Do not adjust your monitor, folks…and don’t rub your eyes, it’ll only make them sting more. You’re not seeing things. This actually exists. Depending on whether you believe NBC or Amazon.com, it will set you back either $149 or $250 (US). It’s also guaranteed to lighten your wallet, drop your IQ into the sub-basement, and make all people with decent taste shun you forever.

But hey! If you enjoy entertaining Amazon reviews, here are some choice Q & As for your delectation:

Q. Is it really made in China?
A. Of course, like most things bearing the Trump name, in order to spend less money and increase profit, this was mass produced in China.

Q. What size is this?
A. Tinier than whiny little baby hands!

Q. Will this ornament keep all of its pre-holiday promises?
A. It’s already backing off jailing my Elf on a Shelf.

Q. Where was this manufactured?
A. Dum Gai, China.

Q. Why would anyone want this?
A. Sometimes trees stand up too straight and balanced, and this is useful in leaning your tree far enough to the right that it falls into the fireplace.

Q. How many years will this ornament last?
A. Per the box insert, “Your Trump MAGA ornament is expected to last a minimum of 8 years and may have a lifetime guarantee if it’s allowed to operate with minimal resistance.” However, preliminary testing in real-world scenarios indicates this item may have a melt-down and fall apart prior to January 20th, 2017 if exposed to persistent ridicule.

The starred reviews are even more brutal:

“My office puts up a tree every year and we pool resources to get a really nice ornament, usually on the pricey side. For example, 8 years ago we got a really nice, hand crafted ornament from Hawaii. We liked it so much, we decided to get another one just like it 4 years later. Well, this year we all got together and chose a sedate, classy ornament from a shop in New York. My New York friends swore by their work and so we voted and chose it.
But then this red and gold POS showed up in the mail and we can’t figure out why! We went through the vote hat again and we definitely voted for the New York piece with overwhelming numbers. I’m a bit worried that our manager, who thinks he’s special and soooo sELECTIVE, might have gone over our heads and ordered this one instead.

“It turns out we can’t get a refund and now we’re stuck with the ugly thing. We put it on the side of the tree facing the wall, but it must be bewitched or something because it keeps reappearing at the top of the tree every morning! We found our angel topper in the corner crying. We don’t know what happened and she says she’s afraid to tell us =/”

“It tried to put my nativity figures into an internment camp. Would not buy again.”

“I didn’t actually order this but somehow it’s on my tree anyway. I’m trying to make the best of it… at least that’s what people are telling me to do. But I don’t know. I’m trying, but there’s suddenly swastikas painted on my other decorations, half of my presents are just dog s***, and the tree itself is on fire. But my conservative friends are telling me the fire is a good thing and I should just be united in celebrating what this ornament has to offer. They’re also saying I need to leave the tree in my house for four to eight years. That doesn’t sound right. Source?”

“This ornament keeps tweeting at 3 a.m., demanding apologies from the casts of various Broadway musicals. For what, I don’t know. You’d think now that the Christmas season has officially arrived, the tree is up, and the stockings are hung, this ornament would finally get serious about being an ornament and doing the things an ornament ought to do–you know, stuff like hanging on the tree, looking merry and bright, and not destroying the Republic in its quest to satiate an unquenchable thirst for power. But no such luck. It just keeps tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. I’m not even sure how it manages to use a phone for such time-wasting endeavors, given how microscopic its teeny-tiny, wee little hands are.

“Very strange. I’d like to return this, but I hear it will take an act of Congress to do so, and in any case, I’m not sure the backup ornament I’m stuck with is any better. It keeps trying to electrocute me.”

It all averages out to a wompy 1 1/2 stars. Which I’m sure is actually a generous rating, both for this ugly-ass, overpriced ornament AND the bad political bargain it refers to.

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So. What DO Germans think of Der Drumpf?


What have we here? A poster (in the local dialect!) for a documentary film on the southern German village that gave the world…well, you know who. But what do the locals think of him? If the following article is any indication, they are…well…less than enthused, at least about the actual man (and not his self-inflated image):

No, he says, he hasn’t yet congratulated Donald Trump on his electoral win. It also doesn’t sound as though the news makes him happy. On the contrary, Jörg Dörr is annoyed, very annoyed.

