protest what the Toronto Star’s own Rick Salutin has sarcastically called “political correctness writ small”.

In a strange way, it’s encouraging to see them crying so hard, and pissing their pants with fear, about something so non-threatening. It means that neo-fascists up here are still running scared. And that’s because they’re grossly outnumbered and disempowered…for now.

Meanwhile, those just to the south of us, the same neo-fascists that these sad sacks are trying to emulate, are fast getting too big for their britches. And their motto is STILL “Free speech for me, but none for thee”. Need proof? Here it is:

Now, why do you suppose they’d do a thing like that?

Well, for starters, because protests work. Especially if the cause is popular and just. And in addition, because big protests against Drumpf have been called, and every single time, they’ve drawn much larger crowds than rallies for him have done. So it stands to reason that they’re trying to criminalize protests against themselves. How else are they going to get away with murder — oh sorry, “drain the swamp”? Especially with the Big Bigot so busy playing golf every weekend?

And besides, it wouldn’t look very good if they called a bigot rally and no one came. Or if K’naan decided to razz them over the tweeter, too.

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Music for a Sunday: We got computers, we’re tappin’ phone lines…

…you know that that ain’t allowed:

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