Dörr is head of the German Wine Road Regional Tourism Association. It includes Kallstadt, a wine-growing village that looks exactly the way the average American imagines Germany. 1200 residents, many wine-shops, a paradise for those who love stuffed pork stomachs. Kallstadt has no five-star hotels, but there are 300 beds in more or less luxurious hostelry. And for several months, among the tourists there have also been journalists, above all from the USA. CNN has already been there, and the Wall Street Journal, and all the major daily papers.

That’s no coincidence. The cradle of the Trumps is in Kallstadt. It is an eggshell-colored house with a hip roof and small windows. The residents, a married couple, prefer to keep the street-facing curtains shut now. In this house, in 1869, Friedrich Trump was born, the grandfather of the new US president. “Fred”, as he later called himself, trained as a barber, but didn’t find a job. He also had no desire to slave away in the family vineyard. His older sister, Katharina, had found her fortune in the USA, in the land of unlimited possibilities. Fred was 16 when he followed her. Panning for gold in Alaska.

But ah, that job was even harder than grape-harvesting. No job for Fred. He preferred to make sandwiches for the workers. He took his pay in gold nuggets, and his sister traded these for properties in New York. At the time, those were almost being given away. On Fifth Avenue the clan bought up whatever they could get their hands on. It was a bit like Monopoly. Pass Go, collect $200.

Now his grandson, Donald, is the US president, one of the most powerful men on Earth. And in Kallstadt, they don’t know yet for sure whether this news should make them glad or afraid.

Jörg Dörr, of the Tourism Association, sounds rather shocked. He says what most people in Kallstadt are thinking. That the town on the famous Wine Road is a pearl. Open to the world, guest-friendly and tolerant. All characteristics that one can’t really ascribe to Trump. Most of them only know him from TV — even Fritz, his distant cousin. A guy with a goofy tuft on his head, who always looks a bit overdressed in a suit and tie. A comedian; that was the first impression.

But the Kallstädters’ laughter died down when he reeled off his agenda. When he announced that he wanted to build a wall on the Mexican border. When he made fun of women, gays, and disabled people.

Jörg Dörr speaks of “polarizing election speeches”. And he beats around the bush when asked why he’s still afraid of marketing the town as a new dream destination for European tourists, as a rustic/romantic alternative to Castle Neuschwanstein. It’s the same for him as for most Germans: No one knows who Trump really is, or what he wants. A Robin Hood to the poor, who makes a big noise in order to build a stage for his political goals? Or just an ambitious but not very talented self-promoter? But at some point it finally slips out of Dörr: “Not all publicity is good publicity.”

But then, it seems pretty certain that Donald Trump will soon visit the hometown of his grandfather, whether the Kallstädters like it or not. That’s what he promised when filmmaker Simone Wendel interviewed him two years ago for her documentary. One saw the tycoon enthroned on the 26th floor of his Trump Tower. As he looked at photos of his grandpa’s birthplace, beamed with emotion, and assured that yes, of course he would visit this place, whenever he got around to Germany. “Absolutely.”

Now that he’s the newest US president, the fulfillment of that promise has come within reach. Trump won’t get around to making an introductory visit to Germany. But his promise from the film sounds like a threat now.

The film is running on SWR TV again right now. It’s called “Kings of Kallstadt”. It’s a tongue-in-cheek love-letter to the village in which Simone Wendel, 42, grew up. It tells of departures and returns, of small joys and megalomania. And it asks a question that various Kallstädters have already asked. Can it really be a coincidence that this town has brought forth two famous families, the Heinz ketchup dynasty and the real-estate tycoon Trumps?

Yes, says Jörg Dörr. And one can hear how unhappy he is about this coincidence. “We are just a footnote in these stories.”

The other residents see it differently. For them, Kallstadt is the centre of the world. It’s a village out of the children’s books of Otfried Preussler. Here, there is still a village church. The neighbors don’t look the other way when the kids from next door fire plum-pits at cars with a slingshot. 1200 people, organized in 27 associations. Where else in the world such a thing as “a 135% love of associations”?

One could of course ask why people like Trump’s grandpa Fred, or Johann Heinrich Heinz fled this village when it was heaven on Earth. But Kallstädters don’t like to hear such questions. The 19th century was a different time, they say in the film. It was the bravest who dared to make a new start elsewhere. And Trump’s grandson carried on this tradition: Think Big.

Now, that film was made well before the race before the US presidency began. The excitement over Trump has since given way to disenchantment. Out of respect for Trump’s distant cousin, Fritz, no one likes to say so out loud. But many still do so behind their hands. The “King of Kallstadt” has become the “Cretin of Kallstadt”.

Simone Wendler doesn’t want to say anything about it. The film has made her famous. It’s now streaming on Netflix in the US. Michael Moore, the leftist filmmaker (“Bowling for Columbine”), showed it at his own film festival and awarded it a prize.

Moore is one of Trump’s sharpest critics. He was one of the first to predict, in 2015, that the “part-time clown and full-time psychopath” would win the presidential election. The film will confirm his estimations. After all, 14% of all US citizens have German ancestors. With 46 million people, the German Americans are the biggest group of all immigrant-descended people. Most of them live in the Midwest. And for many of them, Donald Trump is their great white hope.

The Republican has, until recently, kept his German roots a secret. Quite wrongly, as the film shows. Kallstadt may not be the centre of the world, but for many German Americans, this town does, indeed, look like a paradise.

Translation mine.

So there you have it. The people of Drumpf’s hometown, Kallstadt, apparently take pride in the idea that their little wine-growing village somehow instilled in two of its prodigal sons an overweening ambition that was realized on the other side of the Atlantic, just past Ellis Island. The reality — that those sons never came back to shower their riches on the homefolks, and that when Drumpf’s grandfather tried to worm his way back into German society after making his boodle, he was drummed out in disgrace because he had ducked his compulsory military service — doesn’t sit so well. Even Drumpf’s distant cousin Fritz — a namesake of Drumpf’s own grandpa — is unhappy about the attention the election has brought to this little town, and to his own family.

And who can blame him? After all, Der Drumpf is the crotch-grabbing sheep of the family. He’s all too well known for his bullying, his mistresses, his scandals, his mafia ties, his bankruptcies. All things no decent, upstanding regular German likes to hear about. Much less ones who still work hard in the family vineyards and wineries, more than a hundred years after their two “kings” buggered off out of there. The village has gone from being a quaint and pretty destination along a famous stretch of highway, to being a punchline to the biggest dirty joke in Germany — one that may even eclipse its infamous megabrothels for sheer, ugly skulduggery.

The locals don’t deserve that kind of attention, but they’re going to get it whether they like it or not. Don’t be too surprised if they all end up hating him…even Cousin Fritz.

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The #NotYourShield crowd takes up fake-black shields…AGAIN.

Well. Wasn’t THIS just so predictable?

Yes, that’s right…people who hate blacks (and women, and LGBT folk), and who in the past have created fake “black” (and “female”, and “LGBT”) Twitter-egg accounts during GamerGate…are doing it again, this time to promote Drumpf and white supremacy, and to harass REAL black tweeters off the service with death and rape threats, lynching threats, etc., etc.

Besides being vile and repugnant in every way, these guys really do NOT understand irony, do they?

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The Drumpfenproletariat strikes again…


Well, looky here. The Mencken Prophecy has fulfilled itself yet again. Last time it was Dubya and his “Get a Brain Morans”. This time, it’s Der Drumpf…and his little Drumpflings from the Drumpfenproletariat, harassing a completely innocent playhouse in Canada:

Hamilton Theatre Inc. received dozens of angry tweets over the weekend, but not because they’d done something wrong.

Many angry Americans had mistaken the Ontario theatre company’s Twitter handle — @HamiltonTheatre — for that of Hamilton, the hit Broadway musical (@HamiltonMusical), the cast and crew of which had criticized Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence Friday night.

Riane Leonard, a member of the Canadian company’s production team and manager of its Twitter account, first noticed the online activity on Friday night and thought it was just audience members talking about enjoying The Toxic Avenger, the show now being staged by the Steeltown troupe. She said Sunday that once she read the tweets — one said the company “should be held accountable for their human rights violations” — she thought, “What could we possibly have done to deserve this?”

Leonard managed to piece together what had happened by looking at what was trending on social media.

Yup, that’s right, kiddies…the idiots who voted for that moron (and his paper-thin orange skin) have now taken it upon themselves to defend his outraged, yet nonexistent honor by going after a theatre company that is not even presenting Hamilton, the rap musical. And all because the cast of the Broadway play did this:

From the New York stage, after Friday’s performance, actor Brandon Victor Dixon (who plays Aaron Burr, America’s third vice-president) told Pence — the U.S. vice-president-elect — that he and the cast and crew of the Broadway show fret that Trump and his future administration will not protect “us, our planet, our children, our parents, or defend us and uphold our inalienable rights.” He urged Pence to uphold American values and work on behalf of all people.

The real kicker? Pence, who has the hide of a Galapagos tortoise thanks to his time as the much-reviled governor of Indiana, wasn’t even offended by this well-timed appeal to whatever conscience he may still possess. At least, not as much as his saffron-dyed boss.

And the other real kicker? Hamilton is sold out for the next two years. And a lot could happen in that time, as one tweeter points out:


Now there’s something to look forward to! Let’s hope that Hamilton Theatre Inc. also prospers in the interval.

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Music for a Sunday: Some tunes for the times…

…courtesy of Woody Guthrie:

They want “unity”? We’ll give them some motherfucking unity. And here’s the fascist we’re uniting against:

Yeah. Him. Just as Woody sang against his old man…

…the world is saying NO, NO, NO!

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Wankers of the Week: Der Drumpf’s Transition Scream


Crappy weekend, everyone! And a very crappy one to the denizens of the future Drumpfolandia. How are you liking the “transition” so far? With a team built on the basis of nepotism, racism, antisemitism, xenophobia and crapaganda, it’s sure looking dire. Don’t worry and learn to love the bomb, eh? Well, fuck that shit. And here’s all the shit that’s fit to fuck this week, in no particular order:

1. Kellie Fucking Leitch. Oh dear, it’s not going at all well for the would-be Con front-runner, is it? First, she demands that immigrants pass a “Canadian values” test, whatever the fuck THAT might entail. Then, she appropriates the rhetoric of Der Drumpf and applauds him. Now, she claims not to be a racist? Oh, and get this: She claims also to be anti-elitist…but then she holds a $500-a-plate fundraiser for herself, with members of the Bay Street elite. What diploma mill graduated her? Because she doesn’t understand the meaning of very simple terms like racism, elitism, and oh yeah, IRONY. PS: Aaaand of COURSE she’s not worried that racists support her. She’s a sickening opportunist, at best. Just look how she played this electrical fault in her own garage as a “break-in” by “leftists”! PPS: No use blaming outside “leftists”, you moron…you lost support within your own party because they don’t like racists and xenophobes!

2. Bernd Fucking Zabel. And speaking of graduated-from-a-diploma-mill: How the fuck did this moron become a lawyer, much less a judge? Because this is Canada, not Drumpfolandia North, and Drumpf hats don’t belong anywhere here…least of all in our courtrooms! PS: And BOOM. How’s it feel to be drummed out with your own gavel? Ha, ha.


3. Nigel Fucking Farage. Yeah, you just go stand grippin’ and grinnin’ with Der Drumpf in his gold-plated elevator (or is that iron pyrite all over the walls of that fugly thing? One never knows) and chortle together about how you, the elites, stuck it to “the elites” (note the quotes, there for a reason). By pretending you were both just Regular Folks. I’m sure THAT will NEVER backfire. On EITHER of you.

4 and 5. Pamela Fucking Ramsey Taylor and Beverly Fucking Whaling. Melania Fucking Drumpf is WHAT? Oh please, don’t make me dig out her god-awful modelling portfolio. There is a very good reason why I call her Tacky Onassis, after all. Why don’t you two idiotesses just admit that you’re racist as fuck, and that “classy and dignified” is just your trailer-trash euphemism for WHITE? PS: And no, this is not a “hate crime” against YOU, you morons. PPS: Good. Byeeeeee!

6. Paul Fucking Ryan. He doesn’t want to talk about birth control? Now, Paulie, why the hell is that? Could it be because you have a huge boner for the whole idea of forced reproduction?


7. Marine Le Fucking Pen. No, that’s not a “new world” being built, idiotesse…that’s just a bad old one that nobody wants, coming back to haunt. (Someone please drive a stake into its collective heart, wouldja?)

8. Daryush Fucking Valizadeh. Oh joy, of COURSE Roosh V would have to squeak up with glee about Der Drumpf’s election theft, wouldn’t he? And of course he’s all giddy about Drumpfy calling women “fat pigs” and rating them on a scale of 1 to 10 (an asshole “tradition” dating back longer than Roosh has been alive). And he thinks that soon it’s going to be legal to berate women and grab their crotches and maybe even rape them, and nobody will say boo, because Drumpf’s fraudulent “win” is somehow a change of local laws? Dream on, Roosh. And watch out that you don’t get hit by any tasers, mace, or pepper spray. Or karate-chopped upside the windpipe by any women like me, who have learned self-defence.

9. Steve Fucking Bannon. Wow. Just wow. If Drumpf’s chief advisor is too far right for even Biff Fucking Beck AND gets top marks from the KKK and the American Nazi Party, that should REALLY tell you something, no? PS: Sign, sign, SIGN. And share. PPS: And oh yeah, he’s a total fucking misodge, too. How lovely! PPPS: Ha, ha.


10. Alex Fucking Jones. And here’s another fucking crapagandist who is to blame for Drumpf’s unwarranted success. Fuck this addle-brained toadstool. PS: Ohhhhh, look who’s joining the war on fake news! That’s great. A little ironic, considering how the only meaningful way for him to do this is to STFU, but great! PPS: And here he goes with the fake news again. Sandy Hook was REAL. And the people are infuriated. Sign, sign, sign.

11. Newt Fucking Gingrich. Oh Newty, don’t be naïve. Just because #9 once worked for a firm with a Jewish-sounding name, doesn’t make him any less of an antisemite. A job’s a job and money’s money, and Nazified views aren’t always revealed on company time.

12. Mike Fucking Bullard. He’s the unfunniest thing on the air, and now he’s turned out to be a stalker. Why amI not surprised? Oh yeah…he doesn’t like “political correctness”. You know, that right-wing-shitty-person euphemism for common decency? Always a dead giveaway!


13. Ivanka Fucking Drumpf. Looks like somebody’s taking leaves from the book of Dear Ol’ Dad AND Trophy Wife #3, and being tacky, tacky, tacky. She’s trying really hard to piggyback sales of her overpriced crap on the coattails of Daddy’s electoral fraud. Pity it’s all going over like a load of dogshit bricks!

14. Kellyanne Fucking Conway. Offended you are? By suggestions that you worked with an actual white supremacist? A shit I don’t give…because YOU DID. And YOU didn’t give a shit until someone called you on it, you hypocritical fascist shitbag.

15. Andrew Fucking Anglin. Oh, so it’s “bitch-slapping” you want? Well, it’s a good bitch-slapping you’ll get…from THIS BITCH RIGHT HERE, NAZI MOTHERFUCKER. PS: Ha, ha. How’s it feel to be rejected by Corporate Amurrica already? Yeah, that was a bitch-slap for sure. I still won’t be buying the shoes, because ugh, DRUMPF…but ha, ha, just the same.


16. Michael Fucking Hill. The South shall r…oh, shut UP already with that “folkish” hog-snot. The only vampire that needs to be staked through the heart is this Nazified spectre that’s threatening to suck the life out of the whole damn country.

17. Ted Fucking Bonner. And if you want to know WHY the South is destined to stay stuck in its own bogs, never to “rise again”, just look at this racist idiot from Arkansas. And don’t be like him, y’hear?

18. David Fucking Barber. And also, this racist idiot from Tennessee. Gawd, it’s like Florida Man just METASTASIZED all over the place this past week, eh?


19. John Fucking Sousa. And speaking of Florida Man — here he is, in all his ignominious glory! And no, it’s not the one responsible for Sousa marches and sousaphones, either. (Although I sure am tempted to insert that video of the guy mocking the white supremacists with a farty tuba tune here.)

20. Davis Fucking Aurini. Is he sloshed or what? At this rate, he’ll soon be talking to his toy skull (whose name is McCarther, ha ha.) Drink moar, Skullboy! With any luck, you’ll poison yourself, and the world will be one fucking shithead lighter. Just a pity whisky’s so expensive, eh?

21. Emily Fucking Markowski. This is Canada, little girl…we don’t wear hatemonger hats here. And anyone who does, can expect to face consequences…see #2. If you don’t like it, LUMP IT. But stop whining about how you don’t feel safe. Those whom your boy Drumpf is targeting are the ones who REALLY don’t. You’re worried that someone will spit on you because of your hat? Try being black, Muslim, LGBT, or hell…just a woman on the street who got her crotch grabbed by a stranger. You’re not one of those people. You’re just miffed because nobody’s pampering your idiocy. See the difference?


22. Brian Fucking Tamaki. Gays cause earthquakes? Oh, for fucksakes. If any “sin” causes people to die in earthquakes, it’s the sin of stupidity…you know, the one that causes them to build cities around major geological faultlines? Yeah. THAT sin. The one that I’ve never heard ANY preacher railing against because they’re too obsessed with others’ genitalia.

23. Carl Fucking Higbie. Anything that’s even slightly like the Japanese internment camps of World War II is fascist bullshit. Maybe it’s Drumpf’s supporters who need extreme vetting…after all, they DO come from the group that’s most strongly connected to terorrism in the US. Namely, the home-grown neofascist crowd.

24. Reince Fucking Priebus. Rancid Penis has been kind of quiet for the past while, but now he’s wanking again. This time, it’s a bullshit theory about the level of education that neo-Nazis and their ilk can have. Surprise — a degree, no matter where from, is no proof that someone isn’t a fascist! (Remember Dubya? Harvard and Yale. Gentleman’s C. ) But being blind to that fact, and unable to see what others are upset about? Well, it’s a good indicator that you just might be a fellow traveller…or just a plain old idiot.


25. Lauren Fucking Podell. So, this racist “journalist” doesn’t want to do her job anymore? Fine. There are plenty of others who will do it better. Give her spot to a black woman. Done!

26. The Fucking Robertson Family. Yes, ALL of them. For five long, dull years they’ve been mucking up and dumbing down the TV airwaves, and even pushing child marriage and general right-wing shitheadedness. And they’re all hypocrites and phonies, too. And now they’re gone, but never forgotten. They should never have had a TV show in the first place, but they’re still promising “specials” to all the idiotic nobodies who watch them. How about NO? Just go, and take the Fucking Duggars with you.

27. Bobby Fucking Kaufmann. He wrote a draconian “anti-coddling” bill, which by the way is a First Amendment violation…but when questioned on it by an oh-so-polite Canadian radio host, he hung up on her. Bobby! Is that any way to treat Carol Off, who was nothing but nice to you? But oh, diddums…you ran off to FUX Snooze, who did coddle you. Did they give you a cute widdle mini pony to pet? (And, really…what good is YOUR free speech, if you can’t even use it to defend your own fascist stupidity when questioned by non-coddling media?)


28. Doug Fucking Ericksen. And speaking of First Amendment violators who should not pass (a bill, that is) — how about him? Newsflash, sparky…PROTESTS ARE NOT TERRORISM. You’re thinking, perhaps, of your boss-man’s electoral theft, or maybe his installation of an actual fucking white supremacist as head of his transition team.

29. Larry Fucking Miller. Oh gawd, HIM again. And this time, he’s got his flubbery jowls wagging with indignation over Der Drumpf’s misogyny. Which, so he says, does not exist. There are over a dozen women who would dispute that, and those are just the ones we’ve heard from. In particular Megyn Kelly, who found out that he wanted to have her whacked. Misogyny, or mafiosi? Either way, extremely bad for women.

30. Gary Fucking Pollakuski. Bawwwww, diddums. His best man unfriended him for being a Drumpfite, and so did about 99 other people. And we’re supposed to feel bad for this bozo? Nuh-unh, dude. He made his own bed; let him lie in it, preferably alone. He worked for a campaign that’s now fucking the country up as well as over. As one of my own friends pointed out, unfriending a Drumpfite is an act of self-preservation these days.


And finally, to all the blinkered fucking idiots out there who think it’s “crying wolf” or “hysterical” to be concerned about the fascism that’s creeping up fast on you. Funnily, that’s what they did when Hitler first made waves in Germany, too. You think it can’t happen here? It already has, and it’s only going to get worse. That steadily accumulating pile of racist, xenophobic and antisemitic incidents in the news? None of them are isolated, and not a single one is a joke. Don’t minimize, ORGANIZE. And if you don’t? Well, when they come for you, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Just call me Cassandra…if you’re still there and still have a voice left to call with.

Good night, and (don’t) get fucked!

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Quotable: Bernie Sanders on fossil fuel dependency

Bernie didn’t mention this, but Der Drumpf is not just a hazard to the environment (in Standing Rock and beyond) by virtue of his idiotic climate-change denial (which, ha ha, the Chinese have already slapped him for); he is also an active stakeholder in the DAPL itself. Yes, that’s right: Drumpf has a MASSIVE conflict of interest going on. For all his talk about “Wall Street elites”, he is in bed with them! All the more reason to unite against him, and get behind the Bern. He’s not just the man who SHOULD be president; he’s the man who would have been if democracy had been working in the United States of Amnesia.

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“Alt-right” wusses are afraid of black men!

Oh, this is just pathetic:

Yes, that’s right…they’re resorting to anonymous postering because they’re afraid they can’t get chicks any other way. These are the racists and right-turds “emboldened” by Drumpf’s victory: too afraid to show their pimply faces where everyone can point and laugh at them.


And what a dorky strategy, too: telling white women that if they sleep with black men, their kids won’t be very bright? Oh, you mean like…BARACK OBAMA? Son of a black man and a white woman? That kind of “not too bright”? So dumb, in fact, that he not only got a law degree from a prestigious university, but ran with it all the way to the White House? And stayed there for eight years, somehow managing to flummox all the teabags along the way?

Yeah. That’s a real deterrent.

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Quotable: A gentle reminder from Tommy Douglas, our Greatest Canadian…

…which will be timely not only here, but south of the 49th Parallel and across the Atlantic and Pacific, too:


It’s also a useful corrective for those who insist that the problem is that there are “too many definitions” of fascism, and that if some particular fascist doesn’t tick all the boxes, he couldn’t possibly BE one. That error has let far too many of them slip by unchallenged, including the latest one in the US of Amnesia. Tommy accurately diagnosed the disease by looking at its root cause, not its symptoms.

You would be well advised to do the same.

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Well, this was unexpected. Given its long-standing (and richly deserved) reputation for racism, the LAPD has taken a stance for good policing…for a change:

The Los Angeles Police Department won’t change its stripes and help deport undocumented immigrants under President-elect Donald Trump, the city’s top cop said Monday.

“I don’t intend on doing anything different,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck told the Los Angeles Times in an exclusive interview.

“We are not going to engage in law enforcement activities solely based on somebody’s immigration status,” Chief Beck said. “We are not going to work in conjunction with Homeland Security on deportation efforts. That is not our job, nor will I make it our job.”


The LAPD already prohibits officers from initiating a police action with the sole purpose of uncovering someone’s immigration status.

The rule, called Special Order 40, was adopted in 1979 to assure undocumented immigrants they could step forward as witnesses or victims of crimes without fearing their actions would lead to deportation.

I have to admit that this came as some surprise to me. The only image I had in my head of the LAPD was that of the cops who beat the shit out of Rodney King, back in 1991:

…or committed the brutal repression that led to the Watts riots of 1965:

The LAPD was, by the admissions of one of its few black members (who also lived in Watts at the time), extremely racist. And for black residents of the city, it still is. So it’s strange, ironic and interesting to see them refusing to serve as a border patrol to one of the most racist presidents-elect ever in the history of the United States of Amnesia.

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